what does lmfao mean

What does LMFAO mean

Lmfao is a common abbreviation of phrases meaning” Laughing my freaking ass off” it is commonly used when texting and on social media platforms.

When making comments on posts you come across online, and there is always that slang language that gives you a certain sense of belonging. The slang words are widely used today; however dirty, they tend to convey messages in a steamy way other than what would be done straightforwardly. Most of the words are best used by millennials because they tend to understand the full meaning of the abbreviations, therefore, posing them as the right conveyers and audience for these types of words.

What is LMFAO?

Lmfao is a widely used slang exclamation people use on social media; the abbreviations tend to describe a funny situation. Just like lol, LMFAO is used to show how hilarious you have embraced something. It is just that LMFAO bears the ‘F word, which is freaking.

Other types of slang words used on the internet
•    Lol
•    Smh

How is LMFAO pronounced?

The slang abbreviation LMFAO is pronounced as LMFAO, while omitting the f word is used in informal conversations. This means that you should be careful with your type of audience to ensure that it does not sound offensive.

When is it appropriate to use LMFAO?

•    On your social media accounts
•    Personal blogs and websites
    To some family members who you are used to using slang words around
    Texts to friends

Relevance of using LMFAO and other slang words when texting

1.    Used to make an exclamation

Typing LMFAO shows that you have understood the funny issue well enough, and the best way to express it is through the use of LMFAO. Using these slang words comments to be more detailed and easily conveyed to the right audience. When used with the right emoji describing happiness of laughter is sends out your message.

2.    Create a more sense of belonging

The use of slang words has given social media users a sense of belonging. This is because; they understand the right types of words describing particular events or feelings. A single slang exclamation makes the rest of the users understand what you are trying to say easily.

3.    It is more convenient.

The use of slang words has given people the liberty to convey messages without much explanation. It is also straight to the point and does not make your message sound vulgar. Gone are the days when people feared expressing their thoughts or even using different exclamations; appropriate slang words save you the hassle.

The use of slang words is most evident on social media platforms because the users regularly type these words through their accounts and have a clear understanding of what they mean. Slang words such as LMFAO have changed on made communication effective on social media. However, it is recommended for one to be well enlightened on what these slang words mean before using them to ensure that you deliver your message to the right people and in the right manner.

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