What to watch after Gotham

What to watch after Gotham

With Gotham off the air, fans may be left wondering what to watch? Are there any shows that can match the intensity and yet, still provide a good enough storyline to keep their interest? Gotham started out centered around two main characters and their budding friendship. Jim Gordon and young Bruce Wayne.

Searching for a good show is never easy and finding one to replace your favorite is just as hard. However, DC has done a great job of giving fans options. If you like origin shows then Arrow, Smallville, and The Flash should quench your thirst. There are also shows where your favorite Gotham actors got their big break like The O.C. No matter what your taste may be, Gotham can still live on in your heart but there are others out there just like it and maybe some even better.

The story of a young Clark Kent on his journey to becoming Superman was and still is one of the best origin shows ever produced. From teenager to adult, we were taken on a journey that involved friendship, betrayal, love, and lessons learned. Clark had to endure pain and death and not the way that Superman movies always displayed.
Smallville also ushered in the creation of the Justice League and opened the door for other great DC Comics spinoff shows such as Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. So, if you’re looking for another great story to watch after Gotham, then why not give Smallville a try and see how Superman became Superman.


Tony Stark was not the only rich playboy in the comic world. Oliver Queen held that mantle down for the DC Universe as the Green Arrow. Making his first TV appearance in Smallville as Superman’s sidekick, it was only right that he got his own show after Smallville went off the air. Watching Arrow allowed comic fans to get more into the action side of things as Smallville was more family-orientated.

Team Arrow was composed of Spartan, Speedy, Overwatch, Black Canary, and more as the seasons progressed. Oliver started out on full revenge mode thinking he was avenging his father but soon learned that his family held more secrets than his identity behind a mask and hood.[Readmore]

Super girl

Just like her cousin Clark, Kara escapes the destruction of Krypton to land on Earth where she takes refuge with the Danvers family. Unlike Clark, Kara is not alone in her upbringing. She grows up with a sister but still has to go through the trial and error of becoming a Supergirl. Kara still has to decide who to entrust with her secret as she tries to escape the shadow of her sister.

While navigating as an adult, Kara is trying to balance adulthood, a professional life, love, friendships, and her responsibilities as a hero. If watching a young Bruce Wayne got your juices flowing, watching Kara should give you that same feeling.

The Flash

How fast can you run? The Flash made his appearance on Smallville right along with Kara and Oliver. Granted his own show, The Flash has not disappointed fans. Barry Allen is not as lethal as Batman, strong as Superman, or as violent as the Green Arrow. What makes The Flash so interesting is his ability to do things with time.

The Flash’s backstory is just as compelling as Bruce Wayne’s. With his mother killed and his father convicted of her murder, Barry becomes an orphan. Barry is now on the hunt for every piece of technology to help find out what happened to his mother. In the process, he’s given an ability that he uses for good to stop those who use their abilities for evil.

The O.C. (Gotham)

For the diehard Gotham fans, The O.C is a must-watch if you’re a fan of Commission Jim Gordon. The actor who played Gordon, Ben McKenzie got his big break in The O.C. as a runaway teen given the opportunity of a lifetime. Ryan Atwood went from poverty to an up-close look as to how the other side lived. Along the way, he made friends, enemies, fell in love, lost love, and dealt with his past.

It was a great coming-of-age story and if you loved McKenzie’s acting in Gotham, then his portrayal as the rough around the edges kid will suit your needs. The O.C. was out during a time where teen drams were a thing of the norm.


What happens when the most famous sidekick retires from the superhero lifestyle and tries to be normal? Well, for Dick Grayson it seems all well and good until it’s not. Now a detective, Robin is now patrolling the streets trying to bring justice but in a different type of suit. However, he still can’t shake who he once was.

Still viewed as Batman’s sidekick, Robin teams up with others like him and that’s how the Titans are born. The cast of characters is diverse with Roth, Princess, Hawk, Wonder Girl, and others. With Batman no longer in the picture, this is Robin’s team to run as he sees fit.

Agent’s Of S.H.I.E.L.D (Gotham)

Yes, it’s a Marvel show but it’s well worth the watch. Agents of Shield chronicles a team of heroes put together by Phil Coulson who was once Nick Fury’s right-hand man until he was killed in the first Avengers movie. With Marvel, you should expect any and everything. You never know who might pop up onscreen with AOS.

The team’s mission is to stop any threats that come along. Just like Legends, AOS can time travel and go deep in space but the action maybe some of the best for any superhero show. The cast is diverse and it’s like watching a mini version of Avengers but on regular TV.


Our first image of Superman is of him escaping the exploding planet of Krypton. But what was the story behind the explosion? Like who wanted to wipe that planet from its existence? What Krypton does is give fans a take on what life was like on the planet by following Superman’s grandfather and his life.

Seg-El is doing his best to bring back the honor to his family’s name but he’s a loose cannon himself. Knowing that Superman’s bloodline is not perfect makes for great TV as Seg-El navigates life as a disobedient son and also fights for the forbidden love he’s not supposed to have.

DC Legends Of Tomorrow (Gotham)

If time travel is your thing then Legends of Tomorrow will be a good addition to your binge-watching list. These are the DC characters who don’t get the spotlight. LOT is the show where DC can let their hair down and show a comedic side. The leader of the crew is Sara Lance (Arrow) but she has help along the way from some not so heroic heroes like Atom (Arrow), Heat Wave (Prison Break) Vixen, and Nathan.

Their mission is to travel back in time or the future and fix issues while not messing up history. It doesn’t always go as planned and that’s the fun of Legends of Tomorrow. You never know what you’re going to get with this crew.

Lucifer (Gotham)

Yes, Lucifer is a bit different than what Gotham fans may be used to but the storyline will grab your attention. The story of Lucifer has been told over and over but this one, well, it’s not what you might expect. No longer willing to waste his life away in Hell, Lucifer takes refuge in Los Angeles. However, he’s still a bit set in his ways as far as partying and women are concerned.

The storyline takes a bit of a turn when Lucifer begins to struggle with the fact that he may actually have a soul. As with most scripted shows, love is in the air or a connection with a certain female. Lucifer begins to question everything he has ever known.

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