When is Nicki Minaj Birthday?

Onika Tanya Maraj popularly known as Nicki Minaj is a famous celebrity recognized as a singer and rapper. She became popular soon after release of her debut music album Pink Friday, in 2010. She was born in Saint James (a district of Port of Spain) on 8th December 1982. Let us read ahead to know more about Nicky Minaj.

An overview
She is a confident lady with a passion to become a winner in life. Nicky Minaj is mainly known for her energetic flow in rapping. In 2007 Minaj earned good fame and reputation with the release of mixtapes Playtime is Over. She is also famous for her costumes. You must have seen her in colourful attires. Most of the attires are uniquely designed.
She also wears colourful wigs, which many found really attractive. In 2010, Pink Friday, the debut of Minaj was certified as triple platinum by RIAA. You will be glad to know that Onika Taniya Minaj, is one of the singers with the highest number of entries in the hot 100. She is also counted among the singers who have sung a number of solo songs which has won the hearts of millions across the globe.
Apart from singing, Minaj also had a passion for acting. She was seen in the Off-Broadway play Case you Forget in 2001. But she found a more successful career path in singing. Her way of singing is entirely different from others because she sings and raps using metaphors, wordplay, and punch lines.

Early life
Her father Robert Manaj was a financial executive and her mother Carol Maraj worked in an accounting department. Both her parents were gospel singers. Her father was an alcohol and cocaine addict. Maraj couple had four kids named Jelani (eldest son), Onika (Nicki), Micaiah (younger son) and Ming (younger daughter).
Her mother used to do multiple jobs and worked really hard to sustain her family in Saint James. At the age of 24 she got her green card and went to New York to complete her studies. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj and her elder brother Jelani grew up at her grandmother’s house with her 11 cousins in Trinidad.
Even during her early life, Minaj used to work as a waitress at Red Lobster. She faced several ups and downs in her life. However, she never lost hope. At the age of 19, Minaj bought a BMW with her earnings from the waitress job. At the age of 38, Minaj has won several awards and recognitions. She won the famous Hip Hop award in the year 2010. Her unique look use to surprise her audience and fans every time. She is always found at Met Gala. However, this year, she denied attending the event because of the pandemic and her newborn son.
With her passion for music, unique singing styles, continuous album release, lots of stage appearances and attractive attires, Nicki Minaj has become an all-time favorite singer for many.

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