My Hero Academia

What to watch my hero academia on

What to watch my hero academia on

You can watch every season of My Hero Academia on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. This includes the latest season (season 5). Read on to learn more about watching My Hero Academia on these services.

Funimation Has All Episodes

Funimation is a streaming service exclusively devoted to anime. While the service offers anime in Japanese with English subtitles, Funimation is the best service for finding anime dubbed in English. The service has every episode of “My Hero Academia.” and is getting the latest episodes dubbed in English only 2-3 weeks after the episode airs in Japan.
You can subscribe to a premium membership for $5.99/month after a 2-week free trial. There is no commitment, and you can cancel at any time.

This plan will provide subtitled and dubbed episodes and allow you to watch two streams simultaneously. The service also offers an upgraded subscription called “Premium Plus,” which will enable you to watch on five devices at once, download episodes, and more. You can watch Funimation on the web or with Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more. See our review of Funimation for more details.

Crunchyroll Has Every Episode Free

Crunchyroll also offers all episodes of “My Hero Academia.” All episodes of “My Hero Academia” are streaming for free on the site. You have to watch in standard definition, and there are ads, but it’s free to watch. Upgrading to a premium subscription will let you watch with no ads, and you can watch in HD. The premium subscription costs $7.99/month after the 14-day free trial.

Furthermore, once an episode airs in Japan, that episode is available one hour later for premium subscribers. This will come in handy now that season 5 is confirmed. On this service, “My Hero Academia” is available subbed (with subtitles). Check out our review of Crunchyroll for more information on this streaming service.

Hulu Has Every Episode of My Hero Academia


After Crunchyroll, the next cheapest option is Hulu’s streaming library, which starts at $6.99/month. All episodes of “My Hero Academia” are available on-demand through Hulu. Here are some other perks you can take advantage of when subscribing to Hulu, Shonen Jump is inarguably one of the biggest powerhouses in both the anime and manga industries. From the well-loved Dragon Ball franchise to the recently critically acclaimed Chainsaw Man, Shonen Jump has an outstanding reputation in giving us some of the most popular titles to date.

One of these is My Hero Academia, a superhero narrative heavily inspired by various other mang like Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist, as well as western comics like Spider-Man. Created by Kohei Horikoshi, MHA has become internationally popular generating a massive anime series, three movies, several spin-offs, and a light novel — all while the manga is still ongoing. Here’s what the series is about, where to watch and read it, every related media online, and everything we know (so far) about the anime’s upcoming sixth season.

What Is My Hero Academia?

A series that quickly won over audiences worldwide for its compelling characters, complex world and unique twist on the superhero genre, My Hero Academia is one of the most recognizable franchises of the recent era. In a world where 80% of humanity harbors a special power called a Quirk, the story’s protagonist, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, is born without one. Ambitious yet timid, Izuku is determined to become a hero.

Fortunately, Izuku carries a lot of heart and his luck turns around when he meets the world Pro Hero and his idol, All Might. As it turns out, All Might has a distinctive Quirk that can be inherited — and when Izuku proves to be a hero even without any special powers, All Might chooses him to be his successor. Achieving his dream doesn’t come easy, but Izuku is willing to put in the work and then some as he embarks on an inspiring journey toward becoming the greatest hero.

Where Can I Watch My Hero Academia Online?

My Hero Academia currently has five seasons spanning 113 episodes. Due to its popularity, it’s widely available on various platforms, but finding the entire series for free proves difficult. Funimation offers all five seasons both subbed and dubbed, but only Season 1 can be viewed entirely for free (and with ads). Most episodes of the remaining four seasons require a subscription to be viewed in either subbed, dubbed, or sometimes both. However, all five seasons are available to stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu for those already subscribed to these services.

Where Can I Watch My Hero Academia Movies Online?

The MHA franchise has released three movies showcasing original stories written by Horikoshi himself. While all three are considered canonical to the series, they aren’t necessary to understand the main storyline and can be viewed as epic side tales. That being said, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes follows Izuku and All Might to I-Island where they meet All Might’s former sidekick, David Shield, and his daughter, Melissa. But when a team of villains infiltrates the island, Izuku and Melissa uncover a treacherous plot. Two Heroes takes place between Seasons 2 and 3 of the main series and is available to rent or buy from iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. Canadian fans can stream the movie on Netflix.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising features Class 1-A on the remote Nabu Island as part of a safety program meant to give the students more experience in the field of heroics. Though it’s a residence with a low crime rate, a villain named Nine — who has the ability to steal Quirks — invades the island in search of 6-year-old Katsuma Shimano’s regeneration Quirk. Where exactly this film takes place in the MHA story is unknown, but it’s predicted to occur before or during the events of Season 5. The film can be streamed on StarzPlay and DIRECTV. It is also available to rent or buy from iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store.

