8 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s development at 8 weeks

By now, your baby looks more and more like the newborn you’ll bring home from the hospital. Their body has sprouted tiny arms and legs, fingers and toes, bones, and muscles. The embryonic tail is almost gone.

Their unique facial features continue to develop along with all of their inner workings and organs.

Your baby’s upper jaw and nose are beginning to take shape, which means their facial features won’t be a mystery much longer! Little mounds are present where the outer shell of their ears will be, and eyelid folds now partially cover their eyes.

And though you can’t feel it yet, your little one is constantly moving in fits and starts.

It’s not just all physical growth either. Nerve cells in their brain are beginning to form early neural pathways and your baby’s sense of smell is starting to take shape!

8 weeks pregnant: What to expect

  • You may start to feel bloated, and your breasts may start to grow.
  • Baby’s unique facial features continue to develop, along with all of their inner workings and organs.
  • Morning sickness may still happen this week.
  • You’ll want to keep eating well and being safely active.
  • If you have any symptoms that are out of the ordinary (read on for “ordinary” below!), talk with your doctor.

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