how to get more views in youtube

how to get more views in youtube

Youtube! Like a star in a Google-owned network. It attracts one-third of the world population on the internet. In other words, we can say billions and billions of users are on the internet. In a single day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate trillions of views. A record-breaking youtube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 age groups in the US than any cable network.

Surprisingly 9% of small businesses in the US are active on youtube. Research and a hunch are going on that the figure tends to be pretty accurate universally too.It is ironic to say! then why small businesses are not investing in youtube as a part of their social media strategy?

Make sure, it is very much harder to produce or create a video than an image or a blog post. A lot of people have a dream or we can say a perception of having a youtube channel. In this blog, I will prove how much video is easier and cheaper to create. So it clearly indicates that you have tons of opportunities for your business on youtube.

16 ways to get more YouTube views

Globally, people watch over one and a half billion hours of YouTube every single day. If you want to stand out from the crowd and snag some of those eyeballs, here’s how to do it.

1. Ensure your YouTube basics

Firstly while uploading any content on your youtube channel. For that, you should know all the fundamentals which you should necessarily tick before uploading. So make sure you have to follow all the advanced steps.

2. Zero in on your specific niche

You need to be very much clear and specific while uploading content on your channel. You have to always remember that you are not making content for all fractions of the society but you have to hit your particular group of audience. So you should remain clear and focused on your niche. Here in this video, you will learn how to choose a particular niche for your blog.

3. Do keyword research, and improve your video’s search ranking

You need to ensure youtube is also a search engine so for that you have to follow the complete keyword-related techniques, especially SEO because SEO plays a significant role in ranking your video on youtube then it will reach the maximum audience. As you know there are numerous tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, keyword planner, and so on. these tools will give you an insight into how to select the title for your video. because it takes many things into consideration like the search volume, PD, and difficulty level. Here in this video, you will learn how to do SEO for your blog or video have a look.

4. Use meta description to get recommended after a popular video

Rightly remarked  your goal is to get more YouTube views have a look from the most popular videos in your niche.

Start by taking a look at your top competitor’s most popular video. (Go to their video library and sort by “most popular.”).You will get an insight how to prepare a metadesdcription

YouTube’s main goal is to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible (so that they’ll see as many ads as possible.) Thus the algorithm’s job is to feed viewers one (hopefully appealing) video after another.

5. Increase your views with custom thumbnails

The most important point is to Improve the CTR and resolution. You need to remember here your resolution is directly proportional to the CTR. So it simply means the higher your resolution of thumbnail the greater will be the CTR.

Standing out can be as simple as picking a bright color or a color that attracts. Or make sure your giant hi-res face is making great expression in good lighting. Or, if your niche is full of shrill, high-key visuals, and the best way your channel can stand out from the crowd is by being the calm, minimalist voice of reason.

6. Multiply your views by creating playlists

Organizing and creating separate video playlists on YouTube is the best way to minimize the chances that a viewer will divert to another channel once they’ve consumed your content.

You may know playlists go by the same rules as Netflix: as soon as one video ends, the next begins.

Since you’ve already done the hard work of helping your viewer find your video, click on it and watch the entire thing, it makes sense to guide them towards the video content they’re going to want next.

7. Direct traffic to your videos using cards and end screens

The first thing you need to do is to check your Analytics on your youtube channel. So in order to check what videos are performing best in terms of views and subscribers. By doing that you will come to know how to create more videos like that then you will link these videos with cards and an end screen.

Cards are pop-ups, so it’s very much necessary that they add value. You don’t want viewers feeling spammed. The videos or playlists you link to need to be relevant to the moment and provide additional information, update  or entertainment.

For a super-meta example, check out how this All About Cards video has a card itself about learning about different kinds of cards.

8. Go beyond the how-to video (i.e., make videos no one else is making

Make sure you need to create four types of videos- that people love    

  1. Listicle videos
  2. Versus videos
  3. How to videos
  4. Reaction videos

But while you must work to attract new audience, you also want to make time to preach to the converted. On YouTube, your brand’s value-added features come in the form of content that delivers promises to people who are already your fans.

9. Build relationships with your viewers

You need to resolve all queries which your audience may ask in the comments section. By doing that you could build a great relationship with your audience

Audience engagement is just another term for building relationships with your audience. The end goal here, of course, is actually just the realistic, organic and sustainable path to getting more YouTube views.

10. Partner up

Crossovers, guest appearances, mash-ups, covers: people love that jolt of unfamiliar familiarity. Find the He-Man to your brand’s She-Ra; and the Billy Ray Cyrus to your Lil Nas X.

If you do a crossover or embedding that involves a bunch of different videos—like one from your partner’s perspective to live on their channel, and one by you to live on yours, and maybe some supporting outside videos, any necessary background, etc.—make a playlist to compile them so that interested viewers can stan it all.

11. Promote your YouTube videos on your social media channels

you need to promote your videos across all social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Medium, and so on. By doing that you could receive great momentum when your content reaches the maximum audience.

Kindly ensure post your full video will probably get you great engagement and reach on those platforms. But organic Facebook video views aren’t monetizable, are they? And they aren’t going to provide you YouTube views.

12. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel

At the end of your video, you have to ask your audience to subscribe to your channel. the more subscribers you have the more views you will get from your videos, especially if the subscribers have push notifications. Here is a detailed guide where you can learn how to get more subscribers.

Do Enable embedding

This will increase the chances to spread the good information simply you need to enable embedding.

To do embedding, you need to go to youtube studio and tab on the content and then select your video and tap on the edit option and select Embedding, and toggle on or off.

14. Amp up the watch time

if your video has a significant amount of watch time. Therefore obviously youtube algorithm will give you a kind of push in the recommendation engine.

15. Transcribe your videos

This will make an additional translation option. It will open gateways for your video to reach the internationals. This will also help you to reach your video to 70% of the people who watch the mobile video by keeping the sound option off.

16. Post your video at the right time

Confused ! when you shouldn’t post on YouTube? According to our social media trends report, Mondays aren’t so popular among marketers.

Only 5% of marketers surveyed said Mondays were the best time to post on the video platform. The second least-popular day was Tuesday, followed by Wednesday.

As for the times, here’s the breakdown:

6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

9 p.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight)

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Fewer than 20% of respondents said an early morning posting (between 6 a.m. and noon) offered the best results.

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