Where Can I Find My Hero Academia Manga?

For those looking to get ahead of the anime, you can read the manga on Viz Media’s website where they release new chapters shortly after the release in Japan. If you’re looking for physical copies, the My Hero Academia manga has 29 volumes of 285 chapters currently available in English and published through Viz Media. These books can be found through Scholastic, on Amazon, Books-a-Million as well as in local bookstores like Barnes & Noble.

In addition to the main manga, MHA also has several spin-offs and a visual novel. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, My Hero Academia: Smash!!, My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions and My Hero Academia: School Briefs are not written by Horikoshi (however School Briefs are illustrated by him) but can be found on Viz Media’s website and physical copies are available to purchase at the retailers listed above.

When Is The New My Hero Academia Season?

As My Hero Academia season 5 recently wrapped up in September 2021, BONES Studios has been quick to announce that Season 6 is already in development. This new season will adapt the highly anticipated Paranormal Liberation War arc, which serves as a real game-changer for the rest of the series moving forward. Teasers strongly suggest a showdown between Izuku and the story’s main antagonist, Tomura Shigaraki, by heavily featuring these two characters in the promos. All in all, there is much to look forward to.

A release date has not been announced, but fans can expect this new season in late 2022 or sometime in 2023.
MHA season 1
OVA: Sukue! Kyuujo Kunren!
season 2
OVA: Training of the Dead
season 3
the Movie 1: Futari no Hero
ONA: Ikinokore! Keshi no Survival Kunren
season 4
MHA the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising
(I would recommend watching a movie 2 after season 5 since Hawks showed up in this movie and to anime-onlys who don’t really know him well this movie can be a spoiler for his character. Even though he showed up at the end of season 4, there’s a lot about him that…should be kept hidden from anime-only until you’ve seen his secrets revealed in season 5)

Manga enthusiast

If you’re a Manga enthusiast or an Anime enthusiast, you cannot miss out on My Hero Academia. A series, also turned into a movie has gone big ever since its release in the year 2016. Written by the director Kohei Horikoshi, who is also the illustrator for this series, the main story revolves around a boy named Izuku Midoriya who is born with some natural talent along with superpowers that make is different in his social group from other boys. However, Izuku himself dreams of becoming one day a successful superhero so the entire series revolves around him getting comfortable in his skin.

The entire series has dwindled within a comedy topping which is then packed within the full course of action and a series of jaw-dropping fighting strategies which take the fans by surprise. To all of this, there is also a never-ending hint of romance within the series. Thus, fans have concluded one thing: My Hero Academia – one of the perfect serving for the entire Shonen fans who are out there.

Without doubts, the animation is amazing! It’s hilarious, and with all the passing series, each episode gets better. Furthermore, the soundtrack of the series is a joy to the ears since it’s not just catchy or entertaining but the music makes the entire series more addictive!

So far, there have been 4 seasons released starting from 2016. Two movies have also been released, along with two Original Video Animation (OVA), One Original Net Animation (ONA), and two specials.
Considering all of this, here’s the Chronological order to watch My Hero Academia to get you hooked and started

1. Season 1 (2016)

Season 1 is the starting point of the series. Without doubts, season 1 is very important to understand the series. This season, being released in 2016 allows you to understand the entire plot, and also makes you be inspired by the person who saves people with always a smile on his face.

The season allows you to understand the life of Izuku Midoriya who is desperately looking to be a hero, however, he learns that he is amongst the very few of his generation who is born without a “Quirk”. The entire plot revolves around will his fate be exchange, or not.

In the rest of the episodes, the plot thickens which allows for the Izuku to understand his Quirk, to be better, and do his best to save the day and be someone who he has always wished and dreamed of becoming.
The entire seasons comprise 13 episodes which are as follows:

Episode 1: Izuku Midoriya: OriginEpisode

2: What it takes to be a hero: Episode 3: Roaring Muscles: Episode 4: Start Line: Episode 5: What I can do for now: Episode 6: Deku vs. Kacchan: Episode 7: Rage, you damned nerd: Episode 8: Bakugou’s starting lineEpisode 9: Yeah, just do your best, Iida!Episode 10: Encounter with the unknown episode 11: Game over!Episode 12: All MightEpisode 13: Upon each of their heartsOVA1 – (Jump Festa) My Hero Academia: Save! Rescue Training! (2016)The 25 minutes long OVA released on the 27th of November 2016, is a part of season 1. In this OVA, Izuku is a part of class 1-A of the training school. As the class is finally attempting on completing their training, there’s a villain on the loose. But the important question here is: are the students ready to fight back or not.

