what are instagram story

what are instagram story

In the modern era, social media has engulfed the entire world or we can see the entire activities that we are going to perform in our day-to-day life. The activities that we are performing in our lives whether we go to any place or what we have eaten or what we have a drink and what we see and what we people see in our day to day life.
Social media is all about documentation and specifically, when we talked about Instagram it relies on the documentation of the activities that we are performing. It is the world’s second most popular social media network where we share all our documentation.

In my blog, I will give you a detailed description pertaining to the Instagram and specifically what Instagram stories are and I will make you surely learn about how to share your content with your followers and how you would be able to prepare engageable content that will always keep your audience ready to listen to you to view.

What are Instagram stories?

Get Discover to hear what Instagram stories are simply I can say you in Instagram stories you would be able to share your videos your photos to your story on the Instagram.
The stories that you have recently posted on Instagram or specifically generated by a gradient border around the user profile picture likewise in Snapchat or like was in a Facebook Instagram stories merely disappear after every 24 hours.
You can post your insta stories in a more creative with the audience the most you will receive an enhanced momentum on this social media platform in this blog I will make you aware of the hidden tools which will make your content more engaging and creative.

how to post stories on Instagram

Here in this blog, I will give you a detailed description of the Instagram stories for Ig stories I will make you every year there are two types of settings on the Instagram first one is public and the second one is private as long as you are able to keep your setting is private your content will be shared to the Limited people and when you keep your settings on public mode then your content will receive a great Momentum in the entire globe.

  1. Tap create new at the top or swipe right anywhere in feed.
  2. Scroll to Story at the bottom.
  3. Tap  at the bottom of the screen to take a photo, or tap and hold to record a video. To choose a photo or video from your phone’s gallery or camera roll, swipe up anywhere on the screen. You may see gallery suggestions to help you choose what to share.
  4. Tap draw or  to draw, add text or a sticker to your photo or video. To remove the text or a sticker, drag and drop it on  at the bottom of the screen.
  5. When you’re ready to share, tap Your Story in the bottom left.

Note: It is worth remembering here your stories on Instagram will automatically disappear after 24 hours unless you add them to your profile as story highlights.

How do Instagram Stories Work

It is the Instagram which allows you to share your stories weather in the form of pictures images or in the form of videos you can upload your story as a temporary story which only lasts for 24 hours.
You can make your content more attractive by virtue of the options available on the Instagram like stickers, timestamp, and dude looks to each story and apply filters and effects in order to make it more attractive for your audience which you have.
As i earlier mentioned in this blog there are two options available the public one and the private one in the private one your story is only shown to the people which are your followers or who follows you and the other one is public where your stories goes to the large audiences.
Here the divorce have the option taken directly respond to your story but you are also entitled within option they can direct message you for the DM. You but you have given an option here to disable replies in your app settings. Where you can disable the setting so that you can no longer receive any reply on your story.
By Instagram, as an Instagram user, you have been given an option. Whereby simply you need to swipe on your screen to see who viewed your profile or who viewed your story.

Why should you use Instagram Stories?

As you know Instagram has received a greater Momentum after YouTube and Google. As we know we’re sharing information in our stories on our account whether our account is a brand account or a personal account but we receive a volume of engagements and a value.
While posting a story on your Instagram account your followers will easily come to know what your mood is right now. If you are going to any picnic spot and you are enjoying yourself there. You could post a story related to that picnic your followers will automatically come to know that this time you are enjoying it.
For your information I want to share with you there is a maximum of 510 million Instagram users in the entire universe or globe. Where users share their content or information to reach optimum levels.

Experts of social media have recently depicted that the businesses which are on Instagram have received a greater Momentum from the audience which they have. Instagram acts as fuel for these businesses. This Instagram helps them to maximize their potential or to maximize the rate of their business. the established brands which have been recognized by Instagram like Bombas, Chameleon, Cold Brew, and Doritos.
In this trending world, there are a number of people who are earning their means by virtue of Instagram for instance if they are writing any blog they are posting it on Instagram and they receive great clicks. And users from Instagram and in case they have any talent pertaining to the music or lyrics or in any other field. So Instagram acts as a medium to explore their talent and they have received a great applaud from the entire universe and from global ig users.

