georgia is in what time zone

Countries in Georgia Time

GET time applies to the following countries:


Further Countries in the same timezone of UTC +4

Although the timezone is named “Georgia Time”, it has mostly politcal reasons. It simply means that eg beginning and ending of daylight saving time always uniformly apply here. There are some other countries, in which the clock strikes just the same hour. These countries have the same temporal distance to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated):

ArmeniacountrywideArmenia Time (AMT)
AzerbaijancountrywideAzerbaijan Time (AZT)
MauritiuscountrywideMauritius Time (MUT)
OmancountrywideGulf Standard Time (GST)
ReunioncountrywideReunion Time (RET)
RussiaSamaraSamara Time (SAMT)
SeychellescountrywideSeychelles Time (SCT)
United Arab EmiratescountrywideGulf Standard Time (GST)


The time zones and times listed here are based on the IANA “Olsen” time zone database. Designations and their translations were adapted separately. Version used and update: Version 2021.3 on11/07/2021.

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