100 Top Travel Bloggers in India

Top 50 Travel Bloggers in India

1. Shivya Nath – The Shooting Star

Shivya Nath - THe Shooting Star

At just 23, Shivya Nath quit her corporate job to pursue her dream of traveling around the world. She is all about traveling slow and soaking in the experiences and places, rather than just checking off a list. Shivya is always on the look-out for offbeat experiences, be it swimming with Black Tip Sharks on the Malaysian East Coast or setting camp in a Mayan community in Guatemala.

To be a part of Shivya’s journey and escapades, go check out her blog ‘The Shooting Star’.

2. Archana Singh – Travel See Write

archana singh

Archana Singh loves exploring offbeat and unusual destinations looking for untold stories. She currently works as a Brand Consultant, Influencer, Photographer, and a Public Speaker while living her dream of traveling and telling stories. She is a now a popular blogger with a huge following and has endorsed many global brands.

You can find out more about her work on her blog ‘Travel See Write’

  • Motivation to travel – Untold human stories from offbeat places
  • Top bucket List Destination – Antarctica
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My dad – he’s the reason why I fell in love with travel.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Fried Worms
  • A story from your travels – How the world is not as scary as we make out of it. Strangers are mostly the kindest souls. Go out and explore the world without any bias.

3. Siddhartha Joshi – Sid The Wanderer

sid the wanderer

Siddhartha Joshi is a Blogger, Designer, Travel Writer, and Photographer. He likes traveling and sharing memorable moments from his travels in the form of stories and pictures to inspire others to live a life full of wonder. ‘The Wanderer’, as he calls himself says his travels are all about wandering around, exploring the place with wonder and curiosity, meeting people he has never met before, enjoying new experiences and living in the moment.

You can know more about his travels on his blog ‘Sid – The Wanderer

  • Motivation to travel – The people that I meet during travels…
  • Top bucket List Destination – Greenland, Iran, Mongolia
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Too many to name just one
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Turtle shell soup in Singapore, especially because I am vegetarian
  • A story from your travels – It’s always about my last trip – right now it’s stories of Sikkim, especially how it was independent country till the 1970s and how it then ended up becoming a part of India. I am always fascinated with history when traveling and incorporate it into my travel stories.

4. Lakshmi Sharath – Travel With Lakshmi

Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath is a well-known travel blogger. What started as a passion turned into her profession and she has now won numerous accolades for her blog including the Indibloggies – India’s Best Travel Blog of the Year. Lakshmi has traveled to 5 continents and over 25 countries with many more to go.

Her blog, Travel with Lakshmi is a platform where she voices her travel experiences and stories.

  • Motivation to travel – Travel is a way of life. I travel for stories.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Christmas Markets in Europe
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My late grandfathers – both paternal and maternal who had traveled the world and the country and shared so many stories with me
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I am a vegetarian and hence nothing unusual.
  • A story from your travels – There are many of them. One of them is about a man called Seshadri, who is a 60-year-old priest now in a small town called Teerthahalli in Karnataka. He had cycled around the country when he was in his 20s with just a few hundred rupees and had shared his experiences with me.

5. Sankara Subramaniyam – Be On The Road

Sankara - Be On The Road

Sankara quit his lucrative IT job in 2008 and has been traveling full-time since then. Armed with the gift of gab, Sankara has set out to demystify the world of travel for Indians, one follower at a time. His travel stories on his blog and TEDx platform have been an inspiration for many across the globe “to be on the road” as his blog aptly suggests.

For thoughts, pictures, and videos of his travel, visit his blog ‘Be On the Road’.

  • Motivation to travel – The urge to experience the world in the limited time that I have in this life.
  • Top bucket List Destination – I don’t have bucket lists as such, but given that 2018 is the year of the Neelakurinji (the flower that blooms once in 12 years), all my sights are set on seeing it up close and in person. I am excited about seeing it in the next 3 weeks.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Mother Nature. I like her throw of colors, behavior and tantrums. It makes me wide-eyed like a young kid when I travel and I love that feeling.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Stinky tofu in Taipei, Taiwan. It stinks like hell, but is supremely delicious.
  • A story from your travels – About the people of Tana Toraja from Indonesia’s Sulawesi Island who celebrate death.

6. Sandeepa and Chetan – SandeepaChetan’s Travel Blog

Sandeepa Chetan

Sandeepa and Chetan are living the life they had always dreamt of i.e. traveling in a truck and visiting obscure places. They travel slow and love the uncertainties that come with this. The duo, also in the top couple travel bloggers, has a long list of places to go and have covered most of India, New Zealand, South America, and some of Southeast Asia.

Read more about their travel lifestyle on ‘SandeepaChetan’s Travel Blog’

  • Motivation to travel – The possibility of endless discoveries and exploration of the world around us, and of ourselves is what motivates us to travel.
  • Top bucket List Destination – We have just returned from a month in the Himalayas and we’re already missing the mountains. So right now, any mountains are at the top of our list. But otherwise, we do not have a bucket list. We want to go anywhere and everywhere.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – This beautiful planet that we are blessed to be on, is our biggest travel inspiration
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Suri worms which grow inside a palm tree, in the Amazon
  • A story from your travels – One of our favourite travel anecdotes is our experience of ordering dinner at a small outlet in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia. We didn’t speak any Spanish at all, just knew that pollo means chicken and that’s what we ordered. The girl who took our order, however, had many questions to ask. We were lost about what she was asking. We only kept saying, “solo pollo” (only chicken). After a while, she just pointed to her legs, breasts and made flapping actions. She wanted to know if we wanted a leg piece, breast piece or anything else.

7. Mridula Dwivedi – Travel Tales From India And Abroad

Mridula, a Ph.D. scholar from IIT Kanpur, gave up her lucrative job as a professor in 2005 to travel the world. And she hasn’t stopped since. A super mom travel blogger, she loves to travel with her kids voices her travel stories on her blog ‘Travel Tales from India and Abroad’, which has been featured on BBC, The Guardian, and National Geographic, among several other media publications.

She has been to 27 countries till date and has recorded her encounters on her blog Travel Tales from India and Abroad.

  • Motivation to travel – The lure of the unknown, the nature and experiences.
  • Top bucket List Destination – I recently visited Krasnoyarsk in Siberia and it was surely amazing
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Nature
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I am a vegetarian so I don’t think this can get really exotic from my side.
  • A story from your travels – How I eventually made it to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal

8. Kamya – Wandering Kamya

Wandering kamya

Kamya travels the world on a budget and shares her crazy experiences on her blog Wandering Kamya. After completing her Masters in economics from Warwick University in 2015, she took a year out for traveling around South East Asia. Eventually, one year stretched to three, and digital nomadism became her way of life.

To know more about her travels, visit her blog ‘Wandering Kamya’.

  • Motivation to travel – Travelling is my lifestyle; I have been on the road for about 3 years now, and so for me, it’s more of a way of life than a motivation. I guess this lifestyle comes natural to me because I like to continuously explore new places and lose myself.
  • Top bucket List Destination – I still haven’t been to South America, also Iceland, New Zealand, French Polynesia and Alaska are up there too.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Travelling itself is my only inspiration; I don’t feel particularly inspired by anyone to travel. I mostly appreciate people for photography, writing, or information they share, when it comes to travelling.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I’m a vegetarian, so I don’t eat insects or animals. I guess the strangest tasting food I know of is magic mushrooms.
  • A story from your travels – It’s a funny question because I upload stories on Instagram pretty much every day, and they keep changing. And similarly, I don’t really talk to enough people to keep repeating any certain story. In fact, one of the things I love about the movement is how you can easily forget things and create new things. Some of my stories are too far out to be typed though.