In Instagram, you are able to post your stories which automatically gets disappear after 24 hours without wasting too much the time or we can say a user is a dwindling attention span.
Briefly in the meanwhile, I want to say that is why Instagram stories are so short and which only lost for some time on the said platform.

How long are Instagram Stories?

To learn here how long are the Instagram story only and only Instagram stories last for 24 hours on your profile. Before the story is getting disappeared from your profile. But if you have a video to be uploaded on your Instagram that should only be up to 15 seconds long. Before cutting into the next piece of content. While posting the stories you can make use of the third-party app to segment a longer video into smaller ones, like 15-second increments add on to your story.

Instagram has intelligently determined the 24 hours for your story to disappear from your profile. In the meantime, your followers are able to see your photos and videos themselves and have a time limit. when users will view and play them during this time.

I want to introduce here a term the blanket rule. what blanket rule is? On Instagram being an Instagram user you should be able to know what is that very rule is quite simple, regardless of how long the original video was you can only at your story up to the maximum roll time of 15 seconds and it will play for up to 15 seconds.

In case you have a video that you want to upload as an Instagram story. You are here being provided 15 seconds to upload your story. So in that case you have to divide your original video into smaller 15-second segments.
Here in this blog, I will help you out with how you can post your original video into smaller segments of 15 S in length. I will introduce you to some mobile apps whether iOS or Android that will make it happen:

Continual (iOS only): This app has been specifically designed for iOS users. It trims their videos upto15 seconds so they can upload it on their stories while using Instagram.
In the continual app, you have been given an option to reduce the length of your videos so they may become able to upload for Facebook stories (20 seconds).
Storeo (iOS only): like Continual the Storeo has been designed to reduce the length of your videos to 15 seconds. So they may become able to upload into your insta stories. It also allows you to create Facebook stories of 20 seconds is free version will automatically put a watermark on the story.

Story cutter (iOS): only this app has been specifically designed to trim your videos upto 15 seconds snippets. But there is a great feature of this app is uploading your snippet in chronological order. So that it becomes easier for the user to upload the stories in chronological order.
Story cutter (Android): It is similar to the iOS version of story cutter. This cutter has been designed to divide your video into smaller pieces. So that you can be able to use them as your Ig stories. You can record your videos on this app or you can upload videos from your gallery while making the use of the story cutter app.
Cutstory (iOS only): it acts as both editor as well as a Trim for Instagram stories it Virtually adds effects templates and text to your story before uploading to your Ig story. In the free version of Cutstory, your insta stories will be watermarked.

How to view ig stories

For your information as you know, the stories on Instagram appear at the top of your screen. When you are on the Instagram mobile app. Moreover, they are often the first pieces of the content users see. When they open Instagram on their respective mobiles or their tablets, the stories on Instagram have received a lot of engagement and audience and the audience loves to see the stories on Instagram.

So let’s learn here how your followers can be able to view Instagram stories.

1. Open Instagram and navigate to the home screen.

When you are getting started to view stories on Instagram. You need to open your Instagram mobile app and then click the home icon on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Instagram stories are not available for viewing on the desktop. So simply when you are using Instagram on your mobile then you will be able to upload stories or view stories.

Once you would navigate to your Instagram home screen you will be able to see a series of circular icons at the top of the screen. Each of which represents the active stories posted by the user you follow.
The icons which you are able to visualize here or in the form of Red Square alongside the screenshot below as you can see your stories able to see either you could be able to waive other stories or you could be able to upload your own story.

2. Tap on a circular icon to view that user’s Story.

Each and every circular icon you are able to see at the top of your home screen will be in a circular form. But having a gradient means the user has recently posted a story on his/her Instagram.

Then you need to Tab on the user story. The story could either be a video or a photo that will later play automatically. Once you click on the story and you will receive what your followers have updated on their stories on Instagram.

3. Tap to navigate between a Story’s photos and videos

Every story on Instagram may contain a variety of videos and photos. Which have been strung together in order when the users posted them.

It is worth mentioning here whenever you open your Instagram from your mobile. The first piece of the content you will be able to see will be the most recent story.
You can make a click on your mobile device screen to cut the next video for the next photo that the user has posted to their stories recently.

4. Swipe to navigate from one Instagram Story to another.

Then you will be able to swipe weather on the right or left in order to view different Instagram stories. This swiping will help you to switch from one story to another story. When you are able to open Instagram stories after becoming a new user of Instagram you will be able to see the following menu.

