What are the skills on a resume

What are the skills on a resume

This is a professional document that showcases the exact qualifications of a resume.Structuring your resume and presenting it showcases what kind of a person you are and the responsibilities that you can hold in an organization. A summary usually has a cover letter attached to it; this document shows your specific interest in a particular job. Most people tend to contradict a resume and curriculum vitae. A CV is a document that points out your skills and past experiences in your position. On the other hand, a resume has a cover letter in addition to the skills.

What is the purpose of a resume?

There are several purposes that the resume serves;
· It highlights your skills and past experiences
· It tries to describe your strengths and capabilities

How do you make a resume?

Choose the correct format of a resume.
Include your name, personal details as well as contact information.
Add a resume summary and goals.
List all your skills.
State out your professional history.
Include details about your educational history.
Consider adding additional sections.
Format the resume to check out different errors.

Skills to include on a resume

1. Creativity
This is one of the skills that have gained people jobs out there because most industries are changing their way of handling things. They need personnel who can change the norm and improve the methods of handling services.

2. Interpersonal skills
This is the ability to interact well with people; this is most effective, especially when you are in a position that requires interacting with customers.

3. Critical thinking
This is an in-depth manner of thinking and visualizing things, and this is to ensure that you improve the quality of a particular issue. Critical thinking is self-involved and requires only your indulgence to imagine things.

4. Problem solving

This is the ability to solve complex issues, and it proves to the organization that you can stand in for the most challenging problems in an organization.

These are the steps to problem-solving;
· Identify the problem.
· Analyze the problem.
Describe the problem.
Look for the cause of the problem.
Develop different solutions to the problems.
Apply the solution.
Analyze the results.

5. Public speaking
This is the act of speaking face to face with people; including this in your resume helps you make presentations in the organization.

6. Customer service skills
This possesses the skills to address the customers and develop a healthy and positive relationship. This is to help you have a good interaction with the customers.

7. Teamwork
This is a contribution of efforts among people to come up with different solutions to a particular problem.

8. Communication

This is the ability to effectively converse with people, this management, the customer, and the other kind of personnel. Having the right communication skills shows that you can fit well into an organization.

A resume is a professional document that conveys your skills and experiences. A cover letter is as well attached to show an interest in a particular job.

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