what time is 1700 in military time

Military Time Zones

The following table lists military time zones names, abbreviations, UTC offset, and time in three formats: military, 12-hour clock and 24 clock.

See, what time is in the other military time zones at 0000Z (Zulu Time Zone) .

Have you ever wondered how to read military time quickly and easily? Or even wondered what it was, or why it exists? Well, welcome to the Internet’s greatest authority resource on just that! On this page, you will find the answers to that and more in great detail, in other words, everything you will ever need to know about military time (or astronomical time), as well as some quick and easy tips on how to read it.

It is based on a 24 hour clock, and is a method of keeping hours in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hour increments. It is the most commonly used interval notation in the world.

Easy to Read Military Time Chart

A side-by-side look at the 12 hour clock times and the corresponding military/24 hour clock times, provided exclusively by Military Time Chart. You may use this as a military time converter, or reference it as a military time conversion chart.

12:00 midnight00:00
1:00 am01:00
2:00 am02:00
3:00 am03:00
4:00 am04:00
5:00 am05:00
6:00 am06:00
7:00 am07:00
8:00 am08:00
9:00 am09:00
10:00 am10:00
11:00 am11:00
12:00 pm12:00
1:00 pm13:00
2:00 pm14:00
3:00 pm15:00
4:00 pm16:00
5:00 pm17:00
6:00 pm18:00
7:00 pm19:00
8:00 pm20:00
9:00 pm21:00
10:00 pm22:00
11:00 pm23:00
12:00 midnight24:00

How to Read Military Time

When keeping hours in this fashion, the day starts at midnight and is written as 00:00. The last minute of the day is written as 23:59, or one minute before the next midnight. Sometimes you may see 00:00 written as 24:00. Both are acceptable. A usage example showing the 12 hour clock vs military time would be a time table showing 4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight. This would be written as 16:00 – 24:00. Another example highlighting the difference between the two would be to show that 10:15 am is written as 10:15 in military time but 2:30 pm is written as 14:30.

This method of keeping time is most commonly used by the military, government, public transportation, hospitals, meteorologists, astronomers, those employed in emergency services, and also with computers. When speaking in military time, 07:00 may be stated as “zero seven hundred” or “oh seven hundred”. Also, in the military, these time stamps are often written without the colon, so 07:52 would rather be written 0752.

Click on the table row to change the time zone.

Time Zone NameLetterUTC offsetMilitary
Yankee Time ZoneYUTC-121200Y12:00 P.M.12:00
X-ray Time ZoneXUTC-111300X01:00 P.M.13:00
Whiskey Time ZoneWUTC-101400W02:00 P.M.14:00
Victor Time ZoneVUTC-91500V03:00 P.M.15:00
Uniform Time ZoneUUTC-81600U04:00 P.M.16:00
Tango Time ZoneTUTC-71700T05:00 P.M.17:00
Sierra Time ZoneSUTC-61800S06:00 P.M.18:00
Romeo Time ZoneRUTC-51900R07:00 P.M.19:00
Quebec Time ZoneQUTC-42000Q08:00 P.M.20:00
Papa Time ZonePUTC-32100P09:00 P.M.21:00
Oscar Time ZoneOUTC-22200O10:00 P.M.22:00
November Time ZoneNUTC-12300N11:00 P.M.23:00
Zulu Time ZoneZUTC±00000Z12:00 A.M.00:00
Alpha Time ZoneAUTC+10100A01:00 A.M.01:00
Bravo Time ZoneBUTC+20200B02:00 A.M.02:00
Charlie Time ZoneCUTC+30300C03:00 A.M.03:00
Delta Time ZoneDUTC+40400D04:00 A.M.04:00
Echo Time ZoneEUTC+50500E05:00 A.M.05:00
Foxtrot Time ZoneFUTC+60600F06:00 A.M.06:00
Golf Time ZoneGUTC+70700G07:00 A.M.07:00
Hotel Time ZoneHUTC+80800H08:00 A.M.08:00
India Time ZoneIUTC+90900I09:00 A.M.09:00
Kilo Time ZoneKUTC+101000K10:00 A.M.10:00
Lima Time ZoneLUTC+111100L11:00 A.M.11:00
Mike Time ZoneMUTC+121200M12:00 P.M.12:00


If not, stay on the site and you’ll find plenty of tools to help you, including conversion tables, clocks, and even tutorials on how to read/determine military time. I know war time conversion can be a little tricky, but not when you know a simple and useful formula to convert 24 hour time format to 24 hour time format. You can convert military time to regular 12 hour time in several ways; we’ll look at some of them here.

