what is sexuality

What Is Sexuality

Sexuality’ is an all-inclusive term for describing one’s sexual behaviors, likes, and dislikes attractions, kinks, and preferences. Sexual orientation and sexuality are interchangeable terms that mean someone’s sexual stand or belonging.

However, sexuality is more than just who someone finds attracted to but also involves what and how you enjoy. It can be about someone in general, including activities.

Most importantly, sexuality is self-defined. This means that everyone has the freedom to talk and understand their sexuality in a manner that makes sense to them.

Moreover, sexuality is forceful hence ever-changing. So, you can establish how different parts of your life tend to relate with others in either affirming or confusing ways. But, this shouldn’t worry you because it is part of average growth.

Above all, exploring one’s sexuality within the values of consent and sexual rights is essential to determine health and wellness. Read on.

Types of Sexuality

Heterosexual and Homosexual

Many people feel attracted to their opposite gender; boys to girls, men to women. The common term for this type of sexuality is ‘straight’ or heterosexual.

Conversely, there are still people who find an attraction to the same sex. Statistically, about 10% of Australians go through same-sex attraction, especially in puberty at a young age. This is called homosexuality.

Furthermore, lesbianism is when women feel attracted to fellow women. Gay, on the other hand, is men getting attracted to their fellow men. However, gay can also stand for lesbians.


Sexuality is not as simple as feeling attracted to men or women. In the case of bisexuality, one gets attracted to both men and women.
Still, it doesn’t mean that one feels the same level of attraction for both genders. Instead, it involves liking both genders but feeling more interested in one type more than the other. Usually, this depends on who they meet and interact with.

Bisexuality comes in different categories. Some people who feel attracted to both men and women can term themselves as either straight or gay. Still, they can develop a sexual attraction towards both but only have sex with one.

To some people, sexual attraction feels complicated hence more on the grey line than simple black and white. Because of these rigid labels, people identify with terms like queer, pansexual, or simply pan. This shows that they get attracted to different people despite their gender, expression, and identity.


A person who identifies as’ ace’ short form for asexual has no sexual experience or feels very little in matters of sex. Moreover, asexuality does not depend on one’s choice; for instance, in abstinence, one decides not to have sex even if there’s solid attraction towards someone else.

Either way, asexuality also falls under sexual orientation same as homosexuality or heterosexuality. Some people may firmly relate with being asexual, apart from a few rare experiences of sexual attraction termed as grey-asexuality.

In other cases, sexual attraction comes up after some people grow an emotional bond that Is so strong, also called demisexuality.
Remember that talking about your sexuality with others is entirely your choice.

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