what causes hiccup

What causes hiccup in adults

This is an involuntary pressure forced by your diaphragm up your chest, and it makes one makes hiccup sounds.

The chest and the abdomen are essential parts of the respiratory system, and this is because they control the process as well as control the movements. As a result of different reasons, the abdomen forces air out through your chest, which causes a consistent hiccupping motion. Hiccups can be a nuisance, especially when they frequently happen and with no absolute reason.

Why do we hiccup?

1.    Eating too much or quickly
This is one of the common reasons people experience hiccups; eating a lot of food, especially when it’s dry, causes you hiccups. This is why people are advised to tag a glass of water along their meals to avoid such conditions and other extremes such as choking.

2.    Swallowing air when chewing gum
Chewing and letting air pass through your throat forces a lot of air down the abdomen, which is later let out through a hiccup. The finest way to control this is to practice chewing with our mouths closed.

3.    Too much nervousness and stress
Negative emotions cause hiccups; this results from the nerves that connect the brain to the respiratory system. However, these types of hiccups are regarded as short-term.

4.    Much intake of carbonated drinks
Your stomach becomes distended after taking carbonated drinks and beer, which tends to force out the air or the gas accumulated in the stomach.

How to get rid of hiccups

What most people do when they experience hiccups is take water; this s especially when it happens when eating. However, taking too much water may not sit well with your stomach making you feel extraordinary full. There are a sequence of steps that you can put in place to stop the hiccups;

•    Hold your breath and swallow down three times
•    Drag in a paper, but stop when you feel uncomfortable
    Quickly take a glass of water
    Swallow a teaspoon of sugar
     Pull your tongue
•    Gaggle your mouth of water

Myths about hiccups

1.    They are caused by someone talking negatively about you.
2.    You get hiccups when someone is thinking about you.
3.    Hiccups can stop when you hold your breath or get scared.
4.    Some people never get hiccups which is extremely wrong; babies experience hiccups as early as in the womb.
5.    You can stop hiccups by tickling the roof.

Medical conditions developed by consistent hiccups

It is always important to be alarmed when hiccups are prolonged; it can lead to medical conditions or further permanent issues. Below are the conditions that can develop due to prolonged hiccups; brain tumors, pneumonia, and strokes. They also interrupt your sleep and eating, which makes sit challenging for you to engage in other things involving your day-to-day life.

There are different remedies that you can apply to handle short-term hiccups when it prolongs. It is referred to as long-term hiccups; seeking medical support is important to ensure that it does not graduate in a permanent condition.

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