What causes high blood pressure

what can causes high blood pressure

High blood pressure is regarded as the force of the blood against the arteries; this is when the pressure is high.

There are several reasons why people experience blood pressure; lifestyle practices and different body conditions generate this. Going to the health expert to have the doctor check the rate of compulsion is very important. A health specialist checks the high compulsion rate to determine the causes and how to manage this.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is termed as the compulsion exerted when the blood is pushed against the arteries. As a result of different factors, the pressure can be high or low.

Causes of high blood pressure

•    Lack of physical activities
This result from a high-calorie intake through foods that contain a lot of fats, a certain component of the blood known as cholesterol, is affected. When cholesterol level is high in the body, it blocks the arteries, affecting blood pressure. This causes the pressure to be high, leading to several cardiovascular diseases.

•    Too much alcohol consumption
Consistent consumption of alcohol causes high blood pressure because it increases calcium in the body, which affects the compulsion in the arteries. It is relevant for one to reduce alcohol intake to ensure that compulsion is regulated.

•    Old age
Several lifestyle diseases usually accompany old age; this includes hypertension as well as diabetes. As you age, your vascular system changes therefore making the blood vessels constrict.

•    Genetics
If you have a family history of developing lifestyle diseases, it is passed to other family members. Coming up with ways to manage this is the only way to manage your compulsion.

•    Too much intake of salt
This is a factor that causes both high compulsion and low compulsion, and it is recommended that one take the right quantity of salt in meals. You should ensure that the salt is properly cooked; pre-cooked salt is not good for your health. You can also talk about sea salt, which tends to have a low concentration of things that may affect your body.

How to manage high blood pressure

High blood pressure can lead to conditions that may fail to be managed even through medical help. However, there are several things are you can put in place to manage high compulsion.

1.    Limit salt intake
It is always important to use a regular amount of salt in the food; always avoid adding salt to your food on the table.

2.    Exercise
Regular body exercise helps to burn off calories from the body. Choosing the right type of exercise helps you to keep fit and be in the right shape.

3.    Healthy diet
It is important to choose the right foods to take; they should be nutritious and taken regularly to prevent excessive fat accumulation in the body.

High compulsion usually develops after the compulsion required to push blood to the arteries is increased; this condition causes several negative effects; this is why you should consider seeking health support.

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