How To Stop Spam Calls

How To Stop Spam Calls

The phone rings. You pick up, but there is no one on the line. Instead of hanging up, you are left with a dial tone and an uneasy feeling in your stomach. This is known as a “spam call.” These calls are often illegal telemarketing or solicitation calls that are unwanted by the recipient.

When these spam calls start to happen regularly, it can be frustrating and disruptive for business owners trying to operate their day-to-day activities while also fielding these annoying phone calls from unknown numbers. Fortunately, you can take some steps to stop them.

What Happens If You Answer A Spam Caller?

When you answer a spam call, you give the caller the greenlight to solicit information from you or even try to con you. A scammer will try to get you off guard, leading with a question or request for information. This could be anything from pretending they are a close friend in need of money, trying to trick you into sharing your SSN and other personal information that would allow them access to your bank account or credit cards.

Or it could be a request for you to purchase gift cards or prepaid debit cards and read the code on the back over the phone. It is also possible they will ask you to wire money somewhere right away, so don’t do it!

How To Stop Spam Calls

You can stop spam calls by doing the following;

Use Thirds-party Apps
Various third-party apps offer users the ability to block calls. These apps are available on all major operating systems; Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Use Your Carrier’s Tools
Many carriers offer apps that will allow you to block numbers. These are available through the app store for your phone.

Contact Your Carrier
Finally, contact your carrier if you have exhausted all other means of blocking spam calls from your phone. In most cases, they may be able to block numbers that are calling you.

What Can You Do About Spam Calls
It can be annoying to deal with spam calls, but you have the option of blocking, silencing, and getting a warning alert about them when they come through.

Blocking a spam call can be done quickly on mobile phones and landlines through caller ID or other phone services. Silencing a spam call can be done by simply pressing the red button when you get one. The phone will not bother you again for a couple of minutes. Getting a warning alert when someone calls you is available through many phone services.

If these options don’t work, it is time to get more technical. There are apps that you can get for your phone to block spam calls. Some of the options include Truecaller, RoboKiller, or Hiya Caller ID & Block. You will have to incur a small fee, but it may be worth it if you want help stopping spam callers from getting through on your number.

Finally, there are many options for stopping spam calls available. If you get a call from an unknown number, take the time to investigate it before answering and potentially taking on additional charges or fees because of unwanted solicitations.

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