What is six sigma

What is six stigma

Six stigma is a model that was created in pursuit of removing incompetence and increasing productivity in businesses.

As a business owner or a business manager, it is always important to be informed on both the weaknesses and strengths of the business. It helps to identify the company’s growth and the current milestones it has hit to its present structure. In most cases, the weaknesses are primarily identified through employee incompetence and errors in records taking and data storage. For quality management software and tools, developers are coming up with management tools such as six stigma. This is a model that was made to do away with the potential weaknesses in a business and embraced the strengths for improved productivity.

Principles of the six stigma

•    Understand how work is handled in the business
•    The business should be your priority
    Engage your focus on the value and do away with the waste
    Make what you engage in scientific and systematic
    Be part of every process you make towards the growth of your enterprise

What are the top tools of six stigma?

1.    Kanban systems
This is a supply chain tool meant to control your inventory system and make inventory records simple to make and record.

2.    Pareto chart
This chart consists of all the processes necessary to productivity; they are usually aligned from the smallest to the largest. The Pareto chart shows the different types of inputs and how they are used to reach the final result

3.    Process mapping
This tool helps solve problems; it describes each process, how it should be done, and the responsibilities that every part has in the organization.

4.    Raci matrix
The tool helps to identify the different responsibilities that everyone holds in the organization. The model helps remind each employee of the scheduled tasks from them.

5.    Project charter
This is meant to give a precise definition of what the whole project is all about when reviewing the different steps made towards it, the project charter is used.

6.    Value stream mapping
It provides information about the products and materials required to present products to the customers.

The relevance of six stigma

•    Reduce costs
Using all the tools entailed in the six stigma, it is made accessible to calculate all the responsible costs towards production. This helps manage using funds to cater for expenses that were not accounted for.

•    Effective business management
The six stigma is everything that an organization should look out for in a management tool. This is because it covers it in all aspects.

•    Proper record-keeping
Inventory management has been a common problem in most organizations. Utilizing the six stigma tools properly helps you manage and keep track of your inventory.

•    Improving the employee’s efficiency
Having a tool that reminds your employees of their duties all the time is an effective way. It keeps them on their toes and rings to them of their duties.

It is always essential for every business to invest in the best management tools. This is to ensure that all processes and operations are made convenient.

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