How to stop grinding teeth

How To Stop Grinding Teeth

Teeth grinding is whereby your teeth come into contact with each other, and you can hear the sound of their chewing. The medical term is bruxism. Teeth grinding, also known as tooth-grinding, or nociceptive behavior is a subconscious action, which means that you are unaware of it.

What Causes Teeth Grinding

The causes of teeth grinding vary by age. For children, the most common cause is enamel hypoplasia or “milk teeth” that are coming in too early or too late. In adults, teeth grinding can result from stress and anxiety, in addition to any problems with the jaw joint itself. It’s important to know that it’s not as harmful as some people think – but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it!

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism as it’s known in the dental profession, can be a severe problem for some people and lead to tooth wear, jaw pain, and other issues. Luckily, there are ways to stop teeth grinding before severe damage is done or too late to help you.


You can buy mouthguards from the chemist, which are soft, but they work by having a soft outer layer that can absorb some of the force placed on your teeth. They are usually worn on your teeth to help protect them.


An alternative to a soft or hard mouthguard is using Botox. This drug will relax the muscles that cause you to grind your teeth, allowing them not to do it as much or at all.

Stress Reduction

Another way of stopping teeth grinding is reducing stress. Whether you reduce it through medication like antidepressants or by exercising more and eating well, it is essential to reduce it.

Jaw Exercises

An effective way of stopping teeth grinding is by strengthening your jaw muscles. You can do this with massage and pressure, stretching the muscles and allowing them not to be as tense, which means you won’t grind your teeth.

Often, teeth grinding is a bad habit that people pick up when stressed or trying to fall asleep. If you can identify the cause of why you are grinding your teeth, you will have a better chance of knowing how to stop it. Some people grind their teeth when they are in pain or bored, and others do it when they are stressed or trying to fall asleep. If you can identify what causes your teeth to grind, then there is a greater likelihood that you will be able to stop it.

Most doctors believe that teeth grinding is a bad habit rather than an illness or disorder. Other medical conditions can be the cause. Some medications, such as anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants, can cause teeth rub. In some cases, it is caused by neurological conditions, such as epilepsy or Tourette syndrome.

If you want a less invasive treatment, no shortage of herbal treatments is available to eliminate teeth rub. However, these treatments haven’t been scientifically proven to be effective.

If you want to prevent yourself from rub your teeth, look for things that might be causing you stress. If there are occasions in your life that make you feel anxious or stressed, it is best to try and avoid them.

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