9. Nisha and Vasu – Lemonicks

Nisha And Vasu - Lemonicks

Nisha and Vasu are a fun-loving couple who are pursuing their passion for travel. The two are poles apart but share the same mantra when it comes to travel, that travel is all about the memories you make, and not about checking off a list of places. They have been to 42+ countries and 5 continents and have more to go.

To know more about the couple’s adventures visit Lemonicks.

  • Motivation to travel – Both of us motivate each other and that’s enough.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Would like to go for a nice hiking trip.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – A Danish woman of 80+ whom we met in Hong Kong. She travels solo and has travelled to places that we still dream of.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Earthworms in a soup
  • A story from your travels – There are many, not one.

10. Anuradha Goyal – Inditales

Anuradha - Inditales

Anuradha began her journey of Inditales in 2004 to follow her passion for travel and writing. She has traveled to 15 countries and almost all of India. In addition to writing on the blog, she has also authored the book – ‘The Mouse Charmers – Digital Pioneers of India’ which was published by Random House.

  • To know more about Anuradha, check out her blog Inditales.
  • Motivation to travel – Curiosity
  • Top bucket List Destination – Kanchipuram
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My Grandmother, my Dadi
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Ragi Balls
  • A story from your travels – There are 900 travel stories on IndiTales that I keep telling.

11. Revati and Charles – Different Doors

Revati and Charles - Different Doors

Revati and Charles are advertising professionals by the day, and travel bloggers by the night. The part-time luxury travel blogger couple makes time for their travel between advertising projects and have traveled to 29 countries till now. The couple has been featured on many offline and online publications and blogs including The Luxe Insider, The Casual Travelist, Tripoto, Holidify, and Expedia.

To know more about this duo, visit their blog ‘Different Doors

  • Motivation to travel – The world we have yet to discover. The travel experiences we have yet to live!
  • Top bucket List Destination – African Safaris
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Marco Polo
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Alligator
  • A story from your travels – How we’ve never had a bad experience, ever.

12. Ajay Sood – Travelure

Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood named his blog Travelure to signify the lure of travel it builds among the readers. This self-taught photographer has written several articles which have been published in photography, travel, and in-flight publications such as Huffington Post, Conde Nast Traveller, Smart Photography, Travel 3Sixty, Jetwings, GoGetter, Taj Magazine etc.

Know more about Ajay Sood and his adventures from his blog  ‘Travelure‘.

  • Motivation to travel – My drive to make destinations desirable!
  • Top bucket List Destination – Machu Pichu, Peru
  • Biggest travel inspiration – The diversity offered by different destinations!
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Giraffe medallions!
  • A story from your travels – Story of a helpful and well-meaning group of Chinese old men and women. They were practicing fan dance in the expansive grounds of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. I approached them to ask if there was a pharmacy nearby as I needed a pain-relieving spray (my knee was hurting after walking around for a few kilometers inside the temple grounds). They didn’t know English (or even Hindi and Punjabi). I didn’t know Mandarin. So, a lot of sign language later, one gentleman seemed to understand my problem and gave me extensive directions. Following his directions, I hobbled across for a kilometer or so, went up four floors of a dilapidated building and found myself in a stockings store instead of a pharmacy. Despite my pain, I couldn’t help smiling as I realized how my sign language sucked and what that old man understood! It made me realize I am not cut out to act in Bollywood movies!

13. Parnashree Devi – My Travel DIary

Parnashree Devi

Parnashree got to travel the world through pictures at her job as a Photo Editor. One particular photograph of an obscure hilltop cottage in the Himalayas inspired her to hit the road. Her first trip to a place called Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand unravelled a whole new world of travel. Her curiosity and urge to discover the world around her has only grown since then.

To read about her travels visit ‘My Travel Diary – A Curious Girl and her Journey

  • Motivation to travel – The curiosity to know unknown and meeting new people motives me to keep traveling
  • Top bucket List Destination – Turkey is high on my list.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Anybody who has chosen the untrodden path.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Red Ants Chutney named Chapura
  • A story from your travels – Meeting the indigenous people named Sami in Finnish Lapland.

14. Shubham Mansingka – Travel Shoe Bum

Shubham Mansingka - TravelShoeBum

Shubham has been roaming around the country since 2014. He has found meaning in travelling after having battled asthma for a large part of his life. He says the best part of his travels is the stories he collects from the people he meets on the way. You can read more about his stories and how he becomes a local of every place he travels to. He wants to inspire others to follow their heart and travel through his blog.

He records his travel stories on his blog, Travel Shoe Bum. Do give it a read!

  • Motivation to travel – The excitement of knowing more!
  • Top bucket List Destination – I don’t believe in bucket lists.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Pico Iyer
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Fermented foodstuffs in Sikkim.
  • A story from your travels – That the world is full of beautiful people and only through our travels can we know that.

15. Swati & Sam – The Tales Of A Traveler

Swati and Sam - Tales of A traveler

Swati and Sam both share a common passion for traveling. The couple wishes to cover as many countries as they can, experience different cultures, meet new people, learn new languages, try different cuisines, and make friends along the way. Apart from the occasional sponsored trips, the duo manages to fund their trips with their day jobs as Software Engineers.

To know about the best luxury stay, food finds, restaurant reviews, offbeat locations, weekend getaways, and travel tips to plan your vacation visit their blog ‘The Tales of a Traveler’.

  • Motivation to travel – The biggest motivation is Curiosity. To see amazing otherworldly landscapes and know more about the culture, history, lifestyle of people residing in different parts of the world.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Iceland, Greenland & Antarctica
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My parents. They used to go on vacations for 15-20 days in the 90s without Internet or Google maps. We can’t even think of travelling without the Internet.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Durian in Malaysia
  • A story from your travels – We keep torturing others sharing our Squid Jigging experience ( which was one-of-a-kind) in Malaysia. It was on a full moon night, the sea was choppy and we were on a small traditional fishing boat trying our luck.

16. Jitaditya Narzary – The Travelling Slacker

The Travelling Slacker

Jitaditya has been exploring the unknown and lesser-known places in India since 2011. He is popularly known as ‘The Travelling Slacker’. He prefers traveling solo and his travel budget is usually low which he finances by freelance work. He loves traveling to the obscure Himalayan valleys and the forgotten archeological sites across the Indian Planes. 

Visit his site Travelling Slacker to read all of his travel stories!

  • Motivation to travel – The prospect of unearthing newer destinations and recounting those stories is what motivates me. I always liked to write and travel provides the fodder for that. So, blogging is not an afterthought for me and I am thinking of my lines even as I am hiking through a jungle. For the same reason, I try to find locations as unique as possible and I am not really interested in touristy environs and luxury resorts.
  • Top bucket List Destination – I am looking to explore the innermost areas of Ladakh, including the Suru Valley and Zanskar Valley. This will be followed by more explorations into Northeast India.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – There are many but I think as a writer I will go with Eric Newby, for his ability to turn an unsuccessful climb to top-notch travel literature.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Not strange, but it is the other way round. Once in the interiors of Nagaland, I had to survive on boiled cabbages as I could not eat the rest of the items.
  • A story from your travels – There are many but I think I’ll go with the one at Dzukou Valley when I mistimed the trek and got stranded in the jungle for the night during a solo trek. I took shelter in a desolated hut, with no food or water. Eventually, I found a near-empty bottle of jam and had to survive with the last morsel remaining at the bottom of the bottle.

