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Minecraft 1.19 Java Edition Download

minecraft 1.19 Screenshot logo1.19 is The Wild Update for Java Edition to be released in 2022. A lot of blocks, mobs, as well as biomes associated with wildlife will be added to the game by this update. As many as three new biomes are planned to be implemented, which will significantly diversify the game world.

New World Generation Options


The swamp biome is among the content that has been completely reworked. You will not see old swamps in the game world anymore. Everything has been changed by this update — a new terrain, new blocks, as well as new creatures have been added. Frogs and fireflies live there. Besides, there are mangrove trees, although they are not numerous, as they mostly grow in a special biome.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 1

Mangrove Swamp

Mangrove trees grow in this swamp instead of oaks. The terrain in this area consists almost entirely of mud. There are no more differences from the usual swamp; frogs and fireflies also live there.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 2

Deep Dark

It is one of the new biomes, which generates underground in the deepslate layer, that is, at the height from -1 to -64. This biome is rather safe, as mobs do not naturally spawn there, except spawners and wardens . It is a dungeon-like area  where you can find treasure chests. New mobs — wardens — live in this biome.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 3

Ancient City

It is a new structure that generates in the deep dark biome. It is quite rare, so the treasures found there will be just as valuable. It consists of deepslate, basalt, and other blocks. It can contain soul sand, soul lanterns, and soul fire.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 4
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 5

New Mobs


Five new mobs will be added to the game, and one of them is the allay. This creature was the winner in the Minecraft Live 2021 voting, so it will certainly be added. It is a rather unusual mob in terms of appearance and can boast some features. Allay can fly, although only a few blocks high. This creature is tiny and has a very small number of health points. It is a friendly mob that will attack you under no circumstances. For the player,  it is very useful, as it knows how to pick up dropped items, which it then collects in a pile. It will not steal items from your chest, though, but only pick up those on the ground.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 6


The only mob that spawns in the deep dark biome. It is similar in size to a golem, although a little wider and taller. It is a unique creature, as it can boast numerous features . It is perhaps the strongest mob at the moment because it has 500 health points, that is, 250 hearts. Moreover, this creature is very strong, as it can inflict 30 damage with a single blow. So, if you fight it without armor, you will immediately die. Accordingly, this mob is hostile. However, despite all these advanced characteristics, it is very vulnerable, as the warden is completely blind. It is guided by the vibration emitted when other mobs move. A warden attacks not only the player but also other creatures that come in its way. This creature appears from a cave floor when sculk shriekers are activated many times.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 7
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 8

It’s not worth fighting it, as it was added precisely for you to run away from it. Before the attack, it thinks for a very long time, then lets out a scream, and finally moves towards its target, inflicting critical damage on it. If you attack it, it finds your location, and such an event will likely cost you your life . After a warden approaches you, everything around you will darken, and you will not even be able to see it, so it will instantly kill you. Moreover, when a warden notices you, it begins to move with great speed.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 9


It is one of the new mobs, which is found in the world in three different varieties. You сan meet a temperate, warm, and cold frog. They differ not only in appearance; each variant will provide a particular benefit to the player, but not everything is yet clear.  The temperate variety of the frog is colored orange and spawns in the swamp biome. The warm frog  spawns in the tropics but can also appear in other warm biomes near bodies of water. The cold frog lives in snowy biomes . The frog hunts for fireflies, but when it comes to an ordinary frog that lives in swamps, it can also eat small slimes. If a frog eats a magma cube, it will drop a froglight.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 20
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 11

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 12Tadpole

It is a mob that lives on the water surfaces  of different biomes. Just like the frog, it has three color varieties that depend on the biome’s climate. A tadpole is the growth stage of a frog, so it will gradually become the latter . Tadpoles can be caught with a bucket and transferred to another body of water .

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 13


It is the smallest mob in the game for now, as its size is equal to two pixels. It lives in the swamp biome but may also be found in other biomes at night. It performs the function  of lighting swamps in the dark, although its light is quite scarce. It is the main prey of frogs.

New Blocks

Mangrove Blocks

You will be able to get the respective blocks from mangrove trees, that is, wood, leaves, and also roots that are under a tree. These roots are whole blocks added in this update. Mangrove trees generate in swamps. You can also craft planks from wood, from which, in turn, other blocks are crafted — slabs, steps, and others. That is, it can be used in the same way as other in-game wood types.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 14
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 15
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 16

Mangrove Propagule

It grows on a mangrove tree under the foliage . It is used in the same way as saplings of other trees. That is, a mangrove propagule can be planted on the ground to get a mangrove tree in the future.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 17


It is considered a block, although it is not a block proper. It appears when two frogs reproduce. That is, frogspawn can be obtained by feeding two frogs. It is one of the growth stages of a frog; that is, it is a living block. Tadpoles can appear from it over time, provided the frogspawn grows in sufficiently good conditions. Frogspawn can be placed only on the water surface.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 18


It is a block that can be obtained from a frog. If you feed a frog with a magma cube, then a froglight block is dropped from it. This block has three varieties, each of which can be obtained from different frogs. But keep in mind that a warm frog is white, a cold frog is green, and a temperate frog is orange . So, to get a green froglight, you need to feed a cold frog. To get a yellow froglight, you need to feed a temperate frog. There is also a white froglight, which can be obtained by feeding a warm frog.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 19
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 20

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 21Mud

It is a block that looks like dirt, only completely soaked with water . It is naturally generated in swamps but can also be obtained in another way. To get a mud block, you need to use a water bottle on the dirt. Over time, it can turn into clay if it is located on a dripstone block with a pointed dripstone growing.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 22
minecraft 1.19 screenshot 23


It is a block generated in the deep dark biome. It is a rather unfamiliar-looking block with an animated texture. To get this block, you need to use a tool with the silk touch enchantment. Otherwise, the block will collapse, and you will gain some experience. It is generated under the mobs’ place of death around a sculk catalyst.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 24

Sculk Catalyst

It is used for generating sculk blocks in the deep dark biome. The amount of the latter depends on the mob killed near this catalyst. To be more precise, not from the mob itself but from the experience that drops when killing creatures.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 25

Sculk Shrieker

It is a new block that also generates in the deep dark biome. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that this block emits very loud sounds. But first, you need to activate it; for this, you need to use a sculk sensor. During the activation, the player will suffer the Darkness effect. If you activate it several times, a warden may appear.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 26

Reinforced Deepslate

It is generated in the layers of the deep dark biome. It is a more durable variety of deepslate, so it takes more time to mine it. This block has no application for now.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 27

Mud Bricks

They are a decorative block but can also be used as a building material. They are crafted from four blocks of packed mud. Mud bricks can be used to create slabs, steps, and walls.

minecraft 1.19 screenshot 4

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