Use the above-mentioned screenshot for further references. While viewing the Instagram stories of the account you follow or of the account which you follow.

5. Use an Instagram Story viewer to view Stories privately.

Here I will share a secret tool with you by virtue of which you could be able to see or view stories without the user knowing that could be a third-party tool to view stories.
Always an Instagram story viewer allows you to view stories or watch stories anonymously.

When you are scouting freelancers then you want to do this to see the stories without the user knowing. Some story viewers allow you to autosave the copies of the story which your followers have posted. So you could be able to save these copies and later upload them on your profile. And others will give you or offer you a paid option so that you could be entitled to automatically save copies of your stories or your followers.

The Instagram story viewers are easily available on the web so for that purpose you are not supposed to download an app for that. Then you could be able to search for any copies of the usernames for the copies of the stories that have been posted on that username popup.

Additional tools you can use include:

Ready to start posting? Let’s go over how you can create Instagram Stories step-by-step.

How to Make an Instagram Story

  1. Here you can open of the Instagram app on your mobile device and click on your profile picture near the upper left-hand corner then you could be able to swipe right to open up the camera.
  2. Here you are given an option that enables you to preview each filter alive before using a filter you need to swipe right and left at the bottom.
  3. Then you can capture a video or a photo using the camera that should be able to upload on your Instagram as a story.
  4. Alternatively, you are given here an option you can skip the two previous steps up and then swipe on your mobile screen to browse your gallery then you are able to choose any photo or video which you could be able to use.
  5. Here you can add GIFs, timestamps, and stickers to the stories to make them look more attractive.
  6. Once you have finished all your editing steps then your photo or video. then you need to tell your story to share your info with all your followers which you have on your IG account.

In order to make the look of your Instagram story most successful and attractive and audience lovers. Hear it requires some tips and hacks which I could introduce in this blog. The stories the big brands and the influences share some of my favorite Instagram stories are shared by. Chloe Coscarelli, actress Busy Phillips, mattress brand Casper, and interior design app Hutch — and don’t forget to check out HubSpot‘s Stories as well.)

Guys let’s have a look to get a full insight into the basics of how to share an Instagram story.

  1. Here you need to open the Instagram app and then click on your profile picture near the upper left-hand corner.
    While posting a story on your ig account you need to open up the Instagram App. And then tap on your profile image at the top left corner. Then you can also swipe right or left or click the + sign near the top right.

While clicking the Plus sign you will be automatically redirected or prompted to create a post instead of a story. So to get to the story creator unit to the story at the bottom right.

2. Choose a filter and image capture mode.

When you are about to create or start Creating your story you are hereby given an option to choose a filter for which you need to survive the screen right or left on the filter carousel at the bottom of the screen.

Apart from this filter option, you are here able or can choose a capture mode. While taking a photo or filming straight from the app this option will have appeared on the left-hand side of the screen.

You have a few options to choose from:


Normal means choosing no option. It means what it says: Tapping once on the camera button will capture a photo, and holding down will record a video. Instagram Stories can be 15 seconds in length, so if you want to share a video that’s longer, film in 15-second stints, or use a tool to split your longer clip into 15-second installments.


Create mode will take you to a screen where you can create a Story from scratch. In this screen, you can choose stickers, place gifs, and write text. 


Boomerang mode films looping GIFs up to three seconds in length.


Layout mode will take you to a screen with four quadrants, in which you can capture four different photos. You can change the style of the grid.


Multi-capture mode allows you to capture photos and videos consecutively without needing to upload them separately to your Story.


Photobooth mode allows you to take four photos that then appear in consecutive order in your Story. There’s a flash in between, giving the effect of photos taken in an actual photobooth.


Use hands-free mode if you want to set up your camera to film a video for you. Make sure you prop it somewhere stable before you start recording. We’ll talk more about this feature in a minute.


The level option will overlay a grid over your camera so that you can accurately align objects so that they’re straight. You can combine this option with other image capture modes such as multi-capture and photobooth.

3. Capture a photo or video using the camera.

As you know now you have surely made use of the filters and the image capture mode. It is now a time for you to get actually start creating or filming the content which you are about to post on your IG account. So for that, you need to hold down on the button to go for a film or a video and then tap \ to capture an image.
Besides making use of the filters in the Instagram stories you are hereby given other options like sticker text and drawing.

