pisces signs zodiac

pisces signs zodiac

February 19 – March 20

You’re the last sign of the zodiac, and some say that makes you super deep. Pisces is a sensitive water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune. Your sign is fluid and tends to be sympathetic to the underdog. It’s so easy for you to feel other people’s experiences that they can obscure your own. You can be vague and escapist, but make up for it by being compassionate and intuitive. Self-care doesn’t always come naturally to you, but it’s incredibly important.

Best traits

Intuitive, sensitive, devoted, compassionate, inspired, forgiving


It may be best to avoid casual dating, Pisces. The trouble with you is also your greatest gift—you fall in love so easily! Your ability to feel profound adoration and devotion is wrapped up in your ability to see the possibilities in or with others. Make sure that you are dating someone because of who they are and not what you believe to be their potential.


While you have a tendency to put the needs of your friends ahead of your own, this can be a very good or very bad thing, Pisces. The positive implication of this is that you are generous, caring and not inclined to judge. The downside is you have a hard time articulating your limits or asking for help—by the time you do say something, you may be so upset that your friend doesn’t know where to begin. Practice straightforward communication.


Your family life is very important to you, and you often think about your family before you even think about yourself. It’s important that you allow others to have their opinions and problems without feeling like it’s your job to fix it all. Take care of yourself to balance the care and attention you lavish on others.


When you’re engaged in work that you believe in, you have endless energy, but if you have to phone it in you’re likely to get exhausted by 3 p.m. The environment you work in is essential to your success. You’re a visionary who doesn’t always have the confidence to take a leap. Failure is only a step on the ladder to successful living.












Monthly Horoscope for Pisces

The new year starts off with a bang. Whew, glad that roller coaster of 2010 is behind you. Confidence flows and ambitions run wild especially in your creative life at this time. Go with the flow and beautiful things should come easily your way. Keep a journal and keep track of things that inspire you as these will likely come in handy as you move along.

You may be shocked that a hobby you enjoy may produce some much-needed income. You won’t likely be willing to take flack from anyone this month, including your boss. Confidence and cockiness are not the same things. It is important to understand the difference. Choose your battles wisely although there won’t be many.

You have chosen your network of supporters wisely and this ensures projects are completed quickly. You are sure to meet several alluring, creative, and spiritually-inclined people. Trust your instincts.

You assert yourself with renewed conviction as your identity becomes known as a result of the solar eclipse on the 4th of January that provides you with the necessary strength. This will set the rhythm for a more secure approach in the months to follow. Smooth sailing is in order as your enthusiasm increases after the 16th of January.

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