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Every third Monday of February (February 20) we celebrate Presidents’ Day in all its patriotic glory. Many people relish their day off of work, but they might be surprised to know that that was the point! In 1971, Presidents’ Day moved in an effort to create more three-day weekends for the public in the hope that this would inspire greater productivity nationwide. It was believed that at this point in the year, the restorative effects of the winter holidays have begun to fade and people need another break to regain some of that lost stamina.


Presidents’ Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday of February — February 20 this year. All the presidents in American history are remembered and honored for their exemplary work in making America the great country it is today.


After the death of George Washington in 1799, his birthday was unofficially celebrated as a day of remembrance called Washington Day. Throughout the 1800s, people used this day to honor the man that shaped America and the legacy he left. In 1832, a resolution permitted the removal and internment of George Washington’s body in the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and the erection of the Washington Monument in 1848 caused more celebrations nationwide.

It wasn’t until the late 1870s that Steven Wallace Dorsey proposed that Washington’s birthday should become a national federal holiday. President Rutherford B. Hayes signed it into law in 1879 and joined the four existing bank holidays that were previously approved in 1870. Because of Abraham Lincoln’s legacy and the proximity of his birthday on February 12, it was proposed that Washington Day should become Presidents’ Day to celebrate both men, but that idea was rejected by Congress.

Washington’s Birthday didn’t officially become Presidents’ Day until the late 1960s. Senator Robert McClory of Illinois concocted a plan that moved key bank holidays to Mondays to increase the number of three-day weekends for workers in what’s known as the Uniform Monday’s Act. The hope was that it would increase productivity and decrease employee absenteeism. Unsurprisingly, the labor union agreed with this idea and so did the private sector.

In 1971, Richard M. Nixon made the executive order to pass the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which shifted Washington’s Birthday, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans’ Day to Monday. With the date landing in the middle of Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthday, it became known as Presidents’ Day, while having a simultaneous benefit for retail stores as they advertised their special sales events during this time. By the mid-1980s, Presidents’ Day became the common term and continues to be called as such to this day


KazakhstanFirst President DayObserves the election of Kazakhstan’s first president after gaining independence.December 1 
PalauPresidents DayA day to honor the president and the presidency in general. June 1 
BotswanaPresidents DayA one-day public holiday for remembering the presidents of the country.July 19
TajikistanPresidents DayThe country started celebrating this day recently from 2016 onwards.November 16


There are fantastic deals on home furniture and appliances on Presidents’ Day, so keep a lookout for that throughout the week. The two presidents most widely celebrated on this holiday are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, followed by Thomas Jefferson. As this holiday was originally to celebrate Washington’s birthday, cherry pie and other desserts using cherries are eaten. The reason for this is the widely known story of Washington chopping down a cherry tree. His farewell address is also read and discussed in history lessons and online forums.

A month-long celebration for presidents is hosted in Alexandria, Virginia, concluding with a birthday parade for George Washington. In Florida, a ‘George-Fest’ has taken place every year since 1902.


3 – the number of universities named after George Washington.

5 – the number of national parks named after Roosevelt.

6’4″ – President Lincoln’s height, making him the tallest president ever.

4 – the number of American Presidents with a February birthday.

32 – the number of days after becoming president that William Henry Harrison passed away.

5’4″ – President James Madison’s height, making him the shortest president ever.

42 – the age of President Teddy Roosevelt at the start of his tenure, making him the youngest to ever hold office. 

2006 – the year a Grammy Award was given to Barack Obama for his voiceover on the audiobook “Dreams From My Father.”

Presidential Joke Day

Ronald Reagan

That day began on August 11, 1984, when President Ronald Reagan was doing a microphone test and joked without realizing the microphone was on. America liked the situation and decided to celebrate the joke of then-President Ronald Reagan by setting the day on the same day. Although Soviet leaders are not known to have reacted to President Ronald Reagan’s joke, the comment influenced some Americans’ opinion of Reagan, whose approval ratings dropped somewhat after the incident, temporarily raising hopes. Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale. While members of the press and President Ronald Reagan’s aides in attendance laughed at the apparent joke, the comment alarmed Democratic opposition leaders and those who were already wary of the hard line Reagan had shown on Russia since taking office in 1981.


Presidential Joke Day began on August 11, 1984, when President Ronald Reagan, known for his wit, was testing a microphone in preparation for a broadcast speech. President Reagan was set to schedule a radio address from his California vacation home, his California vacation home, joking with the audience about banning and bombing Russia. Two years after his radio appearance on Saturday, Ronald Reagan said: “My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you that I have just signed a law banning Russia forever. Before the speech, when the president was trying to While joking with NPR’s engineers during his speech, he joked: “Dear Americans, I am pleased to tell you today that I have signed the Equal Access Act.

Presidents day

On this Presidents Day, pause to ask not what your president can do for you, but if he can tell a joke. We don’t think American presidents will get into the habit of making fun of the American public or the American public on Presidential Prank Day or any other day. Presidential Joke Day is not the time for banal presidential jokes; it’s time to celebrate their sense of humor. Unofficial leave not at the expense of our former presidents, but rather in honor of their sense of humor, and sometimes its lack.


In fact, this strange holiday, August 11th, is not the day people celebrate president jokes. On the contrary, this special bizarre holiday is the day when we celebrate the lines spoken by the President.

Mock USA President

After all, the purpose of this holiday is to mock the office of the President of the United States over the President of the United States for all his past mistakes. In the midst of a desire to take a nation seriously on the world stage, it is helpful to have a day when we remember the missteps and failures of our presidents. To properly prepare you for the celebration, Mental Floss says goodbye to that presidential slap. Whatever you call Trump for anything less than presidential, much less good words and deeds, August 11th is the day to celebrate by making fun of them online.

Not for Trump

On National Presidential Joke Day (no, the day wasn’t created just for President Donald Trump), let’s take a look at some of his more inappropriate comments, which were dismissed in the name of supposed humor. In honor of Presidential Joke Day, we’re taking a break from the serious election season to relive four hilarious moments our president made during national debates, diplomacy, panel discussions and the State of the Union address. Barack Obama/Joe Biden memes may not represent Barack Obama/Joe jokes or gaffes, but if you know your audience loves memes, you can give your interpretation on President Joke Day. For example, the Barack Obama/Joe Biden meme was a great source of fun during the 44th president.

Barack Obama

Even former President Barack Obama has been known to never miss a joke, even at formal events such as the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. When it came time to hit with a flashy smile, Abraham Lincoln often lowered his eyes, almost embarrassed to joke, but always laughed along with the press. Then White House officials began telling reporters that President Donald Trump’s words weren’t meant to be taken literally and that this was just another funny joke. As you may have noticed, some of the things he says elicit serious backlash, often followed by comments that are either dismissed or treated as a joke.

Roger Stone

Roger Stone told Business Insider that Donald Trump has a “self-deprecating” sense of humor and a great memory, which is why he cracks old jokes when he meets someone again. Funny Presidents Day Jokes are great for Presidents Day or any time you are looking for jokes about George Washington and Abe Lincoln. From the best Conan Obrience jokes to the most hilarious Obama parody, these hilarious political jokes will not only make you laugh, but also make you think.


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