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When did Starbucks open?

You must know that Starbucks is famous for its coffee. It is not possible that you think of coffee but forgets Starbucks. Whether you are happy or not feeling so good, It is always there as your companion. The place is known for its ambience and the great flavour of the coffee. It is a widely present franchise chain that offers its mind-blowing coffee and snacks to million across the globe. It has a great collection of roasted coffee. If you have it once, you cannot deny visiting Starbucks ever after. Let us read ahead to know more about that and when did Starbucks open?

Starbucks’ journey

The company commenced its journey on 31st March 1971. It was an initiative of three friends who met while they were studying at San Francisco University. The three friends were Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Siegl, a history teacher, and Gordon Bowker, a writer. They got the inspiration of roasting high-quality coffee beans from a coffee roasting entrepreneur named Alfred Peet.
Peet also taught them the lesson and tips of roasting and preparing coffees. This company took the name from their chef, who was Moby-Dick Starbuck. Thus, we all know it as Starbucks. Soon after its opening, the company started to become popular. The company slowly planned to expand its branches in other parts of the country.  Soon the Starbucks’ chain spread worldwide and now it is an international brand. It gained fame as well as the love of the people worldwide. You will get many people who have a strong passion for coffee. They always try to plan a cup of coffee in Starbucks.

Which are the best items to taste at Starbucks?

Presently it has more than 24,000 stories in 70 countries. Apart from sipping the roasted coffee, you can order some frappuccino recipes, some unique food items, and some expresso-based beverages. Each of them has a unique taste and flavours which you are never going to get in any other coffee shop.
Vanilla Sweet cream cold brew is one of the best items of Starbucks. It is prepared on a cold coffee brew which is garnished with a homemade vanilla sweet cream. You will get every taste of the components mixed with the coffee. On the other hand, Labneh Sandwich is another item to taste in that. Here Labneh is the primary component of the sandwich which is extracted from strained yoghurt. Labneh is served on both slices of sandwich. It is also garnished with olives and fresh mint leaves.
So, Starbucks is not merely about roasted coffees, but a perfect snack zone to amaze your taste buds every time.

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