Tai Chi for seniors

Tai Chi for seniors

Muscle control, flexibility, and balance are very challenging to seniors, especially if they fail to engage in body exercises as they grow. Neck and back pain is a common problem associated with aging, but did you know that you can avoid this in your old age? Your body is usually subjected and develops with the simple practices that you engage in every day. However, as a senior, most of these body discomforts should no longer be something to worry over; you can as well engage in Tai chi. there are special classes best for seniors that you can follow and improve your stability.

Tai Chi body movement for seniors    

If you have a loved one who has chronic body issues, consider signing them up for tai chi classes for seniors. The body movements for seniors are slow; therefore, being hurt should be amongst your worries. The different activities are designed in such a manner that you experience core strength and relieve body tension. The martial art is broken down into five types of exercise, including;

1.    Chen style

This involves jumps, kicks, and strikes, this type of body movement is meant to rebuild the body system and act as a good cardio body involvement. The move is done from low to high levels and can relieve back and knee injuries.

2.    Yang style

It involves large and more involving body movements to coordinate and help you focus; being in the proper attire and shoes is paramount during this stage.

3.    Wu style

During this movement, the pace is slower than the yang slower; its purpose is to release body tension through forwarding and backward movements.

4.    Sun style

This body movement is used to enhance more mobility; it is done through quick moves and high stepping.

5.    Hao style

This tai chi move requires muscular internal muscle strength; it is not advisable for beginners.

Benefits of tai chi to seniors

To achieve body strength through tai chi as a senior requires at least 20 minutes of commitment. Below are some of the benefits of engaging in tai chi for seniors.
•    Relieves chronic pain
•    Improves balance
•    Elevates recovery in stroke and other cardiovascular-related diseases
•    Improves oxygen flow in the body
•    Reduces stress and improves concentration

Tips for engaging in healthy Tai Chi for seniors

Just like other body movements, it requires safety for seniors to undergo all the training. This requires that you have the proper Tai Chi attire and resourceful material for the body movements. Since seniors suffer different types of chronic pain, having a professional take through your loved one is essential. This is to ensure that their safety is more guaranteed. Before engaging in Tai chi, it is necessary to inquire about your body’s ability to partake in this type of martial arts.

Tai chi martial arts have no age limit; seniors can engage in it and experience the best body health improvement. It is, however, essential to have a qualified and friendly trainer to take through your senior loved one.

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