2. Season 2 (2018) Of Chronological order to watch My Hero Academia

Season 2 of My hero academia released on 11th August 2018 has a total of 25 episodes. This season is the start of the second phase of Izuku’s journey and revolves around the sports festival. The sports festival consists of two important events known as the “Hero Killer” and the “Final exams arc”. Critics and fans have long argued that this is the very season. When My Hero Academia becomes amongst the very best modern anime movies of the 21st century, so far.
The episodes of season 2 are as follows:

That’s the Idea, Ochaco

A Roaring sports festival

In their own quirky ways

Strategy, strategy, strategy

Cavalry battle finale

The boy was born with everything!

Victory or defeat

Battle on, challengers!

Shoto Todoroki: origin

Baking vs. Uraraka

Fight on, Iida

Todoroki vs Bakugo

time to pick some games

Bizarre! Gran Torino appears

Midoriya and Shigaraki

Hero killer: stain vs U.A. students


The aftermath of hero killer: stain

Listen up!! A tale from the past

episode 21: Gear up for final exam

episodes 22: Yaoyorozu: rising

episode 23: Stripping the varnish

Episode 24: Katsuki Bakugo: OriginEpisode 25: Encounter

OVA2 – My Hero Academia: Training of the dead (2017)

This is the second OVA which announce on the 2nd June 2017. It revolves around the practice sessions there are between Izuku’s class along Isami’s high school students located at the Yuuei Academy. This is a must recommended for avid fans and admirers of the series.

3. Movie – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018)

The movie presents an adaptation of the one-shot of Manga that manufactures by Horikoshi. The movie is based on the final exam’s arc of Season 2, as well as the Junge training arc of the upcoming season 3. The story is about the Quirk and the people of a special Island who research technological advancements which the heroes need.

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4. Season 3 (2019)Of all the seasons so far, Season 3 takes a very significant shift in the entire equation of these series whereas the heroes, as well as villains, are present. Released on 3rd March 2019 – With over 20 Episodes in this season, the most anticipated part of the season is the grudge match that occurs between all might and all for one.
The following includes the list of episodes in this season:

Game Start

Wild, wild pussycat


My hero

Drive it home, Iron fist!!

Roaring upheaval

What a twist!

Episode 8: From Iida to Midoriya

All for one

Symbol of peace

One for all

End of the beginning, the beginning of

Moving into dorms

Create those ultimate moves

The test

Shiatsu high lurking

Class 1


Save the world with love

Rescue exercise

What’s the big idea?

Episode 22: A talk about Your Quirk

Episode 23: Deku vs. Kacchan Part 2

Episode 24: A season for encounters

episode 25: Unrivaled [Readmore]

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5. Season 4 (2019 – 2020) of My Hero Academia SeriesSeason 4, released at the end of the year 2019 which continues till mid of 2020 follows the plot straight away from season 3. The season comprises over 25 episodes. In this season, Deku gains help from Mirio further helps to try the enlistment of Sir Nighteye’s agency. Without doubts, this season is an anime-only exclusive story, which ends the season with a small endeavor arc.
The following are the list of episodes of this season:

Episode 1: The scoop on U.A. Class 1 episode 2: OverhaulEpisode 3: Boy meetsEpisode 4: Fighting fateEpisode 5: Let’s go, gutsy red rift episode 6: An unpleasant talk episode 7: GO!!Episode 8: Suneater of the big three-episode 9: Red Riot!Episode 10: Temp squad episode 11: LemillionEpisode 12: Unforeseen HopeEpisode 13: Infinite 100%Episode 14: Bright future episode 15: Smoldering flame episode 16: Win those Kids’ hearts episode 17: Relief for licensed trainer episode 18: School festivalEpisode 19: Prepping for the school festival is the funniest part episode 20: Golden tips imperialEpisode 21: Deku vs. Gentle criminals episode 22: School festival starts!Episode 23: Let it flow! School festival!Episode 24: Japanese hero billboard chartEpisode 25: His start

Movie – My Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising (2019)

Release in the mid of 2019, the movie is another adaptation of the One-shot which is set and designed by Horikoshi. The movie takes place with an epic battle of Meta liberation army’s arch and Endeavour agency arc present within the Manga.


With the above-mentioned Chronological list of My Hero Academia, I believe it will be easier for the newcomers to My Hero Academia. Since the entire series follows a pattern and a story unlike much other Manga or Anime, it advocate that you should follow this order. Season 5 of the series is under production right now, since only 4 episodes announce so far, therefore nothing can say about the Season however fans appear to be e about the series thus far, but it’s early to say. Season 5 anticipate to have over 25 Episodes, with more twists and turns in the plot.

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