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how to earn money home

There was a lot of confusion and chaos all along with the world especially in India, many people lost their jobs by virtue of pandemic our economy is just at the breath lasting situation. We are observing people continuously losing their jobs so the next big question that came to their mind is how to earn money online in India the answer to this question is work from home. In the modern era, people preferably use this way to make money online. How To Earn earn money for students in India.

There is a number of such avenues available where you can make money online. These opportunities are open to everybody like students, housewives, retired persons, job seekers, etc. we are observing in our day-to-day life everybody loves to buy new things every day in order to bring a kind of joy in his life.

ways on how to earn money at home

The worldwide lockdown shakes the very foundation of every developed country especially in India and people start realizing the importance of online jobs. As I discussed earlier there are a variety of avenues available. People are desperately searching for ways how to earn or make money online the first and foremost solution to this problem is the changing pattern of Teaching it got a shift from manual to digital so one can earn a lot by utilizing the number of sources available in order to earn. One who loves to teach has that option.

Everybody can be taught here but the candidate should be ideal enough to teach students. It is not specifically meant for teachers by profession but for those who have any subject-specific information. The online portal of Chegg India is the best platform where you can make money online. BYJUS is another option where one can formally register and start earning online. In this blog, I will give you a number of ways where how to earn as a teenager in India or in any other place. The ways are as follows:



Video Editing.

YouTube Videos.

Graphic designing.

Social Media Marketing.

Writing Blogs.

Article Writing.


These are the most popular ways where one can earn a lot of Earn money online money in India. In this blog, I will make you explain how one can earn huge bucks by following all the steps which I am going to explain here. How To Earn Money Online In India

YouTube videos for earn money online

Yes, all can earn a lot from this firstly you have to make a video then post it on your youtube channel and it will later pay for you on the basis of viewership, The videos should be of a type which people love the most then it will intensify the pace of viewership. The most commonly viewed videos are related to paintings, baking, comedy videos, mimicry, technology, Teaching videos, and the list goes on and on. One can earn a lot at his home by doing all that which I am explaining to you step by step. To earn online is as easy as making soap. But here only dedication and patience matter.

Here is the way first you should have a minimum of 10 videos in hand then create a youtube channel and try to persuade more and more people to subscribe to your channel. In the initial few months, Youtuber should be passionate and dedicated to bringing more and more subscribers on his channel.

When you getting succeed in getting monetizing on your account apply for google AdSense onAdsence website. Google AdSense allows publishers or grants permission to Creator to present text ads or video advertisements on your videos which you made. You can earn a lot from this when your ads are viewed by audiences . for that you have to build up your audience continuously.

Once you will follow all these steps you will earn 200-300 per 1000 views and later by your continuous efforts you would be able to earn 65000 on 1 million views. The highest-paid YouTubers in India are Sandeep Maheshwari, Technical Guruji, BB Ki vines. They earn lakhs on their videos because their videos are being viewed nationally. You would be the next if you continue making efforts to satisfy the audience more and more.

Transcriptionist for earn money online

In order to become a transcriptionist, you do not need to be technical and have expertise. Here the skill you need is how accurately you are able to listen and later how fastly you are going to record that which you listen. In medical professionals, businessmen, Legal fields, there is a requirement of transcriptionist.

These areas require a qualification in order to become a medical professional or ln legal field but there is no need for degrees to become a transcriptionist in the same field. But here time matters a lot you should not waste your all day on single recorded audio. As a transcriptionist, you are hereby paid hourly. So here this signifies how important is each and every second.

Social media strategist for earn money online

A social media strategist is a person who shows the presence of the company on social media platforms and time to time makes a kind of advertisement on the brands of the company in order to reach customers.  We all know that since the inception of social media everyone is on social media platforms. So it is the need of an hour for every company to have a social media strategist in order to advertise their products on large scale. Social media strategist has to advertise the company brands on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter so on.

