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What is a book shelf called?

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A bookcase is also known as a bookshelf, a bookstand, a cupboard and a bookrack. In a library, large bookshelves are called “stacks.”

What is the difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase?

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A bookcase is a close-sided unit that literally encases books and is designed to sit on the floor, while a bookshelf does not have encased ends and is usually designed to hang on a wall. Bookcases tend to be more traditional than bookshelves and are often installed as permanent recessed fixtures in a home.

Can I use floating shelves for books?

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YES! Shelfology floating shelves are strong enough to hold a library of books!

What are Ikea bookcases called?


Billy (stylised as BILLY) is a bookcase sold by the Swedish furniture company IKEA. It was developed in 1979 by the Swedish designer Gillis Lundgren and IKEA have sold over 60 million units of the bookcases worldwide.

Do Billy bookcases look cheap?

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What’s positive about the Billy bookcase is that it’s affordable and rather fashionable. It comes in a few different colors that go with any motif, and the product is easily shipped and can be assembled in just an hour or two at home.

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