What is veal

What is veal

Veal is meat got from calves, other than beef which is obtained from older cattle.Meat is categorized,Differently, the source is the significant determinant. But did you know that there is meat that is got from calves? These are calves that are not considered best breeding therefore used as a source of meat. Vela meat appears just like the beef from older cattle but tends to have other different qualities. The calves from which the beef is got are usually six to eight months. Some people consider slaughtering them when a bit younger besides throwing away or turning calves’ meat into waste, killing these cattle and presenting them as veal would be a value addition.

What color is veal?

Compared to the meat produced by beef cattle, veal is a type of meat that tends to have a light color. It happens because the calf is not of age already, therefore, having insufficient myoglobin in their muscles. The color of this meat is also determined by the kind of nutrition that the calf is exposed to before being slaughtered.

What is the difference between veal and beef?

There is a considerable difference between beef and heifer that you should understand before making a purchase. Beef is usually sourced from mature cattle that have been prepared for slaughter and beef consumption. On the other hand, heifer is meat from young calves that are not considered best for breeding or any commercial purposes. Farmers tend to lock up and feed heifer cattle for around six months before slaughtering them.

Essential facts about veal that you did not know about;

•    Veal farmers work hand in hand with vets
Veal cattle require professional medical monitoring; this is because, at their stage, they tend to have a weak immune system and may be affected by different environmental factors. The vets ensure that the cattle are receiving the correct type of nutrition and vaccination for their wellbeing.

•    Veal calves live in group pens

Veal calves are put into pens and divided into groups; this is according to their age. The heifer cattle are put into cells to monitor them together. During this period is much easier to check on their health together as well as mingle.

•    Quality feed is required when raising veal cattle
Despite the cattle being slaughtered prematurely, the cattle farmers need to ensure that they are subjected to proper nutrition as they grow. This ensures that the cattle develop to an extent such as that their meat is healthy for consumption.

•    Veal has a high nutritional value
Veal contains 20% less of the 2000 calories that one should consume in meat, and this is the best way to consume meat and remain healthy. heifer meat is the best to have for people struggling with weight loss since it contains fewer calories.

Veal is a type of meat whose source is calves; these are young cattle that have not fully developed to be considered cattle for beef source. There are several growth and development that heifer farmers should follow to ensure they bring up quality cattle.

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