What to do When Bored

What to do When Bored

The secret to alleviating boredom is doing things that stimulate your brain and excite you.When think puzzles, play instruments, and do something nice for somebody else.

If the 2020 worldwide quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that Netflix doesn’t have enough movies and shows to kick boredom out. Eventually, the doldrums hit us all. The books on the bookshelves weren’t interesting anymore, and room scrolling Facebook and Instagram was just too much at some point.

What’s left to do?

There are myriad other ways to keep yourself entertained without a phone or the TV. Here are a few examples.

1.    Learn a skill
Here is a doozy; the internet isn’t all that bad after all. When used wisely, it can actually be beneficial to our well-being. For instance, there are thousands of free and paid tutorials and courses on just about anything. Simply pick a skill and learn it online. Learn to play the guitar, decorate a cake, hair crotchet, digital marketing, and even social media marketing.

2.    Finish a puzzle
Nothing beats a puzzle when it comes to stimulating your brain and keeping you occupied. Start with something simple like Sudoku and gradually move on to jigsaw puzzles and more complicated stuff. Puzzles will revive all those brain cells killed by too much Netflix and have you thinking like a young kid again.

3.    Write a letter
What secrets and advice would you like to tell your future self? As it turns out, writing a letter to yourself is one of the best ways to manifest the life you want. They call it scripting in the Law of Attraction courses. So instead of sulking all day about your current life, take a pen and paper and tell your future self what you want them to have.

Speaking of letters, you can also write a nice letter to someone in prison or military deployment and make their day.

4.    Cook
Yes. Good old-fashioned cooking can kill boredom better than anything else. Try out new recipes from the internet, perfect that family secret you’ve been messing up, and make up a new dish. You can also decide to batch cook for a week and save yourself the trouble of making meals every day.

5.    Do a random act of kindness

The best thing about showing kindness to other people is that it gets you out of your own head. Get out of your house and purpose to do one or two random acts of kindness to total strangers out there. Buy someone a cup of coffee, feed the birds at the park, help an old woman cross the road, and help someone carry their shopping bags to the car.

6.    Self-care
Last but not least, take the time to treat yourself to some self-care at home or the salon. Oil your hair, give yourself a body scrub, do a mani-pedi, steam and pamper yourself with a nice bubble bath. If you still have time, play some soft music and dance the boredom away. It is the simple gestures of love that fill your heart with joy.

six effortless things to do when bored, next time you are pacing back and forth in your house with nothing to do, try one of these and see how it goes.

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