17. Umang Trivedi – Travelmax

Umang - Travel Max

Umang likes traveling to offbeat locations and indulging in adventures that give him an adrenaline rush. His blog is basically the compilation of travel tips, ideas, Itineraries and things to do on your vacation He likes exploring mountains and indulging in a full local experience during his trips.

Know more about his travels by checking out his blog ‘Travelmax‘.

  • Motivation to travel – It’s rather a long list! The thrill of new experiences, meeting new people from various walks of life and a sense of fulfillment. A sensation about how beautiful life is!
  • Top bucket List Destination – Admire Northern Lights in Scandinavia
  • Biggest travel inspiration – I am easily inspired by anyone who breaks the routine and explores a place for new experiences.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Roasted Snake in Vietnam
  • A story from your travels – I keep telling people how enchanting my first Scuba dive was! I had visited Thailand but didn’t have the courage to Scuba dive as I don’t know swimming. But when I visited Indonesia, I really wanted to experience this unknown world under the waves and water. So, I took the plunge, both literally and metaphorically. I jumped in the ocean with my instructor and during my dive, I was in a world of magic! That moment will always be close to my heart. That’s when I realized, not every magical world is fiction, you just need eyes to notice it. This is the story of getting out of comfort zone to experience something which you couldn’t even imagine!

18. Sonia & Ankur – Ticking The Bucketlist

Ticking The Bucket List

Sonia and Ankur like to squeeze in a couple of comfortable budget holidays between their everyday 9 to 5 affair. While Sonia likes spending time exploring architecture, historical sites, and museums, Ankur likes to laze around with a book and a glass of wine. The couple has a long bucket list and every item they knock off it is replaced by two more.

Join them as they tick off items off their bucket list on their blog ‘Ticking the Bucket List‘.

  • Motivation to travel – The joy of meeting new people, seeing Nature in her glory, sampling local food and the freshness that it adds to life
  • Top bucket List Destination – Swimming with the jellyfish in Palau
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Nature as always been our biggest draw …earlier it was mountains, now it is beaches and other interesting landscapes and phenomena.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – We are vegetarians, so have always had the ‘regular and boring food’. However, we did chew on coca leaves (which is used to make cocaine) to beat altitude sickness in Bolivia.
  • A story from your travels – Here is our attempt to sail…just 1 km, but it sure did transform into a memorable story. Ankur and I rented a boat in the Adriatic sea to island hop. It was our maiden attempt at sailing. I decided to captain the boat and Ankur decided to perch himself on the little plank in our boat. Let me add, Ankur was learning swimming then and my captaincy wasn’t the safest feeling. A few minutes into the sea and the water got a little ‘choppy’; well, as choppy as a fat man snoring, which isn’t ‘choppy’ in the real sense, but isn’t as calm as a lake either. And I dropped the anchor, which I could not lift. I wanted Ankur’s help, but he decided to maintain his perch for the want of dear life! Thus, the scene was as follows: Me struggling to pull the anchor; Ankur clinging on to the plank. Ankur finally mustered some courage and helped me lift the anchor..we make a great team – always! We abandoned our island hopping mission and sailed back to the port and reached the jetty with an extremely ungraceful thud! Never did we show our face in that port again!

19. Abhinav Singh – A Soul Window

Abhinav Singh - Asoulwindow

What started as a personal journey of self-healing for Abhinav, has now translated into his career. Read about how getting fired from his job enhanced his love for travel. He found his calling in travel and blogging and is now one of the top travel bloggers from India. Though he loves all kinds of travel, Abhinav is most passionate about ecotourism, wildlife, spiritual tourism, rural tourism, trekking, and adventure trails.

To know more about Abhinav’s travels and his achievements, check out his blog ‘A Soul Window‘.

  • Motivation to travel – The urge to wander and learn on the grow keeps my desire to travel fueled.
  • Top bucket List Destination – I am an adventure and wildlife enthusiast and always seek opportunities to explore more. Some of the best adventure activities I have done are Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and Everest Base Camp Trek. My best wildlife experiences were snake trail in Agumbe and Birdwatching in Sattal.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – The regular Indians who have been travelling on tough pilgrimage trails for thousands of years.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I am a strict vegetarian. I am open to experiments in vegetarian food but have not found anything strange yet.
  • A story from your travels – The story of me being stranded in No Man’s Land between China and Nepal. It was comic and tragic at the same time. I was hanging on a bridge for 2 hours.

20. Parampara & Parichay – Awara Diaries

Parampara and Parichay - Awaradiaries

Parampara and Parichay travel to experience new things, meet people from different cultures and feel gratitude for being part of this universe and its many wonders. The duo uses their blog to share itineraries, experiences, stories, recommendations, and reviews from their travel.

For tidbits about their misadventures and the stories of people they have met on their travel, read their blog, ‘Awara Diaries’.

  • Motivation to travel – We don’t like to be settled. There is a range of reasons that keep us motivated to travelling – sometimes it’s to see the world, on some days it is work, sometimes it is to run away from the routine, sometimes it is to learn from the world around you. The best motivation though is to meet the world, experience and create stories.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Hard to pick one! But Turkey, Iran and Uzbekistan are there right on the top.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Internet & Movies: They make us want to want to see new places, experience new cultures!
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Parichay is a vegetarian, so he usually travels eating all the cheese he can. Parampara, on the other hand, eats everything on the plate, except she’s not into cheese. So the cheese variants can get weird for her!
  • A story from your travels – We have plenty, many embarrassing ones- missing the train, sleeping at the train station, Parampara getting locked in the bathroom. We make it a point to share these imperfect stories from our travels to let people know it’s not all the glamour. But mostly, we just love sharing all the kindness we experience while travelling, selfless deeds from people around!

21. Sindhu, Shruthi, Sridhar – Interlude Journey

Sindhu, Shruthi, and Sridhar are a family of software professionals who travel together to offbeat locations across the world. The trio archives their travel experience and then re-lives them through their blog.

To check out their photo blogs and get inspired to start your own journey, go to ‘Interlude Journey‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Travel always happens as an Interlude that breaks the mundane in my life ( That is why I call my blog Interlude Journey). Though I love my full time job, the monotony of doing the 9 to 5 chores and staying at desk for long takes out the Interest for me. That is when I travel so that I rekindle my interests.
  • Top bucket List Destination – There are two things on top of my wishlist right now. Watching cherry blossoms in South Korea and Aurora Borealis in Iceland.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Movies. The first thing that I get drawn to in a movie is the locations where it is shot.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I haven’t had much chance to try strange food while travelling but one thing which is close to strange which I ate is a dessert made of Bamboo rice in Wayanad.
  • A story from your travels – Travelling turns a person into a storyteller and it is no different in my case. Though I have many anecdotes from my trips within India, the one story which I always end up telling often is about our visit to Lakshadweep and how we almost had the entire Island of Thinakkara to ourselves. We went around the island along the shoreline in the night. The tide has completely subsided exposing the vast seabed. Walking on the white sand made of coral dust which glistened like jewels in the moonlight was like living a fairytale.

22. Ankita Kumar – Monkey Inc.

Ankita Kumar - monkeyInc

Ankita Kumar is a filmmaker and scriptwriter by profession. This travel monkey from India is in love with all things bright and strange, and travel. Being a relatively new trend in the country, Ankita’s famous caravan trip received a well-deserved attention. When she’s not spazzing out, she’s probably a part of an awesomely crazy adventure in an obscure location.

Check out ‘Monkey Inc’ to read about Ankita’s adventures and to be easily amused.

