How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast

How To Stop Tooth Pain Fast

Tooth pain is a common dental issue in adults and children alike. In some cases, it may not be related to your teeth at all! There are many ways that tooth pain can be treated if caught early enough; these include restorative dentistry procedures like fillings and crowns and root canal therapy for more severe cases.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain can be caused by;
    Gum disease
    Bruxism (teeth grinding)
    Trauma to the tooth or jaw
    Orthodontic appliances

You can feel tooth pain as either sharp, dull, or throbbing. The pain of tooth decay is often described as a sharp, throbbing, or shooting sensation that comes on suddenly and then eases off gradually. It can also extend to the ear, making it more difficult for people not aware of this condition to know where it originates from.

How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast?

Stopping tooth pain fast is possible with different home remedies readily available like;

Cold Compress

You can apply a cold compress on the affected area to reduce swelling and pain. Soak a towel in ice-cold water, squeeze out excess water from it and hold this compress on the affected area.

Cold compress works by numbing nerve endings and reducing pain sensation in your teeth. In addition, cold compresses also reduce inflammation of gums which is a major contributing factor to toothache pain. You can repeat this process regularly till you get relief from pain.

Peppermint Oil

In case of an aching tooth, you can try placing a few drops of peppermint oil on the affected area. This will help in numbing the pain and provide relief from discomfort. Peppermints have menthol, an organic compound that provides a cooling sensation to reduce inflammation and give quick relief from pain.

You can also apply ice cubes over the aching tooth for short-term relief until you see a dentist or doctor. Ice works by numbing nerve endings and relieving pain.

Coconut oil

You can use coconut oil for relief from toothache and severe discomfort associated with it by taking a few drops of this natural remedy directly in your mouth over the affected area. Keep applying until you feel some soothing sensation and an immediate reduction in swelling and pain. Coconut has lauric acid, which is a great anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent.


In case of severe toothache, you can try applying crushed garlic cloves on the affected area to get relief from pain. Garlic will help reduce inflammation and provide an immediate soothing effect for some time by numbing nerve endings, which reduces the intensity of pain sensation. However, do not forget to rinse your mouth after applying crushed garlic on the affected area as it may lead to temporary bad breath and irritation in your gums.

How to Prevent Tooth Pain

Toothaches are often triggered by exposure to hot food, cold food, or sweet foods that cause increased blood flow near teeth, leading to nerve irritation. Therefore you can prevent the pain by avoiding these triggers.

The pain associated with a toothache can spread to the jaw and neck and can be excruciating. In some cases, people who have experienced dental problems in the past might feel pain from the inside rather than on the outer surface of their teeth. This can signify an issue with your wisdom tooth, which might require regular visits to the dentist for checkups.

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