How to Stop Yawning

How to Stop Yawning

If you feel like yawning, try deep breathing through your nose or taking a big sip of cold water. Both of these activities help cool down your brain and wane yawning.

Two things show blatant disrespect when you are having a conversation with someone or in a meeting- yawning and using your phone. While you can sort the latter with some manners, yawning is not exactly something you can control, or can you?

One study in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology shows that yawning helps increase blood flow to the brain and consequently cool the area. In other words, yawning occurs as a result of a slightly overheated brain. Overheating happens when you are tired, sleepy, stressed, or anxious. This means you can essentially control how much and when you yawn by simply cooling down the brain.

How can you do this?

1.    Apply a cold compress
In the above study, the scientists found that people who had a cold compress on their forehead yawned less than those who did not have one when watching videos of other people yawning. This is because the compress cooled down the brain and stopped the overheating. So next time you have a meeting in the afternoon, place a cold compress on your forehead and the side of your head for two minutes before heading in.

2.    Breathe through your nose

In the same study, people who were told to breathe through their noses also yawned significantly less. This kind of breathing allows cooler blood to the brain compared to mouth breathing. Next time you start to feel sleepy or realize a yawn is coming, take a deep breath and then exhale.

3.    Drink something cold

Dehydration leads to fatigue which then causes yawning. If you have a meeting coming in the afternoon, carry a cold bottle of water and take sips throughout. Drinking something cold will also lower your body temperature and keep you alert.

4.    Take a walk
If push comes to shove, and you can’t stop yourself from feeling bored and sleepy, step outside for a minute. The simple act of standing up and going outside will wake you up and disrupt boredom. If you can, splash some really cold water on your face and wash your hands to cool down your body. Take a good stretch and then walk back to the meeting.

Is Yawning Excessively Bad?
According to research, a normal human being yawns less than 20 times a day. When you yawn every minute or two, it is considered excessive yawning and can signify something more serious.

More often than not, excessive yawning is an indicator that your brain is not getting enough supply of blood and oxygen. This eludes to conditions like heart disease, chronic venous insufficiency, low thyroid issues, medication side effects, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and depression.

However, it can simply indicate sleep deprivation caused by sleep apnea, Narcolepsy, overworking, or stress-related insomnia.

When this is the case, a visit to the doctor is important to correct the problem before it’s too late. If the issue is sleep, the doctor will recommend sleeping aids to help you sleep better. Unfortunately, if something more serious is going on, you have to get treated immediately, which can sometimes mean surgery

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