What is rdw in a blood test

What is rdw in a blood test

A red cell distribution width is the measurement of the volume of red blood cells in the body. This is an essential component of the blood that helps to carry oxygen to the lungs.

The RDW blood test is a blood count type that helps identify the number of red blood cells in the body. To grow and develop the body’s cells, you need the right amount of red blood cells. Having a high amount or low amount of this component has different impacts on the body. Doctors usually recommend for an rdw test to be done when you have symptoms summing up to anemia.

What happens during an rdw test?

The rdw test is done by collecting a sample of blood from your arm’s vein. It is then stored in a test tube for the proper measures required for a blood test.

Reasons why you need to do a blood test

The doctor usually recommends a blood test after showing signs and symptoms of the following medical conditions;

    Symptoms of anemia include; pale hands and skin and dizziness.

    Excessive blood from a long-term injury.

    Chronic diseases such as Hiv/Aids and chrohns disease

    A family history of lifestyle illness.

Results of an rdw test

It is always essential to have your health expert interpret the test results for you. After doing the necessary tests on the origin, the doctor evaluates the number of red origin cells in the body. This helps you to determine whether you have either of the one illness below;

•    Iron deficiency

This is when your body lacks the right amount of iron to aid in different body processes. Iron can be sourced through various kinds of foods as well as iron supplements.

•    Different types of anemia
There are different types of anemia; aplastic anemia, sickle cell anemia, anemia of inflammation. Looking for other ways to manage anemia is very important.

•    Sickle cell anemia
This is a condition that causes red blood cells to break down.

•    Chronic liver disease
This is a consistent repetition of conditions related to the liver; some of these conditions become conditions due to not coming up with a permanent solution to the illness.

•    Kidney disease
There are different types of kidney diseases; however, most of the conditions have been caused by inflammation.

•    Colorectal Cancer
This is cancer that starts from the colon or the rectum. Seeking early cancer screening is essential to have the condition handled in its early stages.

•    Thalassemia
This is a blood disorder that results in abnormal body functioning.
Should the doctor fail to develop the necessary conclusions, one should have the doctor run more tests.

The only way to ensure that their rdw is stable is by taking a balanced diet; it should contain all the essential nutrients as much as iron.

The rdw in a blood test is the red origin cell distribution width. The test is usually used to determine the level of red origin cells in the body. Whether low or high, it may suggest different types of illness in the body.

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