4. Once you’ve edited your photo or video, tap “Your Story.

You can also save your edited photo or video to your gallery by tapping. the “Download” icon up top.

We all know that how to post your Instagram story is one thing but knowing what to post is different. We can say these are the two sides of the same coin. Well, story for businesses you need to tell their stories on Instagram. It is pertinent to know who your ideal followers are and what they would be interested in seeing on Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform but that does not mean you can teach or promote something in that very process you have to do only things that your audience likes the most.

In this blog, I will develop a great sense of how to make Instagram and mean to promote your business or attract followers from all corners of the globe.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

1. Post footage of an office event.

Sometimes it will be better for your followers when you have any business function or any poverty in your office. You need to post this video clip on your Instagram account your followers will come to know this eternity and reliability of whatsoever of is you have that you are reliable and a do some activities or it proves that it is very much authentic so far as your business is concerned.

2. Post breaking news about your industry.

Here you need to make efficient use of Instagram stories. As far as the latest news regarding your industry or company is concerned. By virtue of that, your audience will come to know what the decision your company is taking and what kind of brands. Your company is promoting and what kind of audience your company needs and what kind of activities is, and what kind of daily activities, that you are doing in your daily in your office.
You can post here what your industry has attained in the said period of time. The audience will come to know the reliability of your institution or industry.

3. Demonstrate your product.

Your Instagram is the best place to demonstrate the products which your company is producing. So that even a layman can understand how to make use of the products. Which your company is producing you can post a small snippet on your Instagram.
By virtue of that, your company for your potential customers will come to know how the product is to be used, you no need to post a long video on that. But you could make segmented videos and upload them to your stories. So that they may be efficient and give a detailed description of the uses of the product.

For better understanding, if your company is making designing software. You will upload a video regarding how to use that software and what are its features. Then your potential customers will come to know automatically how to make use of this software. It will help you a lot to Boost Your Business in the said field.

Just remember to modify your video’s dimensions before uploading it to your Instagram Story. Remember, Instagram Stories’ image dimensions are 1920px high and 1080px wide, with an aspect ratio of 9:16.

4. Promote a company event.

It is quite amazing if your company or industry is promoting a company event. But it is quite said if your company is a brand but you are not yet promoting a company event for example if you have the expertise of graphic designing in your company so your graphic designer is supposed to show his skills and your audience will learn the skills by virtue of that event. So your event will receive great applause and appraisal from the audience.

Most of this you can do directly in Instagram. For example, use the native text options in your Story to add:

  • The event’s name.
  • Where the event is located.
  • Dates you’ll be attending.
  • Your booth number.
  • The event’s official hashtag.

5. Preview one of your company’s blog posts or videos.

The content which you have posted an idea in the form of blog posts or in YouTube. All need great exposure so that they can get even if social media is not your blog’s primary source of traffic. Your Instagram stories will do that job they will bring traffic to your website or you need to discover that post or video for the first time and find it later.
Google allows you to swipe up your finger where it then links you to the full video on YouTube. That function is commonly attributed to Google pixel which uses Instagram stories to prepare a video. Then it published and record a customer who used the device.

6. Mention other companies who follow or work with you.

As you could find if your Instagram is progressing day by day you need to eventually pick up another business account that wants to follow you as well. If there are some business partners that are collaborating for working with you then you need to give them a shout-out. So that at the same time they will receive a great appraisal from the customers across the globe. This will nurture your relationship with the users that matter most to your business growth.
I have explained everything here on how to link other accounts to the Instagram stories in the tips below.

Instagram Story Tricks and Hacks

1. Use stickers.

When you are about to capture a great video or a great photo it’s time to just sit up with some fun stickers which makes it look more beautiful you can access these by clicking on create option then you need to tap the smiling sticker icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen once you have captured a video or a photo.

Here are some best practices after you choose a sticker.

Change the size of your stickers.

In order to increase or decrease the size of your sticker you need to simplify pinch the sticker. Once you have edit your story you can also click and drag it around the frame to change its position to make it look more beautiful.

Check stickers every day for new and unique ones.

You need to check everyday the stickers option because they often get updated or we receive new stickers likewise in weekends and holidays or in any particular season you got unique features in your stickers so if you add this stickers to your stories it makes them more attractive.

Add location, hashtag, poll, and selfie stickers.

