what is amazon prime now

n the cities of New York, London and Paris, residents have long enjoyed the convenience of home delivery from pharmacies, groceries and even pet stores. Prime Now takes easy, local delivery to the next level. Exclusive to Prime members, Prime Now is available in over 50 cities globally and can help you in a pinch — from a last-minute dinner-party disaster to an emergency diaper situation, and … what was that? You forgot to buy headphones for your cross-country flight tomorrow? Keep calm and order from Prime Now.

What exactly is Prime Now? Prime Now brings tens of thousands of products to your home with 1-hour delivery and FREE 2-hour delivery depending on your needs. Try getting your last-minute items and other household goods like cotton balls, fresh produce and razors.

How can I get started? It’s so easy. Just download the Prime Now app to your device of choice, or shop from You can search from tens of thousands of items, choose your delivery time slot, check out and then track the progress of your order. You’ll receive order updates via text and get notified when your delivery is minutes away. To find out if your city is on the list, check your ZIP code on the site.

Can I get groceries with Prime Now? Yes! Many do. You can find grocery items like produce, chips, soda and other snacks, as well as a pretty large assortment of Whole Foods Market’s 365 Everyday Value products. We’ve also recently started delivering from select Whole Foods Markets and other stores.

What are some good reasons to use Prime Now? New parents love Prime Now. You’re not going to get something delivered at 2 a.m., but we do deliver from morning until evening. When you need infant thermometers, teething medicine or diapers, get it fast with just your phone.

Twelve guests coming at 6:00 p.m.? And you need a roasting pan because your leg of lamb is too big for the makeshift pan you usually use? Plus some wine (in select cities) to get you through dinner prep? No problem, we’ll be there with what you need, with ultra-fast delivery.

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