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Palindrome dates in 2022. February may be the shortest month, but for anyone who loves numbers, there will be no shortage of fun, palindrome dates.

What Is A Palindrome?

A palindrome is a word, phrase, or numerical sequence that reads the same from left-to-right or right-to-left. Simple words such as mom, dad, civic, and kayak are palindromes, as are names such as Bob, Anna, Elle, and Hannah. Even everyday internet-speak such as LOL is an easy palindrome.

But palindromes can be dates too. Dr. Aziz S. Inan, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Portland, Oregon, has been studying palindrome calendar dates for more than a decade. Last year, he alerted us of the 22 palindrome dates in 2021, and recently advised us about the many numerical palindromes in 2022.

Palindrome Dates in February 2022
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Palindrome Examples In 2022

Based on Dr. Inan’s findings and love for all things numbers, February 2022 will contain 10 palindrome dates, with a few extra fun or amazing plays on the number two.

February’s Ten Palindrome Dates in Month-Day-Year date format Include:


Note that the last nine five-digit palindrome dates are consecutive. If 2022 was a leap year, there would have been one more five-digit palindrome date in the sequence: 2-29-22 (2024 is the next leap year).

A Palindrome Around The World

As you know, here in the US we write dates in the following format: Month-Day-Year. In Europe, many countries write the date in this format: Day-Month-Year. And in other areas of the world, the year comes first: Year-Month-Day.

With these three date formats in mind, it’s exciting to point out that this February, there will be 2 separate ubiquitous palindrome dates, that is, palindrome dates that occur on the same day of the calendar regardless of the date format being used:

One involving four digits of 2 occurs on Groundhog’s day: 2-2-22; 2-2-22; and 22-2-2

The other involving five digits of 2 coincides with George Washington’s Birthday: 2-22-22; 22-2-22; and 22-2-22

What’s more, 2-22-22 is a Tuesday for a bit of homophone fun (“2”sday).

Washington's Birthday is an 8 digit palindrome in 2022

Washington’s Full Palindrome Birthday

Our founding father’s birth anniversary is also an eight-digit palindrome date this year when written as a full date in Day-Month-Year format: 22-02-2022. Additionally, 2-hundred years later, Washington’s birthday will be one-of-a-kind seven-digit palindrome date in each date format:
2-22-2222; 22-2-2222; and 2222-2-22.

Wow! February 20, 2022

If that wasn’t enough twos to boggle your mind, there’s another date that’s sure to please: 2-20-22. If written as a full date with all the year digits, this day is actually going to be a seven-digit palindrome date: 2-20-2022.

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