Any kind of business you need to boost engagements on the ig platform. You can simply do it by opening your story to other people and doing the same thing you are then you could be able to open the sticker section and click any of these buttons to customise your ig story.

Location Stickers

That sticker has a phenomenal significance because so far as your Geography is concerned your audience comes to know from where you have uploaded the story and when they click on the said sticker they will come to know various stories photos videos and the main thing is which are going around the same place.

Hashtag Stickers

You are hereby given and option to make use of the #Stickers cause this allows you to make it more searchable in the entire globe. So the viewers will be able to click it and see who else is using it and share a volumes of information related to a particular story.

Poll Stickers

Their is the one most striking feature which is pool strike use you can simply measure the people how much the people are really engaging by your content you can add here to options on your Instagram story or you can even customise the possible answer that makes it more unique and gorgeous then yes or no options.

Selfie Stickers

Among the sticker options you are entitled here to get the another option which is Stickers Menu you need to click the camera icon then you will automatically take a selfie or take a picture off anyone else’s face. Then you can use the face to decorate your Instagram story somewhat pretty but very memorable and funny which may be or must be liked by the audience.

2. Record a hands-free Instagram video.

Sometimes being an Instagram user you love to record videos but it becomes very much tedious for you to hold the icon of recording and it requires more hand mobility. So it becomes tedoius process to record videos by taking continuously on the options.
Hey guys you don’t worry I will share some tips by which you can record the videos simply by “handsfree”.
While reading my blog you no need to worry how you will come to know you are able to record hands free video you can simply do that by clicking on the image capture option as shown above you need to simply tap the record button once you accomplish to start the video and unit again stop it after you have gotten the photos you want to upload as an insta story.

3. Let viewers share your Stories.

Your ultimate Motive on the Instagram is to enhance the engagements and views on your stories. You are entitled here to letting your viewers or allow your viewers to share your content with their friends as dm’s or direct messages to do that you need to navigate your Apps setting then to create privacy and then you have to tell the story.

Toggle on “Allow Sharing as Message” so viewers can DM your Story to friends to increase your audience reach. Voila!

4. Use the pen

This pen is used here to make embezzlement symbols and more text to your story. If you click the pen icon at the upper right hand corner on your screen. Once you have captured a video or a photo you will automatically open up your options.
By instagram you are hereby given options by which you can adjust the features of your pen either you can make you thin or make it thick or you can change color you are writing with.
While using this option I am hereby suggesting you to make use of highlighter because as compared to the pen the highlighter gives your story a better look.

5. Add a background color.

As the world itself suggested background colour the background colour is entitled here to make the look of your story more fascinating like the images. I have shared above you can actually select it from the colour palette.

Take a picture (it doesn’t have to be a picture of anything in particular), and then tap the pen icon to open up the color palette.

You can choose one of the colors from the three available menus, or if you want a specific shade of one of those colors, you can open up the full color spectrum by pressing and holding one of the colors.

Then, scribble anywhere on the screen, and hold your finger down until you get the background color you want to appear.

If you want to get really crazy, you could use the eraser tool (the fourth option) to create new words or shapes from the background, too.

6. Mention another Instagram account in your Story.

Sometimes it is not fair enough to send any particular story to any particular person you need to give them a shoutout in the photo aur videoitself. These cases Instagram allows you to give or tag after 10 specific handles is where your story is photo or video. So this will promote your friends or your other companies content for their businesses.

Are you confused how you will give a shoutout to your friend on Instagram. No you don’t need to worry simply you need to tap the square A icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Then you need to enter the account you would like tab or starting with symbol @ and the accounts for the latter then you need to scroll through the suggested accounts that will appear below your cursor until you find the account you have in mind means the account where you want to give a Shout Out and then you have to take it on that. See what this option is look like below.

Have you still a question in your mind that how will your friend came to know that you have given a Shout Out to him. Simply when you give person or account you have tagged in the photo or video they’ll receive an automatic notification of your shoutout. It is no matter is here whether or not you send the story to your friend.

7. Make your text funkier.

The text on Instagram Stories is pretty basic — jazz it up with these tricks.

Customize your colors.

If you’re unsatisfied with the color palette Instagram offers, create your own from one of the colors in the photo or video you’ve captured.

Open up the text icon, and tap the eyedropper icon in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Use the dropper to sample a color from somewhere in the image you’ve captured, and use it when typing out text or using the pen tool.

