what books to read

What books to read

Reading books is an excellent culture to cultivate; it keeps you informed, busy, and entertained.

It is said that the most intelligent people spend most of their time on books and not watching television. I can agree with this, but I do not undermine the importance of watching TV, which might be close to reading books. Some people are very passionate about book-reading out there; most of them own tons of books, are signed up to book clubs, and consider reading diary therapeutic.

Books that you should read

1.    1984 by George Owel
This is a book that generally talks about human behavior and the vices in the community; hate, fear, and lies

2.    The Lord of the rings by J.R.R Tolkien
This book is about heroes that are sent to the world to save people from evil.

3.    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott
The book conveys a message that all dreams can become true by putting in the necessary effort.

4.    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
It is about two love birds who have to overcome pride and other vices to be together.

5.    The diary of a young girl by young frank
This is about a girl who loses her family as a result of World War 2

Different genres of books

There are fourteen main genres of books; each has different messages to convey to the reader;
1.    Mystery
2.    Literary fiction
3.    Horror
4.    Thriller
5.    Historical
6.    Western
7.    Romance
8.    Science fiction
9.    Speculative fiction
10.    Bildungsroman
11.    Dystopian
12.    Fantasy
13.    Realist literature
14.    Magical realism

What is the relevance of reading books?

•    Strengthens the brain
One of the most acceptable ways that you can recharge your brain is by working out and reading books. Feeding your mind is something new every day that improves the ability of your body to function, thus making you more active.

•    Reduces stress
Compared to watching TV, reading books helps you reduce stress; this is because it takes you to the land of fantasy and makes you imagine all the characters in the body. Should the story be about the author, it makes you visualize everything written. This is one of the practical ways to get rid of accumulated thoughts and worries in your mind.

•    Builds vocabulary
For writers and other creative content creators, reading books helps you come across new words, which makes you develop a liking in knowing their meaning. You are provided with recent comments that make a significant impact when used in writing.

•    Strengthens life span
People who make reading books a habit tend to have a longer life span than those who do not.

•    Improves concentration and develops critical thinking skills
Reading books shifts your mind from anything else and makes you concentrate on the contents in the book. This also gives you the chance to involve critical thinking by visualizing details presented in the book.

Reading books is a good culture that one can cultivate; it helps one grow intellectually and reflect on the events provided in the book. Choosing the right genre of books is essential to ensure that its taste and preference.

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