What years are baby boomers

What years are baby boomers

Baby boomers are regarded as babies born right after the second war; during this period, a high birth rate was recorded.

Baby boomers were born after the Second World War. During this period, it was reported that the birth rate had elevated compared to other years. Baby boomers are babies who were born between 1946 and 1964.

What was growing up like for baby boomers?

Baby boomers are a category of people known to possess vices making them difficult to if tin the society socially. This includes pessimism, narcissism as well as social irresponsibility.

Characteristics of baby boomers
1.    Strong work ethic
baby boom are known to be the most prominent team players in their workplaces because they understand their responsibilities. For example, baby boom usually understand how they should relate with customers and other employees; this is to preserve the values of a workplace as required by the management.

2.    Competitive
When in an organization or any other workplace, baby boomers can work together with other employees and push it to greater heights. baby boom tend to be more creative, turning the organization positively as a result of working hard.

3.    Independent
Baby boomers do not need supervision or extraordinary supervision to handle their tasks. They are self-driven therefore making their schedules and setting their guidelines. For any organization, a baby boomer is all you need to achieve your targets as an organization. baby boom also do not need to involve other people in making decisions, and they are conscious of everything happening around them and, therefore, know what’s best for their lives.

4.    Goal-centric
Baby boomers are best known for taking charge of their lives and setting goals for them. To ensure that this is accomplished, baby boom have an art of following up about the little inputs they make towards their goals; this makes them different from any other type of people. baby boom also understand the relevance of setting both short-term and long-term goals, and this is to ensure that they give their progress sufficient time and dedication.

Interesting facts about baby boomers

1.    45% of baby boom consider politics and government as their top topics of interest.

2.    35% of baby boom are interested in evaluating the government’s progress compared to the 59% of millennials interested in politics and voting.

3.    66% of baby boom are very conscious of Medicare as well as social security.

4.    baby boom have 80% of their saving in loan associations.

5.    baby boom spend on different product categories.

6.    74% prefer shopping from a brand other than a store.

7.    baby boom are more financially stable compared to other generations who retired before them; they have a great interest in investing in the city and relocating after their retirement.

baby boom are a generation that was born after the Second World War. They possess several traits that make them unique as members of society in different localities.

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