What States are in New England

how many states are in new england

New England comprises six distinct states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

You may have heard the US northeastern region being referred to as New England. No, it’s not because the Brits live there, but it does have everything to do with England. New England is among the oldest region in the United States and the first to be inhabited.

It is nestled nicely in the northeastern corner of the US and covers six states- Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Together, the six states cover a total area of 71,988 square meters and have a combined population of over 14 million people. Each of the states has its own history, culture, and picturesque views that will have you dreaming of living here.

History of New England

In the 1600s, a group of British Puritans came from England to leave behind the religious persecution there. When they settled in the northeastern part of what is the USA today, they said it was New England. Years later even after the Puritans moved out, the region retained the name.

New England was the second colony of the British and the hotbed of the American Revolution. The inhabitants in this region were tired of being frustrated at home and then again in America, so they started the war against British colonization before everyone else joined. The Puritans evangelical dedication and influence were also responsible for the abolition of slavery, prison improvements, and the end of child labor, not to mention the civil war.


New England region is surrounded by Canada on the north side, the Atlantic Ocean to the east side, Long Island to the south, and New York City to the west. The entire region is covered with rivers, lakes, towering forests, and mountains worth seeing. It also boasts one of the longest coastlines in the world, gorgeous sandy beaches, and vast countryside.

The principal gateway is Boston, Massachusetts, which is also the region’s largest city. People from the UK and other parts of the world can take direct flights from Boston Logan International Airport, located a stone-throw away from the city. The six states are connected by the New England interstate highway network and major ports in Newport, Boston, and Maine.

As for climate, all six states in the region enjoy four distinct seasons;
•    Summer-June to August
•    Fall-September to November
     Winter-Mid-November to end of march
    Spring-April to early June

Even at the pick of summer, the weather in New England can get a little chilly, so you should always have a sweatshirt or a sweater with you. Pick foliage season occurs from September to mid-October, and people from all over the country go there to see the exquisite array of yellow, orange, and red grounds.

The People of New England

The people of this region are well known for their hospitality, friendliness, and down-to-earth character. They are also outdoor lovers who spend a lot of their time hiking, biking, and kayaking. Thanks to the region’s large water bodies, people in New England also love white water rafting, tubing, and skydiving. New Englanders are also big sports fanatics starting with the Boston Red Sox (baseball), Boston Celtics (basketball), and the New England Patriots (Football).

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