What are the steps of the scientific method

what are the steps for the scientific method

This is a process used by researchers to evaluate the relationship between two or more variables.Researchers usually use a step-to-step method known as the scientific method to evaluate the psychological phenomenon between living things. Through the research, these professionals team up to do the research and discuss the findings amongst themselves. Psychologists have been using this form of research to analyze how human beings think and their input towards behavioural changes. The research is usually handled in different steps, after which the results are reported through different forms of media.

Reasons why researchers prefer the scientific method

The researchers’ target is always to develop different behavioural behaviours among human beings and the reason behind them. It helps the research professionals come up with the necessary questions, collect data, and make different findings.

Important points used in the scientific method

1.    Operational definition
This is a clear definition of how the variables are used, calculated, and presented.

2.    Variables
These are factors that change in different observations made during the research.

3.    Hypothesis
This is an assumption regarding the relationship between two or more variables.

Steps used in the scientific method

•    Observation
Before the research is conducted, it is relevant for a researcher to make enough observation on the area to collect samples and handle other types of findings. This helps the researchers even come up with complete questions to make inquiries about and the right audience to target.

•    Ask a question
The researcher usually comes up with questions regarding the actual research and things related to the research. For example, if the research aims to develop the findings for changes in sleep patterns, the researchers can also find out about foods and lifestyle behaviours that affect sleep. There are different ways that the questions can be posed to different people experiencing the condition.

•    Hypothesis and data collection
Researchers use different ways to collect data; this is experimentation, checking out facts that support the research in question, and looking for studies that explain the hypothesis. The collection of data is a wide range to ensure that the findings are accurate.

•    Results and conclusion

The researcher usually concludes by weighing out the findings found by the different forms of data collection. However, before affirming the results, the researchers usually discuss their findings and analyze each of the presentations. The researchers can as well consider comparing the research results to others that had been carried out before.

•    Reporting the results

Presenting findings is usually done when the researchers get down with each result and agree that they are the best. Through different departments, the results are released to the media through different types of publications. The researchers usually summarize what the research was about and all the processes involved; all the researchers present are stated and discuss what the results mean.

Researchers use the scientific method to conclude behavioural changes and their causes in living things. The research involves different steps with which the findings are discussed before being released to the public.

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