  • Motivation to travel – Exploring new places and cultures so different from my own helps open my mind to new possibilities and helps me grow as a person.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Swimming with whale sharks
  • Biggest travel inspiration – I look up to a lot of people for inspiration
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Porcupine meat and balut (semi fertilised duck egg)
  • A story from your travels – My magical experience at Machu Picchu.

23. Sandy & Vyjay – Voyager

Sandy & Vyjay

Sandy & Vyjay (source)

Sandy and Vyjay are a travel blogger couple who aim to inspire other travelers to go out and explore everything this amazing world has to offer through their stories, videos, and photographs. Both of them are highly experienced marketing professional and are now using their skills to tell their travel stories to a bigger audience.

Know more about this travel blogger couple from the blog ‘Voyager – Sandy and Vyjay’.

  • Motivation to travel – There is no bigger motivation than travel itself. We like to travel to experience new destinations, cultures, and also to lose ourselves in the beauty of nature, be it the mountains, forests, or beaches.
  • Top bucket List Destination – We feel that there are so many destinations waiting to be explored by us and so many experiences awaiting out there, that a lifetime would be insufficient. However, one of the top destinations on our bucket list is Iceland. We want to experience the mystique of the Northern Lights there.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – We do not have any particular person or persons who inspire us to travel. It is more the call of the mountains, the seas, the forests, and the silent songs of ancient monuments that motivate and inspire us to travel.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Being vegetarians we cannot claim that we have eaten anything really strange. Whatever we have tasted across different countries seemed perfect and nothing that has really come across as strange.
  • A story from your travels – We were in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, East Africa. We focussed our camera on a huge silverback gorilla who was about 6 feet from us. A that moment felt someone brush past. It was another gorilla!

24.Madhu Shetty – The Urge To Wander

madhu shetty -The Urge To wander

Madhu loves to design and used to work as an interior designer until she took a long sabbatical to travel around the world. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passion for travel. Her blog is full of interesting stories and is both, a literal and a visual treat.

You can follow her on her blog The Urge To Wander and get inspired to become an independent traveler like her.

  • Motivation to travel – Curiosity! And an abiding interest in history, culture, and architecture.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Chile is next on the radar. Iceland and Central Asia are right alongside.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Hard to pick one from the extraordinary travellers and travel writers who have inspired me: Pico Iyer, Jan Morris, Anthony Bourdain.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I’m afraid I am not very adventurous with regard to food. Smoked eel is by far the strangest food I’ve tasted on my recent visit to Amsterdam.
  • A story from your travels – The heart-stopping moment when a 400-pound mountain gorilla brushed past me in Rwanda, and about how we came to be invited to celebrate Vijayadashami in a Durga Temple in distant Zanzibar.

25. Jyotsna Ramani – Wander With Jo

Wander With Jo

Jyotsna aka Jo is a wildlife enthusiast, writer, thrill-seeker, and a passionate globe-trotter. Jo loves exploring new places and inspiring others to go travel through her blog. She has traveled to 5 continents and has been featured in several online publications.

To read about her escapades, go check out her blog ‘Wander with Jo’.

  • Motivation to travel – To explore offbeat places and find new adventures across the world.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Gorilla trekking in Uganda/ Northern lights in Iceland
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My adventures in the jungles of India with my parents fueled my wanderlust at an early age and inspired my worldly escapades.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Liquid nitrogen infused food
  • A story from your travels – Mostly about my travel fails as I am such a disaster on the road. Stories of how I met with an accident in Laos, got lost or went to emergency in Sri Lanka (And recently Bratislava). This is to make people understand traveling is not all palm fringed trees and white sand beaches, the reality is things CAN go wrong and you need to be prepared, mentally for any misadventures.

26.  Aditi Mathur Kumar – Aditi’s Monologue

Aditi Mathur Kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar is a popular author, travel writer, travel blogger, digital strategist, speaker, among other things. Her blog is almost 9 years old and has had a loyal following since its inception. She is the author of two best-selling books and is a regular contributor at online travel publications like Huffington Post India, Cox & Kings, Holidify, Culture Trip etc.

To read about hotel and resort reviews, her travel experiences, her lifestyle, and life, go visit ‘Aditi’s Monologue’.

  • Motivation to travel – The unquenchable wanderlust, the love for new culture, different people, exciting food and inspiring sights. Also, recently to pass on the travel bug to my 6 year old daughter.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Destination: Spiti in India. Australia and Japan internationally.
  • Activity: Ocean Cruise (again!) and a long wellness/ relaxing vacation
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My daughter. She’s fearless and loves to travel.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Dried tiny fish serves as a topping on a green tea flavoured ice cream shake.
  • A story from your travels – My trek in Negev, Israel that ended in night camping amidst the wilderness and I kept wondering about the rich History behind the place, from the very popular Solomon’s pillars to barely there ancient relics of a tiny Roman temple.

27. Kaushal Karkhanis

exotic gringo

Kaushal got inspired to start his travel blog after an epic 6 months long trip across South America in 2009. He likes to share his stories about immersive travel experiences and the people he meets on his journey. His love for traveling began with his solo trip to Goa in 2007, and since then he has traveled around the world, covering Jordan, Svalbard, Bhutan, and many other exotic destinations.

Visit his blog Exotic Gringo to read all about his fun and insightful experiences!

  • Motivation to travel – Limited time, a thirst for discovery & adventure!
  • Top bucket List Destination – Japan, Christmas Markets of Germany
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Rick Steeves & many of my fellow blogger friends like Shivya Nath
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Snails from Nagaland
  • A story from your travels – How my month long trip to South America became a life changing 6-month sabbatical!

28. Dipanwita Chakraborty – Cocktails, Mocktails, And Life

Dipanwita Chakraborty’s travels are mostly instinctive, on a whim, and usually with no itinerary or agenda. Her tryst with frugality during her travels has deepened her connect with the locals in the area and her desire to do more for the society. She usually travels solo as it lets her connect with the place, the local people, and the culture completely. 

Follow Dipanwita’s travel tales on her blog ‘Cocktails, Mocktails, and Life’.

  • Motivation to travel – Meeting new people on the road, getting to know their stories, and experiencing how habits and life practices change after every few miles is the best motivation for me to keep moving.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Visiting North Kashmir is my topmost priority as we speak. I am scheduled to be there this September.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – From Indian travel fraternity, traveler duo Sandeepa and Chetan. Solo traveler Shubham Mansingka and traveler and expressive writer Elita Almeida are few inspirations from the long list of travelers whom I follow. I am also a big fan of Christian LeBlanc, the travel vlogger and Sabina Trojanova of Girlvsglobe, a solo female traveler and hope to travel in a similar way they do.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I am not very much into experimentation when it comes to food. However, I had tried dried mithun meat (a local cattle found only in Northeast India and China) in Arunachal Pradesh with their local beer “Ara”. It was worth the risk I must admit.
  • A story from your travels – Being a solo traveler, there have been many (mis)adventures on the road but, it is the locals who have always come to my rescue. My favourite is the one when I was travelling in the most interior parts of Maharashtra (Ahmednagar) and I boarded a wrong bus. I wasn’t well versed with Marathi (local language of Maharashtra) and none could speak Hindi. It took me a long time to convey where I intended to go and everyone on the bus helped me figure out alternatives. The bus left only after I boarded the right vehicle. I met a girl in the vehicle and she invited me to stay at her home after listening to my story. Her family showed me around the entire village and nearby places. Today, they have become like my second fam and I get invited every year at their annual family get-togethers. My (mis)adventures have managed to strengthen my faith in humanity after many such encounters.

