How to Stop Running Nose

How to Stop Running Nose

There’s nothing as annoying as a running nose. Also, there are many causes of a runny nose, such as common cold, allergies, hay fever, and more.

While everyone has experienced this annoying condition, it’s easily treatable at home. Remarkably, several natural home remedies are effective and not harmful for you to try stopping the running nose.
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Home Remedies to Stop a Running Nose

Taking a Hot Drink
Since the ancient days, drinking a hot drink is still the perfect remedy for a cold. Besides, research backs up this home treatment to show its effectiveness.

According to a specific study, it is clear that drinking a hot drink will significantly reduce cold-related symptoms from getting worse.

Moreover, the study stated the effects could be more psychological, even though there’s a physical reaction. Consequently, the hot drink activates a nerve that connects the oral and nasal cavities, which leads to the relief of cold symptoms.

Hot Air Inhalations

While there are many ways of inhaling hot air, the basic idea is constant. Typically, you need to add essential oils or herbs with cold relieving functions, lean and cover yourself over the water and breathe in the steam.
A person with a running nose from a cold after inhaling the hot steam is likely to find quick relief than the one who hasn’t.

A Hot Bath

Aside from the steam inhalation, taking a hot bath will do. However, not the usual bath, but you should soak yourself in a hot bath for an extended period.

This way, you will naturally inhale the hot steam making the nasal cavities open up, and muscles relax.

Neti Pots

A neti pot is similar to a small teapot used to cleanse the nose and sinuses. How do you use it?
•    Bend over the sink.
•    Turn the head sideways.
•    Pour all the water from the neti pot into one nostril.

If you do it correctly, you will notice the water discharging from the other nostril. Subsequently, refill the pot and repeat the same procedure on the other nostril.

Though neti pots seem strange and somehow messier, they are very effective in flushing and clearing out a running nose instantly. Luckily, they come in many different brands for your preference.

Chili Nasal Spray or Spicy Food

According to some research, a nasal spray with capsaicin treats non-allergic rhinitis effectively. Some symptoms of this condition include a running nose.
Initially, spicy food led to a worse state of running nose. However, capsaicin is a unique natural irritant with mild irritation. After using it, the effects are long-lasting and lead to improvement of sunning nose, among other symptoms.

While capsaicin nasal spray is an effective method against running nose, experts advise people not to make it at home. Preferably, they should buy tested and tried brands from pharmaceuticals.

If you can handle the spiciest foods, then rest assured of clearing a runny nose. Bear in mind that the runny nose will worsen when eating, but any sinus or cold will improve once you finish the meal.

Home remedies are not just for cutting costs, but they are easy to reach and natural and effective.

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