Add a drop shadow to your Story’s text.

If you want to add some extra drama to your text, add highlighting or shadowing by retyping or rewriting your text in a different color. I recommend choosing black or white to add emphasis to a bright color you’ve picked. Then, move the text above or underneath the brighter text to add some drama to your words.

Turn your text into a rainbow.

This one’s tricky, but you can actually turn your text into a gradient rainbow.

Tap the text icon, and type out your message to add to your Story. Then, highlight your text.

This is where it gets tricky: Turn your phone to the side so you can hold one finger down on the right side of your text, and with another finger, tap on a color and hold until the color wheel pops up. 

Then, slowly drag both fingers across both the text and the color wheel from right to left to create rainbow text. Go slowly, letter by letter until you’ve created a rainbow. (This one took me several tries before I nailed it, and I succeeded using both thumbs to highlight the text and the color wheel.)

Gradually add text to a Story.

Sometimes, you might want to add text or stickers to an image to build on it — perhaps to promote a content offer or event, or to encourage viewers to swipe up to read a link you’ve shared (this is only available to verified accounts).

Start editing the photo you want to share, post it, and save it to your camera roll. Then, swipe up on your screen to add the screenshot to the next installment of your Story — adding new text or stickers on top of the first photo. Keep doing this for as long as you want the Story to last. Just make sure to keep taking screenshots of your latest photo so you can add to it.

8. See who has viewed your Instagram Story.

Being an Instagram user you should be well aware about that who viewed your story in the last 24 hours. Are you worried if this option is available only in the Instagram no you are thinking wrong Snapchat have also such tendencies where synapse can be viewed and user came to know who viewed his or her story.
Well Instagram stories can do the same thing in exactly the same way to see who has viewed your Instagram story you need to navigate to the homepage of your Instagram on your phone then you need to Tab on the circular icon denoting your story see what this looks like in the screenshot below.

For that in order to visualise the above mentioned everything you need to click on your story from your Instagram home screen and swipe up from the bottom and then you need to open story this will pull up a list of all your friends that has never had the content which you have posted as an IG story to see who viewed your story you might be an ego boost the personal Instagram.
But business users can learn a lot about what their followers are interested in by looking at which users waves which stories you can figure out which type of videos and photos of any kind of content there that you are posting on your IG account.

9. Center your text and stickers.

Here Instagram provide you with additional options like text and stickers where are you can easily move your text and stickers on your story you will visualizer blue line that it here is vertically or horizontally in the frame these are the guiding lines or you can say instructions you can make them use so happy you are keeping everything centered.

Don’t put your text too high or too low on the screen.

Make sure you are not entitled here to add anything to your story too high or too low in the frame because Instagram will all only allow that kind of content or story that should came under the frame as prescribed by the Instagram.
when Instagram adjust things like your name and how long ago your story was posted that could block your content for your carefully crafted text visualisations.

10. Add music to a Story (or mute it).

This is one of the fantabulous option you are hereby Instagram. Where you can add the music to your stories by making them more attractive to your audience was you get ready to edit and share. Make sure the sound icon is not muted so your will scan chain with you.
However if you would rather you are video be muted then you need to tap the sound icon show a slash that used over it.

11. Upload Instagram Stories from your phone’s camera roll.

The stories which have received a great virtuoso from across the users or not just read from the Instagram App. Simply while traveling or while in any in event you can upload videos and photos from your mobile device is native camera roll for that you need to upload a video or a photo for use as an Instagram story. So for that purpose you need to open your Instagram stories camera lens and then click the little square icon which you would find at the bottom left-hand corner then see what this look’s like below.

Tapping the icon shown above will call up your phone’s native media gallery, where you can select any photo or video to publish as an Instagram Story. It’s that easy.

How to grow audience by posting ig stories

I hope you have got a greater insight with respect to IG accounts. In this blog I left no stone unturned to make you aware about each and every aspect of the instagram. There are lots of hidden ways by virtue of which you are able to move your stories to the next Grand levels. Some i may not even have covered here my best advice here is keep clicking around and see what you can do with the latest updates from my side.
Editor’s Note: the information I have provided in this blog is from the original and latest authentic sources so far as official Instagram websites are concerned and from the brand researches articles. Which have been acknowledged by the Stanford Oxford and Manchester universities. You can ask your queries in the comment section.

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