29. Sahil Singh – Ghoomakad

Sahil Singh - Ghoomakad

Sahil Singh dons many hats as a trip coordinator, travel blogger, influencer, and public speaker. Born and brought up in Delhi, Sahil got bit by the travel bug in 2017 and quit his corporate job. He believes that traveling connects him with life in an amazing way and has helped him discover a journey full of learning. He advocates responsible travel and urges others not to degrade the environment.

Read his stories on his blog, Ghoomakad, to know more about his journey.

  • Motivation to travel –  The urge to experience new places, meet new people while on the road and, love & support to my work and the freedom I get while traveling keeps me going on.
  • Top bucket List Destination – I really want to do a snow trek and visit Southern part of India. This is on top of my bucketlist.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – The diversity of India inspires me to explore more and keep traveling. At, I believe traveling connects you with life in the most amazing manner.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted –  I don’t exactly remember the name of that food item, but I tasted a very strange thing while doing desert camping in Jaisalmer. It was a local vegetable.
  • A story from your travels – I always speak about my experiences I got while traveling solo at various travel-based meetups, group trips, and get-togethers. Those numerous stories about people I met while traveling, turning hellos into ‘see you soon’ moments, and the madness I did for traveling during my college days.

30. Abhi Surendran – I Am Not Home

Abhi Is Not Home

Abhi is a biker, traveler, photographer, writer, poet, and blogger. He dreams of visiting all the 206 countries around the world. Since 2009, he has been traveling continuously. Starting with the gorgeous islands of Philippines, he has covered most of SouthEast Asia, and parts of Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. He loves exploring offbeat destinations such as Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Brunei, among many others!

Visit his blog I Am Not Home to read all his exciting stories.

  • Motivation to travel – The fact that I couldnt travel younger, and missed out on a lot of education. I started travelling only at the age of 27, and at 35, I am surprised at how much I am learning every day on my travels.
  • Top bucket List Destination – A visit to Easter Island
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Plenty of people in real life, but my biggest inspiration has been Walter Mitty, from the movie of the same name 😀
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Tamilok (shipworms) in the philippines, Turtle testicles in Taiwan, scorpions in cambodia, dog meat in nagaland. I can try anything once.
  • A story from your travels – The capital of Slovenia is called Ljubljana, and about 60Kms from it, there is a beautiful lake called Lake Bled. I wanted to visit it badly, but the public transport was quite confusing, and eventually, I booked a bus out of Ljubljana without seeing lake bled. I had booked the bus for 2 PM, so I went out in the morning for a coffee and breakfast. There I met a Slovenian lady, who asked me if I loved Ljubljana. I said I did but was sad that I couldn’t visit Lake Bled. It was 10 AM. She grabbed my hand, took her car and raced to Lake bled with me. Gave me a quick 1 hour tour of the lake, and drove me back in time for my 2 PM bus. “You cannot leave Slovenia without seeing lake bled”, she said.

31. Ami Bhat – Thrilling Travel

ami bhat

Ami Bhat uses Thrilling Travel as a platform to share her personal travel stories and help other travel enthusiasts plan their travel. She works with various tourism boards and brands and brings forth offerings that could be helpful or relevant to her followers.

To know more about her travels or to collaborate with her, go visit ‘Thrilling Travel

  • Motivation to travel – For me, it is like a quest that always has some reward at the end of it
  • Top bucket List Destination – Not one, but many many destinations – hiking in Machu Pichu, diving in Great Barrier Reef or even the Red Sea. exploring Marrakech – just the tip of my every growing wander-list
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Not Who, what? It is the Pot of Gold that I find at the end of every travel rainbow
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Hmmm…can’t say anything was strange
  • A story from your travels – Ah – that is a tough one. So many. However, the latest one is our exploits in Ladakh – where we got lost, acted wild in the wild, achieved a few things and saw some of the most surreal landscapes.

32. Niraj Yadav – Budget Yatri

niraj yadav

Niraj absolutely loves traveling slow. He prefers to travel on a budget and explore the local way of life and the people. He uses his blog as a platform to share his stories and the experiences he has had on the way. He mostly travels solo but loves traveling with friends too.

You can read more about all his travel tales of trustworthy locals from different corners of India on his blog Budget Yatri.

  • Motivation to travel – I believe for each of us Freedom is everything. Traveling gives me an uninterrupted supply of freedom. I wish to keep it feeling and that’s what motivates me to keep on traveling.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Riding along the rivers of India is what in my list. I have travelled through 2 rivers so far and wish to travel through the 3rd one this October.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Rahul Sankrityayan. Also known as the father of Hindi Travelogue and also popular as giving Travelogue a literature form.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Didn’t find anything strange enough to remember 🙂
  • A story from your travels – I like storytelling and there are many which will live with me for years. I write them on my blog. One particular story I tell people is of the 3 sadhus I met in Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh. Alone and night crawling in, the surrounding and discussion with them turned scary and I hurried from the place.

33. Simone & Chandni – Grab Your Globe

grab your globe

Simone Pardiwalla and Chandni Sehgal are what you get when you combine a mutual love for travel, a dwindling bank account, and a mutual love for travel. While Simone works for an acclaimed travel website, Chandni works for a leading fashion magazine. The two friends believe in working hard and tripping harder and are always excited to plan their next adventure.

Join the duo on their adventures on ‘Grab your Globe‘, as they juggle their jobs and their insatiable desire to travel.

  • Motivation to travel – The thirst to explore the unexplored, the endless desire to be in the face of adventure, to have the ability to close your eyes and be able to visualize the most beautiful places on earth and to be able to live a life of complete satisfaction.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Scuba diving in the worlds no 1 dive site in Sipadan belonging to the island of Borneo.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Brittany Cavaco – The ballerina & The Blonde Abroad
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Frog legs & Spider Tempura roll
  • A story from your travels – Picture floating on a not so sturdy boat close to midnight with the moonlight and stars shining bright hunting for crocodiles. Were we scared? NO. How could we be as the setting couldn’t have been more perfect with the sound of the jungle, red crocodile eyes beaming directly at us and the mighty Kinabatan river keeping us company as we floated along. We’re all for adventure remember!

34. Rashmi and Chalukya – Go Beyond Bounds

go beyond bounds

Rashmi and Chalukya from Mumbai aren’t your typical adventure junkies or backpackers. They just love exploring any place that fascinates them and their 3-year-old daughter Chhavi accompanies them on every trip. The couple recently traveled to 15 countries in just a year, and have been featured in many publications including The Better India, TripHobo, and Tripoto.

They share their fun travel experiences, tips, suggestions, and lots of amazing stories on their blog GOBeyondBounds.

  • Motivation to travel – History, Culture and Scenic Nature
  • Top bucket List Destination – Iceland
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Bruised Passport
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Chilli Ice Cream in Mumbai
  • A story from your travels – We covered 15 European countries in one year with our year old kid.

35. Punita Malhotra – 100 Cobbled Roads

Punita Malhotra - 100CobbledRoads

Through blogging about her travel experiences, Punita aims to replay the magic of her favorite destinations and help others discover the joy of exploring the world. She likes traveling to exotic places with rich history and culture. Vintage cafes, medieval streets, and cobbled roads are her jam.

Read her blog ‘100 Cobbled Roads‘ to follow her adventures in legendary old cities and stunning natural wonders.

