how internet helps in education

The availability of high-speed broadband internet coupled with the rise in demand for E-learning alternatives in recent years has led to a spate of changes in the education sector.

The usage of internet for education has undoubtedly revolutionized the landscape of the traditional education sector. It has encouraged remote and seamless learning while also opening up avenues for sharing resources and data without inhibitions.

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1The impact of internet on education
2Prerequisites for online learning
3Importance of internet in education
4Benefit of internet for students

The impact of internet on education

Proper use of online learning can improve the quality of educational resources while also allowing educators to prepare lessons and letting students broaden their scope of learning.

It lets educators analyze a student’s individual needs and tailor lessons to match them accordingly.

A substantial benefit of using the internet for education is that it makes lessons accessible even in remote settlements and rural areas where girls often face educational inequalities.

In addition, the use of internet for students made it possible to continue educational pursuits during the Coronavirus pandemic, which brought the world to a standstill.

Prerequisites for online learning

Certain things are required to ensure the rapid pace of technology keeps up with the growing importance of internet in education.

  1. Efficient broadband servicesThe ready availability of high-speed and reliable broadband connection is at the core of any effective online education infrastructure.
  2. Community inclusionThe urban community is usually better equipped to take advantage of the internet for education as the necessary infrastructure is easily accessible to them. The rural areas, however, face social and economic disadvantages that restrict their accessibility to online learning.
  3. Open sharing of resourcesA vast amount of data is accessible beyond textbooks on the internet for students of all ages. Several online learning platforms have emerged to bridge the gap between students and resource constraints. These platforms even facilitate sharing of course materials from one country to students in another.

Importance of internet in education

The use of internet for education helps to streamline the sharing of information and communication. It lets students access lectures online and refer to relevant study material in various multimedia formats.

It also helps teachers by letting them use various tools in their curriculum.

Access to internet also allows retired teachers or volunteers to offer educational services to children in poor communities or even in different countries.

The importance of internet in education is made evident through the following points:-

  1. Higher interactivityThe internet has provided a large boost to interactivity in student-teacher interactions.With the inclusion of social media apps and online learning platforms that provide real-time assistance, teachers and students are now able to engage in dynamic interactions whenever the need arises.
  2. Flexibility of learningResource and location constraints of conventional modes of education do not apply to online learning and its platforms. Access to the Internet allows one to learn their study material online remotely and at their own pace.It also serves as a 24×7 support system for students and teachers to interact. It also allows working professionals to enroll in courses that fit their schedules.
  3. Cost-effectivenessPurchasing books and study material is usually an expensive affair. However, with online courses and other sources of information, accessing study material online has become cost-efficient.
  4. Dynamic and actively updatedA large number of online websites and data archives are able to receive real-time updates. This allows users to download information that is up to date, verified and ready for distribution.
  5. Multimedia-integrationStudies have shown that we usually consume data faster and more efficiently through audio-visual format. These formats include multimedia, infographics, slideshows etc. These multimedia formats can be actively used in courses and lessons thanks to the use of the internet.

Now that we’ve had a look at the importance of internet in education. Let us now examine how the use of the internet in education in recent years has benefited students.

Benefits of internet for students

  1. Improvements in communicationCommunication between teachers and students used to be linear. However, the internet has added a new level of interactivity to this relationship. Using the internet allows for interactive communication between the two parties irrespective of time and distance constraints.The process is made more seamless through various social apps or digital platforms.
  2. Higher acceptance of online certificationOnline learning and certifications were not considered competitive or reliable up until a few years ago. Associated universities and colleges with online programs usually lacked adequate accreditation. However, that scenario has undergone a shift, with many universities now offering distance learning programs and subsequent online certification courses.
  3. More students opting for online educationA testament to the success of the internet’s improvement of the educational field lies in the fact that more are opting for online mediums of learning than ever before.


The internet has provided an impetus to the growing education sector. This new dimension of accessibility and interactivity has enhanced the quality of educational resources and the quantity of relevant data that can be seamlessly transferred even from one point to another. This momentum can be expected to rise as more internet-enabled devices and data accessibility becomes commonplace in rural locations and to all socio-economic communities. However, to ensure that this momentum is not slowed down by slow broadband speed, opt for ACT Fibernet, a future-ready connection that offers high speed with equal upload and download speeds.

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