24 hour clock

Using other timekeeping tools, such as digital clocks, digital clocks, and displays on your computer, you will see the 24-hour time format. Many digital watches offer the option to display the time in traditional or military format. Digital and 24-hour clocks and computer hardware recognize midnight as the start of a new day and represent midnight as 0000. The 24-hour clock is also known as the international standard for reading time. The 12-hour clock is mainly used only in North America outside the US military.


The 24-hour clock is used by the military, most European countries, and companies that operate around the clock, such as airlines and railways. For these reasons, the 24-hour clock system is popular all over the world and was first adopted by the US Navy in 1920 and then by the military in 1942, during World War II. The United States military, including the naval, army, and air forces, use the 24-hour time format to avoid confusion. This is because military time is more efficient and helps avoid potential errors or misinterpretations that can occur with the 12-hour clock format.


Unlike the standard use of 12- and 24-hour clocks, you do not need to put a colon between the hour and minute when writing military time. In wartime, it is not necessary to use a colon to separate the hour digits from the minutes digits. However, if it’s 1700 military hours, or “1700 hours”, just subtract 1200, add a colon between hours and minutes, and add PM at the end.


Subtract 1200 from any time between 13:00 and 24:00 and you get standard time. The 12-hour clock will cycle again at 1 when military time continues until 13:00. in wartime they would be reported as 1300.


The “pm” clock is often more troublesome, but always remember that 1300 (called “thirteen hundred”) translates to 13:00. The next hour after 12:00 is 13:00, then 14:00, so midnight is 24:00 or 00:00, which marks the end of one day and the beginning of another. You really only have to deal with the second part of the day because the early morning hours are familiar.


You can set your alarm to 24 hours so you don’t accidentally set your alarm to the wrong time. Switching back and forth is usually done by pressing a button labeled “12/24” or something similar, and some companies make 24-hour watches. The only difference is that the US will use the original military time, while the rest of the world will use the standard 24-hour format, with colons separating hours and minutes, sometimes skipping leading zeros. In this case, citizens of these countries will use the format they prefer, but require official agencies such as the police or health care to use wartime on all documents and meetings.


All official agencies, especially those that need to cooperate and communicate with countries outside the various time zones, will use the 24-hour clock. Each country is assigned a letter representing a time zone according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). “Zulu” or “Z” means that the time zone in question is Greenwich Mean Time (Coordinated Universal Time), the time zone that governs the world clocks. Do not use hour/minute separators, add a letter representing the time zone (eg 0245Z) when writing the time.

Zulu time

For example, if your order is to start a mission in Zulu time, and your ship is near Tokyo, Japan in the Indian time zone, which is GMT plus 9 hours, then you must add at 10:00 Zulu time 9 hours. , and you know the start time will be 19:00 local time (India). Since military personnel may be involved in missions that span time zones, they need to have a common reference to time zones so they know they’re talking about the same thing. Whether by directly looking at the stars or reading the time by other means, accuracy is critical to the military. Scientific and engineering organizations typically enter colons in hours, minutes, and seconds.


This converter can be used to convert the standard 12-hour time (AM/PM) commonly used by civilians to military time. Our third and final time conversion method is to use the conversion calculator above. Conversion Table: Minutes to Hundreds of Hours Enter a hundredth of an hour in Oracle Self Service.

Atomic Clock

For example, if an employee has a salary of $50,000 and works 40 hours a week, the hourly rate is $50,000 / 2080 (40 x 52) = $24.04. Wartime uses a rather special two-digit number to designate each of the clocks, hence a.m. and evening they are not needed. The clock designation is easier to calculate with a local time calculator using the 24-hour format rather than the 12-hour format. The Department of Defense’s primary atomic clock, used to calibrate and standardize time in the modern military, was developed at the laboratories of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.


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