  • Motivation to travel – My restless spirit and an endless curiosity to enrich my horizons
  • Top bucket List Destination – Chile, Peru, and Argentina are really fascinating me right now
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My husband, Vikas and his approach to ‘never compare anything to what you’ve seen earlier’.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – It would have to be the ‘barnacles’ we tasted during a really fancy anniversary dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant in the Portimao (Algarve region), Portugal.
  • A story from your travels – My fear of heights kept me on tenterhooks during the cable car ride in the Kuranda Rainforest, Cairns and Vikas couldn’t keep still because he was constantly taking pictures from every angle. We ended up having a fight and forgot our camera behind in the process…along with all the pictures of that trip, including the Great Barrier Reef!

36. Prerna & Harsh – The Wanderers Hub

Prerna and Harsh’s story shouts it out and they also believe that traveling connects them to each other. They are part-time travelers and have traveled quite a bit since their first international trip to Barcelona and Ibiza. The couple loves visiting unexplored places, traveling slow, and ticking off adventures off their bucket list.

To find out more about this travel blogger couple, visit ‘Wanderers Hub‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Visual stimulation that we receive while travelling keeps us going. Ah, those landscapes and the vibrant greens of nature. We travel to uncover the beauty that God bestowed upon us. Motivation also comes in form of constant encouragement and appreciation we receive from everybody who reads our content and expresses a desire to travel to places where we’ve been.
  • Top bucket List Destination – HAWAII for the Aloha spirit, clean air, and natural beauty.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – That’s not a person. But – Instagram. We get inspired by the gorgeous landscapes we see as a collective on the platform. SO visually stimulating!
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Not many experiments with our food choices. We are happy vegetarians and are usually content with yum Indian delicacies.
  • A story from your travels – The Bhutanese are a spectacular folk. Once we were trekking the Tiger’s Nest Monastery it started raining heavily. So this kind Bhutanese folk guided our inexperienced selves around the monastery, occasionally pausing to help us comfortably move around as it became so slippery. Had he not been there to help us, we would have gotten stranded there for hours.

37. Namita Kulkarni – Radically Ever After

Radically Ever After

Namita Kulkarni dons many hats as an artist, writer, traveler, and yoga teacher. She prefers traveling alone and has traveled to 14 countries till now. She loves adventures and believes that by sharing her excitement towards the adventures she encounters, she can inspire many like her to explore their fears.

Follow her blog ‘Radically Ever After‘ to know more about Namita and her adventures(or, misadventures!).

  • Motivation to travel – The vastness of the world and my curiosity for it
  • Top bucket List Destination – Right now I’m taking in all the flamenco I can in Andalusia and that’s been a dream for a long time
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My grandmother. She never stepped outside India but her stories instilled in me the desire to seek out and tell stories of my own.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I tried a pionono today, which is a traditional dessert from Santa Fe, a small town in the province of Granada. I found it sweeter than a thousand trucks of sugar so I couldn’t even get past the first bite. Found a homeless man and gave it to him instead.
  • A story from your travels – Oh so many. The Cuban love for music and dance is something I saw expressed in so many ways, so perhaps that.

38. Dev – Footloose Dev


Growing up, Dev never considered himself a big traveler but after his first solo backpacking trip to the Himalayas in 2014, he was inspired to quit his job in England to travel across the globe. He soon started his blog, and within no time the blog started bringing in sponsored trips and paid endorsements his way.

He shares his learning from the road and inspires others to realize their travel dreams on his blog, ‘Footloose Dev’.

  • Motivation to travel – The freedom. I like the idea of visiting new places, call a town HOME for as long as the hear likes and then moving to a different location. The very routine of considering the world the home is motivating. And now that I’m making money out of blogging there’s anyway no need to discontinue travelling full time and find a permanent job as everyone else around me.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Two things: travelling to Tokyo and spending a few weeks exploring local culture and history, and going on a Trans-Siberian train journey.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Many people. And this doesn’t include bloggers essentially. My dad, for example, is an inspiration too who did not travel for leisure much in life, but his job (he worked for the government) kept demanding him to relocate every few months. He was a traveller and an inspiration for me. And now that he’s retired from the job, he spends most of his time staying home and realxing.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – The local traditional fish of indigenous Khasi People in Meghalaya (India). It’s called ‘Jadoh’ which is basically rice served with Pig’s intestine and brain. The crazy thing is, however, the way how rice is cooked, and that is: by boiling rice in Pig’s blood rather than in water as usually done.
  • A story from your travels – About my volunteering experience in Germany where I stayed with a local German family for almost a fortnight and helped them manage their stable. It was amazing how I woke up to feed the horses everyday, brush them and later go for horse riding. Felt like a different life altogether.

39. Anjaly Thomas – Travel With Anjaly

anjaly thomas

Anjaly Thomas is a lawyer-turned-full-time travel writer based out of Dubai. She uses her blog as a platform to talk about how travel has helped her discover herself and records her travels so others to get inspired. She has covered Asia, Europe, and Africa till now and hopes to dispel the myths that surround solo-travel for women.

To follow her daily updates and discover the essence of traveling, visit ‘Travel with Anjaly‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Discovery of people and places and the realization that people are great everywhere! That the differences exist only in our mind and perceptions.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Antarctica and Japan
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Myself. Every time I return from a trip to a new place, I am a changed person – and the change is a conscious decision to adapt to a better life. I like the “new me” because it is moulded on the best from all worlds.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Deep fried tarantula in Cambodia.
  • A story from your travels – Oh I have many! But I particularly talk about my trip to Congo – and how a baby gorilla kept throwing itself at me.

40. Vibha Ravi – Pixel Voyages

vibha ravi

Vibha Ravi combines her sensibilities as a journalist, and a traveler to engage her following and offer valuable information that helps people in their travels. Her blog is a repository of travel narratives, travel tips and guides, and her thoughts about various places and issues.

To know more about Vibha and her journey, visit ‘Pixel Voyages‘.

  • Motivation to travel – The sense of freedom and joy of discovery that travel brings
  • Top bucket List Destination – Canada
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My mother’s side of the family
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Strange-looking veggies at a Phuket restaurant. A language barrier meant they remain unidentified to date
  • A story from your travels – My encounters with animals – from a big cat to a buffalo – while taking pictures

41. Arnav Mathur The ETLR Blog

Arnav Mathur - etlr

Arnav started his blog in his office cubicle in April 2016 after being inspired by his trip to Mussoorie and hasn’t stopped since. Arnav loves reviewing the restaurants he explores on Zomato and TripAdvisor. He has garnered many followers and readers on these websites because of his passion for travel and food.

To know about Arnav’s escapades, visit his blog ‘The ETLR blog‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Exploring new places, having memorable experiences and meeting different people. I forgot the most important thing – trying out new cuisines.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Well, I am living the life, which is on the bucket list of a lot of people, who are based out in Bali?, scuba diving on a daily basis, and managing Facebook and Instagram accounts for a living!? Having said that, I would really love to explore the less explored parts of Indonesia, and a pan Indian road trip is there on my bucket list.
  • Biggest travel inspiration  – It’s never a single person. I am inspired by everyone, who has the guts to follow their passion for travel, and figuring out how to make a living while following your passion – travel.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – It has to be a FROG for the time being. I was initially apprehensive if I would be grossed out, but it eventually turned out to be delicious.
  • A story from your travels – How I ended up travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia for 2 weeks, back in Aug 2017, with someone whom I hadn’t even met; which turned out to be one of the best trip so far, and resulted in me finding a friend for life in Debjani, and more importantly finding my travel partner, who is always on the same page, in every goddamn thing.

42. Akanksha Dureja – Direct Dil Se

Akanksha is passionate about traveling, writing, food, books, and feminism. She started her blog way back in 2007 and has come a long way since. Akansha cherishes the stories she has lived and the friends she has made during her travels. Her blog is a platform for these stories and has received numerous awards and features.

