how to weight loss fast without exercise

how to weight loss fast without exercise

There are innumerable diets, meals and supplement replacement plans which are often held responsible for increasing rapid weight lose. But the majority of them lag in scientific explanations and arguments. we often find the plans considered for loosing weight fast have a strong potential to make us feel hunger and unsatisfied. That is why it becomes difficult for us to stick to these healthier eating plans. If we increase the amounts of carbohydrates, we will never be to lose weight fast.

It always becomes easier for us to stick with low crab diets. It is the most effective way to lose weight fast in order to maintain a healthy weight. in the contemporary times it is often a difficult task to lose weight quickly. Until and unless we shall not stick to the plans.

How to weight lose fast in 5 simple steps.

Eat more vegetables (Roughage)

It is as simple as We allow it to be. I promise! if you add 50% vegis to your meals that you are having. You will never complain about the weight gain. by taking more fruits and vegetables, you would be able to tackle with “weight management”.

Because fruits and vegetables do contain phyto-chemicals. They are biologically active substances often considered as killing factors for burn more calories and body fat.

By virtue of veggies and fruits in your diet you can always protect yourselves from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke and cancer. So always enjoy fruits and vegetables is a great way to improve your health. You should always be open minded for trying new things. therefore switching your diet towards fruits and veggies is worth it.

2 Skip the Snacks and eat Mindfully.

Snacking often refers to drink or eat outside your regular meals. They are not nutritional enough to meet the needs but they are high in calories or possess extra calories. In the markets they are available in the form of cookies, chips, crackers, refined grains, calorie packed drinks and cereals.

How to follow mindful eating?

when you feel full so kindly stop eating.

Chew as much as you can.

Don’t rush your meals so eat slowly.

Never take meals while in distractions like TV always try eat in silence.

It is important to eat mindfully for better digestion. Eating mindfully also helps you to feel sooner fuller by eating less food.

3 Go to bed earlier and take a walk

According to the modern research when you have a enough sleep time and fall into your bodies circa rhythm. Both these things contributes enough to weight lose. This all can happen when you are going to bed earlier.

Ironically by limiting your sleep you could invite by yourself to weight gain. According to the sleep experts only 6hr of sleep during night you are almost 25% more likely to ab obese. Because when we have a sleep of less than 6 Hrs our body produces a hormone called as “Ghrelin” which catalyzes or stimulates your appetite. So your body demands for Carb rich diets and fatty foods.

We all know exercise is always good for us. Specifically evening exercises are more beneficial because many people’s metabolizm slows down during evening’s. So aerobic activities before dinner increases their metabolizm rate. So walking is a great type of exercise, one hour walking for each day provides good health benefits and may help in weight lose. It also helps you to burn your daily calories.

According to the World Health Organization(WHO) 2.2 million deaths per year occurs due to physical inactivate. Desk bound lifestyles creates a number of health problems like increased blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity and depression. So we can’t ignore the merits or advantages of physical activity or activities.

Editor’s Note:

“Diet and Exercise are the two sides of the same coin like wise Spencer says Education and the philosophy are the two sides of the same coin “

4 Drink Green Tea.

It is regarded as the most essential or emerging health drink. Several research reveals that the antioxidants in green tea help us in boosting metabolism and help burn fat. Green tea will also help you with better digestion.

Recent research reveals that green tea can help us to burn 500 calories per day. It is also very much helpful for melting unhealthy belly fat effectively.

5 A balanced diet and use of whey proteins.

We are observing people are often struggling with weight lose, poor diet is a main reason for that. Balanced diet always helps a person to reduce the risk factors like weight gaining and obesity.

Balanced diet helps a person to lose weight by.

A) Avoiding excessive carbohydrates or processed foods.

B) Increased protein intake.

C) Inclusion of essential nutrients like minerals fiber vitamins and olive oil.

D) Preventing binge Eating.

Scientists always try to provide us with updated information and Dietary guidelines regarding our meals. Nowadays, their recommendations led an emphasis that a person’s plate should primarily contain lean protein, fruits, veggies, fiber, and soluble fiber.

Whey Proteins

Whey protein is highly recommended because this always makes you feel full longer. So it always stops you from eating unhealthy snacks. So this aids in fat and weight lose. Whey protein is not only specifically advisable for Gymmers but also advise for the people in order to meet their daily protein needs.

