Tai chi lower back pain

Tai chi lower back pain

We all experience lower back pain at some point in our lives, and people tend to believe that lower back pain is not associated with old age, which is not true. Today, suffering injuries in sequences and accumulating the pain can cause a long-term effect on your body. No type of back pain should be ignored, especially when you try out different back pain relief solutions without success. Some of the basic causes of lower back pain are lifestyle behaviors, poor body posture, and underlying medical conditions.

How does lower back pain feel like?

Lower back pain mostly affects the following body parts; muscles and bones in the back and the hip area. Lower back pain may cause leg numbness and a dull ache felt when you bend or immediately rise. Should the lower back pain last for long, standing for long hours may feel challenging for you.

What causes lower back pain?

1.    Muscle strain

Like other body parts, your back also suffers from fatigue; this is caused by not warming up before working out. This is when the tissue connecting muscles suffer wear, and you can notice muscle strain through swelling, inflammation, and suffering from muscle stiffness.

2.    Arthritis

Some of the ways that you can identify that you have arthritis are by straining to engage in simple activities such as bending, carrying small luggage, and not being able to get out of the bed. When this type of ache is acute, it can be managed and prevented from spreading.

3.    Poor lifestyle behaviors

Did you know that some of the things that you engage in effect the health of your back? Practice the following, and lower back ache will no longer be a normal condition to you;

•    Exercise at least four days per week
•    Lift objects carefully to ensure that it does not affect your body balance
•    Observe your weight and eat healthy meals
•    Limit strenuous activities
•    Avoid smoking and taking alcohol
•    Maintain a good posture

How does tai chi help to relieve back pain?

1.    Deep breathing

However not scientifically proven, most people tend to practice deep breathing to relieve back pain. Breathing helps to reduce the tension concentrated on one body part, which gives it room for recovery. It would be best to understand breathing techniques to ensure that you do them correctly for your wellbeing.


Tai chi involves the upper part of your body; this is the shoulder, neck, back, and arms. The moves are done in different sequences and styles, which help to stretch the body and relieve ache. However, seniors need health aids to ensure that the exercise does not cause permanent damage to their bodies. It is recommended that one use tai chi balls and equipment make the practice more effective.

Lower back ache can be a great nuisance due to straining to engage in different activities in your daily routine. Practicing tai chi would be a great way to strengthen your core and relieve lower back pain.

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