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Our world continues to evolve, following the global pandemic and numerous changes it created in nearly every sector and every field. Over the past years, multiple industries kept growing and consumer behavior kept changing, requiring even more flexibility and agility from content marketers. 

According to our research, 68% of companies were planning to increase their content marketing budgets in 2021. 75% of them also claimed that SEO proved to be the most effective content marketing tactic implemented in 2020.

As more conversations are brought online, we decided to dig into data available in the Semrush Topic Research tool and analyze topics that have been trending the most in the US this year. Scroll down to see some of the most popular content themes and searches across several industries and fields.

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We analyzed over 500,000 topics with a search volume of 1,000+ that Semrush Topic Research users searched for in our tool, and identified the primary subtopics related to each of them. Each topic we included consists of a number of related keywords. The total scores and searches represent the sum of those metrics for every group of keywords.

The scores for the most popular topics have been calculated as a weighted average of 2021 searches, backlinks, and shares. Trending topics have been identified as those that saw the most significant increase in social media mentions.

top trending topics
Top popular topics (US)Top searched topics (US)Top trending topics (US)
TopicScoreTopicSearch volumeTopicScore
realtor websites90weather info101,000,000realtor websites211
latest news89fox news37,200,000latest news today185
library online87usps tracking26,550,000website design free54
wordpress support77december global holidays24,900,000olympic games 202044
home listings71weather tomorrow24,900,000covid 19 stats41
flights69classroom google24,900,000fitness centers near me41
breaking news headlines today68craigslist24,900,000blockchain login40
live news today67food near me21,211,111shoes websites32
sport news66gas stations20,400,000craigslist31
news reviews66banks of america16,600,000december global holidays31
flight booking online61spanish to english16,600,000hertz rent a car28
product key57twitter16,600,000walmart discount28
microsoft net53bank of america14,404,347shoes online shopping25
article news51facebook login13,600,000covid-19 stats23
olympic games 202048ups tracking12,975,000rent a car cheap23
real property47speed test11,100,000online car rental21
sports website47speed testing11,100,000online store clothing21
covid 1943fedex tracking10,773,333coding websites21
statistics website42sam s club9,496,363pet food online21
sports news42bed bath and beyond9,140,000irs stimulus check21
essay writing42map of united states7,480,000apple website20
treating erectile dysfunction41chase7,480,000auto parts online19
fox news41groceries store7,480,000food delivery services18
assignment writers40bath and body works7,480,000music online18
real estate websites37finance yahoo7,480,000harvard free online courses16
medical website36freight harbor7,026,666news break16
free adult games33grocery store6,852,036realtors website16
coupons online33nintendo switch6,357,366online careers16
walmart promo code33facebook marketplace6,291,428car parts online15
walmart discount33twitch6,200,000bitcoins wallet14
design website free32marketplace facebook6,120,000spotify online14
create your own website32what to watch6,120,000coronavirus cases by country14
bank credit31english translate to spanish6,120,000speed test14
productivity tools29cool math games6,012,000new home builders13
free website29american airlines5,603,076free tax filing13
usps tracking28covid symptoms5,510,588online tax preparation13
microsoft products28office 3655,385,837fresh flower delivery13
banking services28youtube to mp35,000,000cheapest flights12
state government28theater movies5,000,000online glasses store12
online careers27tractor supply5,000,000football12
writing style27buffalo wild wings4,696,666covid symptoms12
power bi online27southwest airlines4,666,153food truck finder12
website design free27iphone 124,645,771campsite website12
weather tomorrow26urban dictionary4,494,444prescription eyeglasses online11
bitcoin exchanges26office depot4,454,000campground reservations11
classroom google26chase bank4,440,000covid deaths today11
craigslist26ace hardware4,292,222used car dealers11
december global holidays26american eagle4,285,000vehicles for sale10
blockchain login26texas roadhouse4,090,000sql software10
library website25ups store4,090,000shein10
support team24whole foods4,090,000healthcare insurance9
tracker network24dick s sporting goods4,090,000flowers online9
office 365 outlook24grocery stores4,090,000clothes online9
food near me22dick sporting goods4,090,000credit karma9
department of education22break the fast4,090,000ebay motors9
free wordpress theme22accuweather4,090,000air fryer recipes9
crypto trading22chinese food near me4,090,000banking credit8
gas stations21party city4,090,000facebook marketplace8
microsoft power bi21american eagles4,090,000healthy prepared meal delivery8
website layout21youtube tv4,005,428modern furniture online8
essay writing service21s&p 5003,983,652taxes free8
podcast online21covid testing near me3,966,666how does coronavirus spread8
gas station20washington post3,767,882walmart coupons8
online shopping20department of motor vehicles3,596,666flights hotels8
web page design free20google earth3,577,692coronavirus disease7
free to play20car washes3,350,000nintendo switch7
web hosting services20walmart hours3,350,000chess online7
cdc website20weather channel3,350,000ebay account7
wordpress theme20weather today3,350,000airline tickets7
wordpress website templates19ashley furniture3,350,000game online7
wordpress templates19trump news3,350,000american eagle7
wedding anniversary19ice creams3,350,000home interior design ideas7
2nd anniversary19post office3,350,000bitcoin6
2nd anniversary19sephora3,350,000lottery tonight6
walmart account19news trump3,350,000

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