how to stop your period

How to Stop Your Period

Well, who doesn’t want to enjoy their vacation without tampons or pads because of their period? While it’s normal and healthy to have your periods, it’s a fact that they tend to get in the way of our effective plans. That’s why many women are out here looking for ways to stop their periods, even if it’s for a night.

The truth is, there are methods you can use to end your periods quickly. While some of these methods are easy and safe to do frequently, others require a doctor’s approval to start using.

Since time is not on your side, let’s get straight to these techniques. Read on.

Use Hormonal Birth Control

You can either use injection or oral birth controls to regulate your cycle. Using hormonal birth control will also relieve the painful menstrual cramps and even shorten the days of your periods every month. But if you are starting on these hormonal birth control methods, your body will need more time before it adjusts to experiencing shorter period days.

Moreover, there are types of hormonal contraception like Depo-Provera shot that will cut short the number of menstrual cycles you have yearly. This method is only available by doctor’s prescription because they need to establish the best one for you.

Have Sex

Did you know that having an orgasm from masturbation or intercourse will relieve menstrual cramps and reduce period flow? Usually, the orgasms create uterine muscle contractions, which make the menstrual blood flow from the uterus. Still, these contractions allow the uterus to shed blood quickly.

Regular Exercise

Maintaining a fit lifestyle, especially cardio exercise, will promote proper health and enable lighter and faster menstruation. Better still, exercising will reduce water retention, which helps to relieve bloating and ease cramps.
Preferably, ask your doctor for a recommendation of the best exercises for you. This way, you will not risk losing excess fat, leading to an unhealthy range of BMI.

This flawed BMI may also cause your periods to stop, which negatively impacts reproductive health.

Eat Healthy Nutrients

Nutrients such as B vitamins are vital for overall health. Also, there are other nutrients like Vitamin B6 that will ease periods and even relieve cramps.

Luckily, you can get such nutrients in foods like fish, eggs, and chicken. With Vitamin B6, the progesterone increases, and the estrogen decreases in the body. Consequently, it will allow the improved function of the pituitary gland to stabilize menstrual hormones.

Moreover, zinc is also another nutrient that eases painful period cramps. Still, zinc seems to have anti-inflammatory effects that will help with menstruation. You can always get enough zinc from foods such as dairy, meat, and legumes.

Magnesium is another mineral that will also help ease prolonged, painful menses because it has anti-cramping effects. Furthermore, a combination of vitamin B6 and magnesium is notably helpful in relieving symptoms of PMS.

Ensure you speak to your doctor before using any supplements for treating your periods. Meanwhile, get sufficient magnesium in your meal by taking greens, seeds, nuts, and fish.

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