What causes muscle spasms

What causes muscle spasms

Muscle spasm is the sudden contracting of the muscles which cause pain in a particular part of the body.

Different things happen to be muscles voluntarily or controlled by your body’s activities. Some of these things may pose either a positive or a negative impact on the body. An example of this is muscle spasms; this is a sudden contraction of the muscles, which causes a lot of pain to the body. This condition is prevalent and mainly attacks the legs as well as the back. People use different methods to handle this condition; however, not all the entire ones are effective, therefore causing prolonging of the situation.

What is a muscle spasm?

Also known as muscle cramps are sudden contractions that can affect one or many muscles on a particular part of the body. One of these common occurrences is when you are sleeping or sitting in an awkward situation, causing a sudden twitch of the muscles.

What does muscle spasm feel like?

Muscle spasm happens suddenly, causing twitches to your leg; this may last up to 15 seconds. The best thing that one can do when experiencing muscle spasm is stay still and let them go away on their own.

What causes muscle spasms?

1.    Restriction in blood supply
Sitting or being in the wrong posture can restrict blood collection in some parts of your body. This poses a tremendous impact on your body, making it react negatively. It is always advisable for people to practice the best sleeping, standing as well sitting positions. This is to ensure that blood is thoroughly supplied in the body.

2.    Dehydration
It is recommended for an adult to consume at least eight glasses of water every day; failure to do this limits several essential body processes. With so doing, it makes you develop conditions such as muscle spasm. Eating fruits that are more succulent helps increase the composition of water in the body.

3.    Muscle fatigue
Did you know that your muscles also experience fatigue? This is especially when you fail to exercise enough; it makes your body stiff and dormant, making it difficult for you to handle different activities. It is always recommended for one to engage in body exercises at least three days per week. This is to help stretch out your body and feel relaxed.

4.    Involuntary nerve discharge
There are times that your nerves tend to function abnormally. This is done by sending different impacts to different parts of the body. To prevent this, it is recommended that one practice the best body position and avoid waking up too fast. This may lead to muscle spasms.

How can I stop muscle spasms?
There is no particular treatment meant for muscle spasms; the best thing to do when attacked is to relax and massage the affected area. Should the condition affect only the legs, waking up slowly and walking can do away with the problem very quickly?

A muscle spasm is a contraction that happens to muscle in the body, affecting one or more power. Coming up with methods to handle this condition is relevant to avoid it from developing and being consistent.

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