Leo signs zodiac

Leo signs zodiac

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Love, Work, Friends And More

July 23 – Aug. 22

As a fire sign that’s the centre of everything, it should be no surprise that your ruling planet is the bright, glorious sun. You are an energetic soul that has a flair for the dramatic. You’ve got a knack for leading in all situations, and being a fun and confident version of yourself around others. It can be hard to tolerate your own dark side, so cultivating authentic self-acceptance will help you enjoy life to its fullest. The needs of your ego are compelling, but it’s in creation that you find your greatest joy.

Best traits

Dynamic, brave, natural leader, creative, confident and warm-hearted


You’re ambitious, resourceful and very capable, Leo. While you’re willing to put in long hours to get the work done, you won’t be happy if you don’t get accolades for it. Leo is naturally suited to positions of leadership, but if you get bored you can be kind of careless about your work. Set clear goals and celebrate whenever you achieve them so you enjoy the whole path, and not just the destination.


You know what you want and aren’t scared to try and make it happen. Sex, play and fun are right up your alley, and you can be very generous to the one you love. The trick for you is to not assume that just because a person can make you feel good that they are good for you. Pleasure and happiness are two different things, and the person you choose to be your partner should bring you more than just amusement.


You’re a great friend even though you have a tendency to keep things on a surface level. You’re loyal and good at remembering the little things about others. Friendships don’t always have to be chill—you certainly aren’t! You can say things that sting without meaning anything by it. If you can be real with people, you’ll find happiness, Leo.


You are loving, loyal and fiercely protective of those you love, but that doesn’t exactly make you the most family-oriented sign of the zodiac. You need space to do you, and if the demands of your family life take you away from that, you may find that you snap at others with the smallest provocation. You are proud of your family and will go to any and all lengths to show it.

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Monthly Horoscope for Leo

There is no time like the present to be your most productive. You may benefit tremendously if you channel your energies in your work world. To avoid stress later in the month openly discuss spending habits eliminating a possibly unpleasant moment. You are a little more sensitive than you are accustomed to… testing you emotionally.

With the holidays behind you, it is time to get back down to business. You are not in short supply of motivation. Get out that notepad and compose a To-Do list, it’s time to refocus. You are very ambitious so make your future plans clear. You are challenged to finish a big project under some serious time constraints. To take complete advantage of your superior ideas, you have to get going now. You are operating like a well-oiled machine at this time.

It is important that you find balance both with work and love because you could feel burnt out with the Full Moon on the 19th. Don’t deplete your never-ending reserves of energy. If you feel exhausted you tend to bounce back quickly. Goals are attainable if you reassess them every so often and measure your progress. You will more than likely keep the foot on the pedal deep into February.

Allow the people that love you to understand your direction. Do not forget to take a break and recharge your batteries.

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