Social media strategist has to show the presence of the company on the digital platform. This person has to hook the consumers on social media, the average salary for social media strategist is between 15000-40000 depending upon the experience.

Video Editing for earn money online

This job is very much fit for those who have an excellent command of Applications like Adobe primer, Final cut pro or kine master so on. There are a number of video editors’ requirements in this trending world. There are a number of vloggers, bloggers, content creators, you-tubers so who need video editors, You no need to worry if you do not know the ABC of Video Editing, during one month of practice you would become able to learn all the software of video editing.

The thing you need for that is having a laptop with these applications, you would earn a lot from Video Editing. All the tools and techniques pertaining to video editing should be on the tip of your tongue. If you would come out a good video editor you would be able to earn 20000-60000 depending upon the skills of editing you have.

Graphic Designer

This is also a great job where one can earn huge amounts. The things which you require to do this job are laptop/computer and applications like photoshop, coral draw, Illustrator, so on. Graphic designers create visual concepts either by means of laptop or by hand and gain attention from the consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, Brochures, Magazines, Signboards. Graphic designer also develops the color tone of websites and also frame the flow charts of websites.

The skills which a Graphic Designer require are as follows:

Delivering Presentation

Interactive Media



In-depth Knowledge of Coral draw, Illustrator, In design, Canvas so on.

The average salary for a Graphic Designer is 20000-60000

Online Tutoring Job for earn money online

In the wake of the pandemic, people start realizing the importance of virtual Education if you are qualified enough to teach students. There are a number of Applications Like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and so on one can do a lot while sitting at home . There is one good Application in India CHEGG INDIA where you can enroll yourself as a subject matter expert.

All you need to do is this

Fill in your credentials like Name, Education, Specific subject expert.

Upload your transcripts or Marks cards as proof of your qualification

You need to qualify for two very basic tests and you have to acquire 60% and 80% respectively then you would be accepted.

Last but not least verify your bank details and Pan number

Now you are all set to become a subject expert simply you have to give answers to questions. Here your earning depends upon how many successful answers you are providing. A subject expert can earn 10000-70000 by comfortably sitting at his home. The salary can be doubled very soon if you remain dedicated to your job.


This is one of a great ways of earning in the contemporary world. There are numerous internationally acknowledged platforms where one can earn a lot. These freelancing platforms are as follows



Up work


Flex jobs


Design Hill

Task rabbit



You have simply registered on their official website by following all the steps you would be then recognized as a freelancer and in the meantime create a PayPal account this will help you to receive money in dollars. This is one of the best ways where you can earn money online in India or abroad. This opens a lot of avenues for writers who have a knack for writing.

Blogging for earn money online

This can be done through various modes like WordPress, Tumbler, Youtube or by Blogging.This job will provide you number of oppurtunities by which you can earn online literary. A personal blogger can post his own blogs on a website or one can earn by blogging for others. Blogging  is one of the strong strategies by which you can encapsulate Millions of followers . One should be very much creative to do this job. They should have to keep in touch with their followers . You can make a blog on different things like Foods, City, Clothes or Whatnot so on .

Many famous blogs are Money connexion, Labanol, Shoumeloud, Trumatter . You can watch their videos in order to get a kind of motivation.

Ways to make money in India by blogging

Review sponsored products/posts

Show display advertisements

Sell Affiliate Products

Create a course on Udemy

Offer your services

Initially you would not be able to earn a lot of money by blogging  but later on it will pay a lot for you. You would see the wonders but you should be consistent enough.

Final Thoughts

In this blog I have shown you number of ways by which you can earn money online. They are not final I will brief you more ways by which you can earn also like Drop shipping, Starting a podcast , Opening a small online business . you can also create a website by which you can earn online. You  can also earn money online by simply filling surveys by which you can monetize your skills from the comfort of home. These are some ways by which you can earn . I will bring more information in my next blog , keep following.






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