What is hair tone

What is hair toner

Hair toner is meant to change the undertone of your hair, making it look more moisturized and glowing.

Beauty is described in different dimensions and what works for everyone, and they are people who prefer long hair, short hair braided, and natural hair. Some people maintain the original color of their hair throughout their lifetime. Others consider dying their hair essential and of much value to the outlook. After using hair dye, one of the maintenance tips is usually to tone it; this is to ensure that it retains the same color as when the dye was applied. Hair toning gives a facelift to the results of the hair dye once used.

The difference between hair toner and dye

Hair dye is a type of colorant applied to alter the color and outlook of the hair completely; on the other hand, hair toner improves the look of your hair, giving it an undertone.

How to choose the right hair toner

1.    Evaluating the color of your hair
It is essential that you have an expert determine the color of your hair, mainly if you have applied hair dye before. The texture of the hair should be specified too, and it should not be too hard or too light for the best results.

2.    Choose a semi-permanent and permanent toner

If you have never toned your hair before, consider using the two types of hair toner. After the results, you should decide on what to use onwards. It is relevant to have an expert choose the right one for you.

3.    Evaluate the color shades properly
There is always a color wheel based on different kinds of hair toners according to your color. Through the help of another person and your evaluation, you should make the right decision.

4.    Make use of an equalizing spray before toning

It is always important to spray your hair before toning it; this is relevant because it needs to be moisturized to give you its exact color. Always make use of quality spray to expect the best results from the hair toning.

Essential things you should know when toning your hair

•    Make use of the right shampoo and conditioner
Always enquire about the right hair washing products; this is because they contain harsh constituents that alter the results of your toning. Some people have always experienced fading off the hair after washing it with different kinds of hair shampoo and conditioner.

•    Do not expose your high to direct sunlight
Exposing your hair to sunlight makes it fade off quickly, mainly when you use poor-quality toners. To avoid this, ensure that your hair is well moisturized first before sitting in the sun. You can as well protect your head by wearing caps during the day.

Toning hair is meant to add a beautiful touch and color to the already existing one. Through the use of quality hair toners and the proper procedures, you should expect the best results.

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