Editors Note

Mono-saturated fatty acids (olive oil) Keeping your heart healthy, Maintains blood sugar levels, and also aids in weight lose.

How can i lose weight in 10 days? “Tips and Tricks”

Intermittent fasting.

Start your day with physical activity.

Avoid Sugars.

Drink more water.

Eat slowly.

Take more Olive oil.

Eat Proteins.

Eat An apple.

Try to relieve stress.

Stay away from fat diets.

How can i lose weight lose in 7 days Naturally?

(HIIT) High-Intensity Interval Training.



Cardiovascular workout.

Workouts for body weight.

Training strength.


What are the 9 Rules of losing weight?

Balanced Diet

Stay Hydrated.

Contentiously Change Eating habits.

Increase your Physical Activity.

Follow Calorie Deficit Plan.

Add more Proteins to the diet.

Sufficient Sleep.

Intermittent Fasting.

Avoid fatty foods.

How to lose weight in a week?

Add more veggies and fruits to your meals.

Be regular in drinking soup.

Always try to add grains to your diet.

Avoid sugar intake.

Always Drink Green tea.

Drink plenty of water.

How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks 10 kg?

Take low-Calorie meals.

Adopt lean protein in your diet.

Add more fibers to your foods.

Take healthy snacks throughout the day.

Avoid alcohol, juice, and sodas.

Drink 4kg Water per day.

Do follow food journals given by dieticians.

Routinely follow intermittent fasting.

Spent 45 minutes for physical activate.

How to lose weight fast with exercise?

Do Yoga.

Always follow Pilates exercise.

Do swimming regularly.

Take interval trainings.

Do Trainings for weight lose.

Be focused on cycling.

Do jogging and running.

How to lose weight fast in two weeks?

Balanced diet is a key here.

Give equal importance to whole foods.

Take a sleep of 9hrs approximately.

Drink 70 ounces of water.

Do physical activities for 30 minutes a day.

Always avoid snacks between meals.

Do limit your consumption of carbohydrates.

How to lose belly fat?

Strictly avoid sugar and sugar drinks.

Enrich your diet with more proteins.

Take a lesser amount of carbohydrates.

Include fibers in your meals.

Do exercise regularly.

Track what you are Eating.

Add olive oil to your foods.

Eat slowly.

How to lose weight fast without exercise?

While taking meals distractions should be avoided.

Drink water’s as much as you can.

Enrich your diet with quality fibers.

Add proteins to your diet.

Always try to take lesser foods.

Chew as much as you can.

How to lose weight overnight fast?

Should have an efficient quality sleep.

Always bed time routine should be improved.

Add veggies in your foods.

Strictly avoid sugary drinks.

Always take waters before meals.

Do follow the habit of eating slowly.

Add more soluble fibers to your diet.

How to lose weight in seven days?

Drink 70 ounces of water.

Do physical activities for 30 minutes a day.

Always avoid snacks between meals.

Do limit your consumption of carbohydrates.

A balanced diet is key here.

Give equal importance to whole foods.

Take a sleep of 9hrs approximately.

How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently?

There are huge volumes of literature available on the internet which misguides you. So as long as you want a real updation to stay tuned with yoors, you will find realistic information on the basis of the research being conducted at Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, Stanford, and Oxford Universities. in order to lose weight fast your metabolism rate should be at the apex. Recent research shows people are taking more than 500 calories per day on a high protein diet. so if you really want to lose weight do follow the below-mentioned recommendations:

1) Always follow the goals of smartness in order to lose weight quickly.

2) Do follow a highly recommended food journal as given by the dietitians.

3) Always follow a list of healthy foods why you buy.

4) Minimise the number of refined carbs in order to lose weight fast naturally and permanently.

5) Avoid junk foods as soon as possible.

6) Always keep an eye on what you are eating and what you should eat to lose weight.

7) Highly stick yourself with your daily physical activate.

8) Always follow the exercise of lifting heavyweights.

9) Enjoy weekends in a week.

10) Intermittent fasting should play a significant role in our body to lose weight.


Prophet Muhammad PBUH nothing is worse than a person who fills his stomach. It should be enough for the son of Adam to have a few bites to satisfy his hunger”.

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