Are parts of speech

In the English language, the word “are” has a double purpose. It can be used as a noun or a verb depending on the context.

  1. Noun

This word is categorized under nouns, if it is used to refer to a unit of measurement that is equivalent to a hundred square meters. In the sample sentence below:

The word “are” is used as a noun to refer to that particular unit of measure.


a. a metric unit of measure, equal to 100 square meters (about 119.6 square yards)

  • Example:
  • Each paddock is one are in size.
  1. Verb

In most cases, the word “are” is classified as a verb, more specifically as a linking verb. When used as a linking verb, it connects the subject with the other parts of the sentence that provides additional information about it. For example, in the sentence below:

The word “are” links the subject “boys” with the predicate “playing in the playground.”


a. present 2D singular or present plural of be

  • Example:
  • There are no easy solutions.

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