  • You can check out her wonderful stories on her blog ‘Direct Dil Se’.
  • Motivation to travel – The beauty of the unknown
  • Top bucket List Destination – Santorini, Greece
  • Biggest travel inspiration – The clan of lorry drivers, who measure the length and breadth of the country
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Red-Ant Chutney from Chhattisgarh
  • A story from your travels – I can’t possibly zero down to one story, there are so many, each of them inspiring in their own special way

43. Vishu & Saumya – Road To Taste

Vishu and Saumya are a couple who share a common passion for travel and food. The two love to travel and explore new places, all they need is to get some time off their busy routine. The couple has covered 7 major destinations within 4 months of their marriage and are full of travel stories from India and abroad.

If you want to know more about this sweet couple and their wonderful travel stories, visit their blog ‘Road to Taste’.

  • Motivation to travel – We love to explore new destinations. The charm of meeting new people, trying different adventure sports and tasting different cuisines around the globe are the key factors that keep us motivated to travel. We want to be able to tell a new bedtime every night to our kids and grandkids from our expeditions and that keeps us motivated.
  • Top bucket List Destination – We would love to go scuba diving next! As we both love beaches, it will be an amazing feeling to get close to the marine life and experience a whole new world.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – It’s difficult to name one or two but when we see people traveling to beautiful locations and some uncharted roads we get inspired to pack our bags and leave.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Barbeque Frog at the Jalan Alor street in Kuala Lumpur has been the strangest, most difficult and weirdest dish we have ever tasted.
  • A story from your travels – Stories from Ladakh have always been close to our heart. Be it experiencing serenity at the Pangong Lake or getting the adrenaline rush at the KhardungLa or feeling the surge of patriotism at Drass and Kargil, Ladakh always finds way to our travel stories.

44. Sonal & Sandro – Drifter Planet

drifter planet

Sonal and Sandro are music festival junkies, adventure lovers, and travel addicts. The hippie couple met each other years back in Thailand in a music festival and fell in love. The couple now travels around the world with their Go Pro and tent and documents their crazy journey on their blog.

To follow Sonal and Sandro on their adventures, visit ‘Drifter Planet‘.

  • Motivation to travel – My curiosity about the world, my search for the spectacular landscapes and my thirst for adventure.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Norway – The Great Atlantic Road Trip and Hiking.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Back in the 90s, I saw a show called Globe Trekker on Discovery Channel. It was earlier called Lonely Planet but they changed the name. The show was my biggest travel inspiration. If you’re looking for a specific “person” then it is Nomadic Matt.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Spicy grasshopper in Bangkok.
  • A story from your travels – I got stranded in Istanbul during the military coup in 2016. I was traveling solo and this happened only on my last day and I couldn’t leave the country because of this. To make it worse, I was stranded in the heart of Istanbul where everything was happening. The help of locals and the Indian embassy was unbelievably good. I managed to get out of Istanbul eventually but this travel story will live forever in my mind.

45. Puru and Ekta – Shadows Galore

shadows galore

Shadows Galore was initially a photo-blog started by the couple Puru and Ekta. The couple then started writing and sharing photographs of their travel on the blog. Their blog now has well-documented travelogues, destinations, travel ideas and inspirations for everyone to read and enjoy.

To explore the world with Puru and Ekta, visit ‘Shadows Galore‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Sair kar duniya ki Ghafil, zingani fir kahan, zindagi gar kuchh rahi to, ye jawani fir kahan.
  • Top bucket List Destination – A trip to Istanbul
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Al Biruni
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Scorpions in Thailand ?
  • A story from your travels – About how a Swede, a German, an Indonesian and both of us were there in a car in Bali, and the song playing on the local FM radio was ‘Dil to pagal hai’

46. Manjulika Pramod – Pendown

Manjulika Pramod with the Wall Art in Malaysia

Manjulika started crushing on blogging back in 2009, and her love for it has only grown since then. She tells about her love for the art series that she began. She quit her job of 8 years in 2015 to travel and appreciate the finer things that life had to offer. She has travelled to 18 countries and covered 17 states in India till now and her bucket list hasn’t stopped growing.

To follow Manjulika on her sojourns, visit her blog ‘Pendown‘.

  • Motivation to travel – The desire to see new and the restlessness to bring new and untold stories. Such amazing places exist. What more do we need to get motivated?
  • Top bucket List Destination – Lately, I have been reading a lot about Serbia recently and I am tempted to go there. Also, Brussels and Berlin for street art. I love street art and I wish to see all the urban art/ graffiti around the world.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – No one in particular.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Crocodile meat. I did not taste but it was offered. I couldn’t muster the courage to eat it and I excused myself.
  • A story from your travels – Since not many people get a chance to go to Riyadh and also because Saudi Arabia has not been very welcoming to travellers, I love to tell my stories from there. I have travelled to Riyadh twice and lived there for two months.

47. Niranjan Das – Tales Of A Nomad

tales of a nomad

Tales of a Nomad is where Niranjan pens down his travel experiences. The blog has stories and photographs from his travel

Check out his travel stories on his blog ‘Tales of a Nomad‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Exploring destinations and understanding cultures keeps me motivated.
  • Top bucket List Destination – North East India
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Every traveller is an inspiration for me in one way or the other.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Frog’s blood in Thailand.
  • A story from your travels – It’s not just one story, but many stories and experiences where I have met some wonderful strangers who in turn have helped me during my travels in one way or another. The world isn’t as bad as how it is portrayed and it is quite friendly and warm out there. This is one thing that I keep repeating to every soul who wishes to travel far and wide to the untrodden lands.

48. Vidya Sury – Collecting Smiles

vidya sury

Vidya Sury has always enjoyed writing. She believes writing is highly therapeutic and the most effective stress-buster. She started her blog as an experiment and over the years she has become more focused and invested in this.

To read Vidya’s opinions on numerous topics, visit her blog ‘Vidya Sury – Collecting Smiles’.

  • Motivation to travel – Discovering new places and cultures, meeting people, adventure, and the joy of spending time outdoors.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Covering all of Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Travel magazines. I love to travel and I am always ready to go on a trip!
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I’ve always enjoyed the local cuisine from my travels. Never found anything strange. But yes, during my latest trip, I did taste medicine garlic which looked and tasted different from the usual garlic we know. Interesting!
  • A story from your travels – During one of my solo trips (to Kancheepuram) I had this wonderful auto driver who dropped me from the bus station to the hotel I had booked into. Somehow, he took charge of my trip and insisted on ferrying me everywhere. Fantastic trip from an insider’s eye. Was almost like an attentive brother. Like this, so many stories of kindness from strangers.

49. Shrinidhi Hande – Enidhi

Shrinidhi Hande is an Associate Manager at an MNC and a part-time blogger. His key interests are automobiles, adventure, and travel. He has been blogging since 2006 and has traveled to 25 countries till now. He advises NOT to quit the job and travel. His blog is a platform for travel stories, and automobile, lifestyle, and product reviews.

To know more about Shrinidhi, visit his blog ‘Enidhi India Travel Blog‘.

  • Motivation to travel – Affordable tickets to newer destinations
  • Top bucket List Destination – New Zealand and China
  • Biggest travel inspiration – We struggle a lot and save for future. But if you do that too much, it could be too late. When you reach 60, you don’t want to regret about things you didn’t do, when you had the health and money.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Being vegetarian, my food choices are limited. Snowball tender coconut in Malaysia was exciting.
  • A story from your travels – We complain about various everyday stuffs like traffic, poor infra and so on- there’re many who are just happy to survive for another day. Traveling opens up our mind to new ideas, cultures, challenges and lifestyles, enabling us to think beyond the immediate.

