what is vlookup in excel

What is Vlook up in excel

I look up, or relatively vertical vlook up, allows the computer users to search for a particular value in a column.

Several programs are used for different purposes on a computer. For example, Excel is used to organize and compute records. This makes it easier for people to key in the additional documents they have, find their value, and save the forms on the computer for future reference. The excel Microsoft program has different functions with which, when applied, offers different results. One of these functions is the Vlook up or instead of the vertical lookup. It is a quick way for one to access other values in a column.

Components of the Vlook up function

1.    The range of the value and its return.
2.    The value you want to search for.
3.    The number of the column depends on the content that you want.
4.    Reaching to an exact number of the approximate value of what you are looking for.

How is the excel program structured?

If you are new to using the Excel program on your computer, it contains the following features;

1.    Count and sum which the most are used to develop the value in the records listed on the agenda.

2.    Cell references.

3.    Logical functions; If, AND, OR, and NOT.

4.    Date and time, which is an essential aspect in record keeping

How is the Vlook up function structured?

•    Lookup values
These are the value that you need to check out from excel.

•    Column Index Number
It is a column from which the value is sourced from.

Excel functions that every user should know

1.    Table formatting
This organizing your records in rows and columns makes them easier to relate with and key in the remaining information. This allows for quick editing or formatting of all the information on the records.

2.    Pivot tables

This is a table of grouped values and several functions meant to solve and organize the contents in the same cell. This involves sum, statistics as well as primarily other used values on excel. This helps the user use the value all at once, creating different cells to solve different solutions.

3.    IF statements
This is used to test a value in a cell, specify the results when they turn out actual, and specify results should they turn out to be false.

4.    Charting
This is a graphical representation for data, and this is simples to using the function on excel.

Benefits of the Vlook up function

1.    Users can search for data both vertically and horizontally.

2.    It allows the user to make use of left and suitable options and vice versa.

3.    You do not require to look out in the whole table when searching for a value.

4.    It is easy to audit your entire records.

The Vlook up is a unique function that allows you to access value but just type on the search. It is among other tasks which make it easy to use excelling.

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