50. Ruby Singh – Life And Its Experiments

Ruby describes herself as a quick learner and a keen observer. Her story is a motivation as to how a little thing can change your life so much. She is a travel and adventure enthusiast and writes about anything and everything that catches her attention in addition to travel.

To find out more about her travels, visit ‘Life and its Experiments

  • Motivation to travel – The thrill of discovering new facts and stories.
  • Top bucket List Destination – North East and Kashmir
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Neelima Vallangi
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – I am not a foodie so not much adventure there.
  • A story from your travels – How a mountain woman proposed marriage to me on behalf of his son.

51. Ghoomo Phiro Sisters –  Prachi and Himadri Garg

Ghoomophiro Sisters

Ten years ago, the two sisters decided to have a trip without any pre-destined destinations. They ended up in Shimla and this journey changed their whole perspective. The duo later started a group called ‘GhoomoPhiro’ which organizes women-only adventure trips to encourage women travelers, and also to promote the lesser known parts of India.

To know more about their travel service and their travel stories, visit ‘GhoomoPhiro‘.

  • Motivation to travel – To explore the unexplored
  • Top bucket List Destination – Bungee at New Zealand/Tomatina at Spain/Antarctica
  • Biggest travel inspiration – Parents
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Red ants chutney.
  • A story from your travels – We were sailing through the Arabian sea for scuba and in the midst of travel fuel got over. No immediate help available with zero network. Thankfully, some other ferry came and we were rescued.

52. Divyakshi Gupta- Quirky Wanderer

The Quirky Wanderer

The quirky Wanderer

Travel was once Divyakshi’s escape from the world, but now she considers it her best teacher. She believes that travel has bettered her as a human, let her shed her inhibitions, and has opened her up to new experiences. Divyakshi started blogging about her travels back in 2006 and hasn’t stopped since.

Read about her travel on ‘Quirky Wanderer’.

  • Motivation to travel – The stories I collect, the people I meet, the connections I make, the experiences that shape every travel and the unique learnings that make me not just a better traveler but a better human being.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Door hunting in Morocco, skydiving in New Zealand and deep sea diving in Silfra, Iceland.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My mom who has imbibed the love for road trips in me. She still inspires me as she is planning a Kashmir to Kanyakumari road trip 🙂
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Has to be the husband wife snack I had in Yangon, Myanmar. It is a vegetarian snack available widely on the streets. Looks like mini pancakes with corn and savoury in taste. Strangest name but turned out to be surprisingly delicious.
  • A story from your travels – Every trip gives several stories which I share on my blog, however some memorable ones are : the magical journey to the sea cave Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy, how I spotted the mystical OM formation over the Kinner Kailash mountains in Kinnaur, Himachal, how I lost my way in Valparai Tamil Nadu and found the very rare rock pools out of nowhere and how during safaris I sight whatever I blurt out : yes, just like a premonition:) that’s how I sighted a tiger in Kanha, 3 tigers all at once in Ranthambore and a rhino with a baby in Chitwan , Nepal:)

53. Dheeraj Sharma – Devil on Wheels

Devil On Wheels

Dheeraj started this blog to share all he has learnt from his travels with others who wanted to do the same. He has a zest for driving while exploring new place, thus the name ‘Devil on Wheels’. Every once in a while he gets on his wheels to rejuvenate himself and explore the winding Himalayan roads.

Know more about his travels and DoW from his blog – ‘Devil on Wheels’.

  • Motivation to travel – I travel to believe in myself, to smile, to spread smiles, to love, to learn and to connect. Travel helps me feel alive and awesome !!
  • Top bucket List Destination – Well, I am currently in the USA. The top of the list priority to travel as of now is making a trip to the Yellow Stone with Lake Tahoe and Iceland in the upcoming year. Then, planning to travel Arunachal Pradesh as the time permits.
  • Biggest travel inspiration – The Himalayas. A part of my life I owe to the Himalayas, so I keep traveling to them again and again and again. It helps me understand my real place in life. No matter how much I grow, I will still remain small in front of mother nature.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Idiyappam with Egg curry made of sunny side up egg 😉
  • A story from your travels – The deadly trek to the Chandratal lake in 2009 which gave birth to my blog Devil On Wheels… I still remember people urging us not to attempt this trek due to snow on road, making it slippery enough but I was into a negative trance of my life, a life which I never respected. We went out for the trek with some AMS symptoms, (at least now I know what it was ;)) was having an awesome time of my life, healing my depressive feelings before I slipped into the water crossing / nallah drenching my feet completely, snowfall started and weather upturned on its head. Guide asked us to move back fast before we freeze right there and reach the base Battal to get some warmth inside the dhabha. It was a run for life and as I slipped onto one of the snow slopes the whole life went through a flashback and suddenly I felt I have to live. That was it, guide saved me from the fall and we reach back safely to the base, got some fire inside dhabha, puked a couple of times and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up I was not the person before, I loved the sun rays, the snow outside, the stones, nature and I was missing my family… I knew that the depression died last day in a run to save my life, in a run to live life and I am no longer the person before…

54. Indrani Ghosh – ishare

Indrani posing with a Greek Guard at Syntagma Square, Greece

Indrani posing with a Greek Guard at Syntagma Square, Greece (source)

Indrani once dreamed of travelling around the world and thanks to her former job as an Indian Air force employee, she did quite a bit of travelling. As solo travel is no longer an option for Indrani with two little girls in the picture, she now travels with her family. The four of them have been travelling across Southeast Asia and Europe. They have covered 21 countries and 250+ cities and they’re still counting.

  • Motivation to travel – Sights and stories of places.
  • Top bucket List Destination – Ruins of Peru and Cherry Blossom viewing in Japan
  • Biggest travel inspiration – More than a person it is the places that inspire me, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted –  Yak cheese in Kurseong. I am cautious with non-veg food.
  • A story from your travels – Too many are there. But one night in Seville, Spain stands out distinctly… we were almost on the verge of sleeping in the car. It is in the blog.

55. Seema Gurnani – Panda Reviewz

Seema Gurani aka Panda loves Pandas as much as she loves travelling and food. Bitten by the travel bug at a young age, she now collects experiences during her travels and shares it on her blog Panda Reviewz.  For those who are looking for travel recommendations and restaurant reviews, head to Panda Reviewz. You can also find helpful tips, tricks and hacks related to lifestyle, beauty, health, and food here.

  • Motivation to travel –  I simply love globetrotting and exploring the world, meeting various people, and experiencing different cultures! And amidst all this, I love experimenting with food! I share all my experiences with my followers who like and encourage me after every single post. I draw my motivation from all the love I get from my followers to travel more!
  • Top bucket List Destination – Europe, anytime!
  • Biggest travel inspiration – My father has always encouraged me to travel. I discovered my passion for travel when I used to visit my grandparents every year for a vacation. My journey as a Solo travel enthusiast and blogger started after Auroville, near Pondicherry which I visited to explore out of curiosity after reading about the township of Auroville.
  • Strangest food item you’ve tasted – Raddish Golgappe!
  • A story from your travels – being a solo girl traveller, I have seen the good and the bad of all the places I  have visited/stayed. You meet different kinds of people! Some help you by even going out of their way and some just misguide you for their enjoyment. In the end, We all learn to take care of ourselves when travelling solo.

So there you go. Which blogger inspired you the most? If they did, go on ahead and plan your next adventure right now. Happy Tripping!

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